December 31, 2005

End of year

Last day of year, little did I expect to be still working on the house on this date, honestly thought we would be in for Xmas but Cest la Vie!
I layed out the floor and left a 130mm stip under the units to ensure that I would end up correctly at the dining room door. I also have a decent size finishing tile which in important.
The tiles are been laid in a brick effect with a 300mm * 600mm tile

December 30, 2005

Disaster strikes

Trying to fix the disaster, no shops open until 10am, managed to get a hold of 3 bags of self leveling cement so that was grand and with the other 2 bags which had we manged to get
the kitchen and utility room leveled.
So sin é, time will tell, off out with the lads tonite so it cud be a late start tomorrow!!

December 29, 2005

Back to the grind

TOday we decided to start tiling the kitchen floor, it has been a while since I tiled, hope I still remember what I am doing!! Damien was with me so that was handy, we swept up and measured up but soon quickly realised that things were not good.
The first line I thought I might pull but then after 2 lines things were not looking good, some parts of the floor were level but too much was way off. Shane came with other adhesive and put the 5ft level, the decision was then made to take up the tiles, wash them and level the floor!!
A nightmare to say the least but it has to be done to make things look the part!

December 28, 2005

Tiling the house

I decided that I needed to hit the hoose today, I intended to start tiling but realised that I needed to re paint the ceiling, clean the windows and scrape the floor!! Before I knew it the day was near gone so I started to hide the pin nails in the timber ceiling in the sun room and fill them with wood filler.

December 24, 2005

Its Xmas time

XMAS off - Well I had to take the 2nd half of 23rd and the 24th off as I a was totally fubar, passed out and 17 hours later awoke from a serious sleep.
I have been told that it was due to the last 7 months of work. Hard to know!

December 22, 2005

Xmas shopping - cleaning kitchen

I was off today, killed with a flu, did not sleep well at all,

Told Shane I would meet him at 10 to collect the tiles, we dropped them off at the house, place is a tip but I had to head off as I had no xmas shopping done at all.

So I shopped for about 3 hours, also got spacers and trowels, sponges for the tiling.

Took a lot at the mosaic tiles in Tile Warehouse but 85 euro per sq yard, fup that!!

I got back to the house at about 3, I decided to start the clear the kitchen and prepare it for tiling, also have to work out the layout of the tiles, with spacings and make sure I end with a decent size tile at the end.

December 21, 2005

Off to Dublin

Off to Dublin with my dad to Beaumont, day procedure, well that is what I thought it was until all it turned out to be was a check up!! A chance to experience paying more money to the NRA toll bridges, journey cost me 8 euro sixty on tolls, a fupping joke on top of the car taX i pay.
Up and down in the one day so wrecked tired. Collecting the tiles tomorrow. Door cannot now be delivered until after xmas, not to worry!!!

December 20, 2005

Door picked up, horrah!!

the door saga is nearing an end, I think!! It was picked up this morning in Sheffield so we are expecting delivery on Thursday or Friday.
Dad was over for a while doing some of the architrave. Shane ordered the porcelain tile, so we will collect on Thursday.
United were on the box so I retired for tonite!! I have not done a tap in 3 days, must be a record for me!!

December 19, 2005

Door drama ending??????

The door saga has come to an end, then again maybe I should not count the chickens but, I sealed the deal on the door at distinctivedoors in the uk and it will be picked up tomorrow, not sure when we will get it,
Shane went to look at the tiles to see if the porcelain we wanted were 25 euro as we were told in the shop but he was right, they weren't!
So we have decided to go with a cheaper version, 30 euro per sq yard, lovely rectangular tile.
I did not do any work on the house as I was out at his house.

December 18, 2005

Hangover has a head

No hoose today, nursing a catastrophic hangover, not used to drinking with all the house work! We finished up at 7am this morning, the party was still going on when we left!

December 17, 2005

Xmas party time

Xmas party tonite, I know I am going to be wrecked as I was out of the cot at 7.15am, Sean rang me to see what time I am over at. Arrived before 8 and Micheal was there ready with the digger, also 3 sparks working away.
Lovely morning, fresh but no rain. Have to get down 4" of sand down on the pipes, then a covering of soil. I decided to fix the leaking tap at the back, hissing water out, replaced the ring and connection.

I moved inside and worked on doing the ceiling, dad was over also so we both worked away on it, sparks did all the recess lights, emergency lights and sockets. Cert also sent in so that is great, time will tell!!
I headed off at 4pm to get the auld fake tan done!!!

December 16, 2005

Work meeting, bla bla bla

Had to be at work for 7,30am so wrecked when I got the site, herself is in Dublin at their xmas party so I was in no rush home!
I got about 1/2 of the ceiling boarded, I want to get it done before the recess lights are installed. The sparks are in in the morning, the digger is also there to work to commence early!!

December 15, 2005

Timber the ceiling

No sparks today either, seems the lights were not delivered! Great.I started to sand some of the ceilings but the dust was a killer so I left it and started to put the tongued and grooved timber on the sun room ceiling.
Only did 2 lines, very hard on my own!

December 14, 2005

Oh sparky where art thou

No sign of sparks, meant to be here today, must not have got the lights. The door saga still goes on. Dublin door store now seems unsuitable so we are waiting back on the lads from Monivea.
I also have contacted the UK to see if we can get the door on its own and quicker.
Dad and Damien were over, they rehung the sitting + bedroom doors and returned the floor insulation and got the tongued and grooved ceiling boards.
United were on the box so I headed off home.

December 13, 2005

Another day off ish!

Damien was over with me today, spent a couple of phone calls onto work again today!
We started to put more 4" solids on their flat. Took 8 blocks to get the .8 of a meter of dept for the geo. Was freezing cold so took our time!!
The moved the big stack of timber to the gable. Dad was over. So it is great to get the back of the house cleared.
The guys in Monivea will do the door for 1k, but cannot tell me when it would be ready, not what I want to hear. Thanks T for ur efforts.

When Damien and Dad had headed off home I started to sand the filler in the recess light holes. I hindsight I think I did it arse about face, I think I should have not put in as much filler.

Noreen, Mam and the kids were over, liked the colors we have painted.

December 12, 2005

Day of work

Day off today, well off IT!!
Arrived over about 9am, bleeding cold as hell, the old brass liathroid of a monkey comes to mind!!!
Task today was to get the manhole built and to get the timber stack moved to the gable but like everything else it did not go to plan!!!
I started to clear the ground around the manifold but struck gold straight away, only joking, it was rock, but luckily with a bit of huffin and puffin I got rid soon enough.
Herself arrived over then and I got her a mix of paint. Decided to start painting the sun room with a creme color.

Dad also arrived and we did a mix of cement and sand and gravel for the base. Poured it in and managed to get a line of 3 blocks all around.

December 11, 2005

Nothin done

Was late enough over, it was 2.30am last nite when we left Tom and Siobhan after seeing naked camera in the TF so I was lacking enthusism!!!
I decided to start filling the holes of the recess lights and around the sockets and lights.
Headed off about 3.30 as United were on the bosca

December 10, 2005

Freeze the arse of ya

Arrrived over about 9am, again very cold. I decided I needed to get the whole of the back of the house tidied up and done. Started with the scaffolding, some of it was still up around the sun room so got it took down.
Started to stack it all then, was all over the house. Was strange weather, by lunch I was down to a tee-shirt, but within an hour back up to 3 layers!!!

Dad was over, we decided we would sort of the bags of rubbish at the back of the house and move it to the stack of rubbish. Then we started on the pile of cardboard, stick and slates.

Siobhan was over and gave the room upstairs a paint of creme and gave the sitting room another coat.

Got dark about 5pm so we moved inside. Dad headed off and I started to cut in around the sitting room and main bedroom.

Kitchen carcasses all arrived today, house is now packed!!

December 09, 2005

Another one bites the dust

We took a go at hanging the doors in the closet, what a pain in the ass, took us the guts of 2 hours to hang!! Enough was enough, off home for food!

December 08, 2005

Hang then doors

Dining room doors to hang, it seems double doors are bit harder to hang, nothing seems at all, put pain in the tits!

December 07, 2005

Not too well

busted tired and a banging headache so decided to head off home.

December 06, 2005

Night Off

United on the box so nothing done, rang about the door, will be ready!! ya ya ya

December 05, 2005

Hanging the doors

Kept at the doors upstairs, bedroom and wardrobe hung. Herself was over and starting painting the bedroom upstairs with the final coats of colored paint, it shapes the room well.

December 04, 2005

Timber arrives

Timber flooring due in at 10am, so was over for 9am. The stink out of the sealer would kill a man. I had to open up all doors and windows.
49 packs of semi solid flooring arrived, 3 rolls of underlay and about 30 minutes later we had it in, stacked in the hall.

I said I would move 20 packs upstairs.

Then did a bit of filling around the windows.

December 03, 2005

Guess what, NO Door

Fabulous morning, really sunny which is an encouragement! I decided that I should fill in around the geothermal pipes with sand to protect and to stop people from noising and potential damage.
I first rang warning tape over the whole area so if a digger decided to move and not realise the pipes were there they would be warned!
I presume 2 hours would be enough to cover the whole area with a lock of sand but it took me 8 hours of barrowing! I was in bits after wards, Dad arrived over and we buried the return and flow
from inside the house for the geo in the ground with sand, Brian has to return and lower the mainifold for the pipes also.

We decided to move inside to start some painting. Siobhan had already started on the sitting room and we decided to paint the 2 walls either side of the fire place with "Toasted Almond" and then the rest of the room with a cream.
When we had done the walls we started on the cream but quickly realised it was looking kak, we then tried another lighter creme but again we were not happy.

I left herself to it and i started firing on sealant on the doors, the skink was a killer and I could taste it on the way home!! We'll have every druggie around the house sniffing the stuff!!

December 02, 2005


This door story is going to drive me mental. Rang them this morning, "Oh it will be ready, tell ur dad to come up" So excellent, dad arrived
up at about 5pm. Headed up and they said to go to MMH and pick out the locks and come back in 1.5 hours. We had a coffee and headed back to collect our door.

But fup me, when we arrived they were only cutting the door!! I nearly collapsed!! So we left, I will deliver it tomororow he said, ummm!!!

December 01, 2005


Brian was there with the collector loop for the geo.
We started at doors upstairs, 2 bedrooms hung and the hotpress.

November 26, 2005

Work For Dad

Was working for Dad this morning so up at 5.30am, papers were late so it meant I did not finish until 11am, so had a bit of breakfast and we agreed it was time to get the paint.
I went to the house, the electricians were there, wiring up the sockets and ceiling rose and bathroom lights.

November 13, 2005

Day Off

I got up about 9 and headed to the house to close up all the windows and to see the floor, sound a bit mad!!
I headed off home and I had to work with my car, there was a leak coming into the back seat for some reason. So I had to fix it, turned out to be 3 leaks, don't know how the hell these happend but I managed to seal 2, the 3rd I could not manage!

We took Man, Dad and Damien and Mar for food and took the evening off!

Couple of Pics of screeding now done and Geo area

November 12, 2005

Loads of work

On site for before eight, another wonderfully pissy day, up to our neck in shite!
Damien and Iano were with me and they wheeled their wheel barrows and filled the first room. Gerry arrived about 8.30 with some foddder and I contiued with the lads outside to get the percolation area marked out. We then tried to fit in the 280 sq meters, I can see where Sean was getting frustrated!!!
Eventually I managed to fit it, with almost an acre of a site how it was hard is hard to explain but with the biggest part to the front of the house it was a proper pain!!

The I had to get my mate John Grady to get 3" land drainage pipe for the percolation area.

About 11am and 3 hours after the screed arrived I started to screed. Damo and Iano had 1/2 the back room done which for lads who never did screeding they did very well.

Dad was late again and arrived by 11.30, at this stage we had the back room almost completed and Gerry had filled the sitting room, Ian & John were starting the sitting room and progress was rapid.

Dad and John continued with the sitting room and myself and damien pulled the backroom and back section of the hall.
We had a cuppa and decided to fire up as much as we could upstairs before it dried. The stairs was pulled out then and we started to wheel in the screed. In that time the pile had hardened so fair play to Sean he got the digger and moved it about the loosen it.
Then it was all hands on deck and we fired more screed upstairs so that Ian and Damien could continue to pull the rooms.

In the mess we managed to bury a platic float in the hall floor, a momento!

Sean, myself and Dad then managed to pull the hall floor and marry in the closet, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and sitting room.
All done downstairs, great relief, the decision was made to push to get upstairs done, so we got 5 buckets and 2 upstairs, one on the ladder and 3 outside. The push was amazing, and within an hour we had too much upstairs!! FOur of us pulled a bedroom, hotpress and landing in 30 minutes and then back downstairs to pull up the screed guides and fill it in.
Antoher 10 buckts and we had all screeds up and all floors floated. So that was it!!

An amazing days work which has pulled the who house so much.

I had rang Brian Feeney my spark to fo the 2nd fit as u need cert to get your ESB connected. Will be this day week before he can come.

November 11, 2005

Kitchens, layouts + drink

Ordered the screed for tomorrow, Gerry will be there also.
We ordered the kitchen today from Alpha Kitchens in Claremorris. Got a great deal, 3 weeks until delivery.
Sean rang me, he was trying to fit in the areas for the Geothermal. We need to get an area of 280 sq meters into the site, so it was 10*28, 8*35 or what ever, Sean just could not fit it in, so after spending 30 minutes on the phone we decided to give up and leave it for me to look after tomorrow.
Wonderful so on top of a days work at screeding, I now have a days work of laying out the geothermal and organising the percolation area!

My mate Larry was home from UK for weekend with Karen his fiancee. So we meet up in Peggys, there was about 20 of us, I stayed on the dry as that was the last thing I needed for screeding!!
We headed off about 1am, 6 hours of sleep.

November 10, 2005

Digging is back

Digger on site for the ducting for the ESB and phone. Great to get it done.
Dad was with him and they decided to have a look at the water piping, big issue potential here but I will ring P Joyce to see the setup first.

Sean rang me and wants to put in the tank tomorrow, "while we are here", great blue arse fly syndromw! Rang Westport Concrete and got the figure eight tank for €680.

The beam for the mantlepiece is nearly ready.

Skye rang and want a date for the furniture, I said leave it until 30th of Nov, me arse we will be ready but just to keep them quite.

November 09, 2005

Ducting + Service

Dad and Damien were over and ran the pipe through the ducting for the ESB.
Still no sign of the guttering or answering the phone.
I had to service Siobhans car, had to be done as over the limit well.

November 08, 2005

Door Part2

I called into DOnnellans again about the door, was talking to John, he seems to think that this design will work very well and to give him a buzz on Friday.
I decided to paint the hall kitchen and sitting room walls which were plastered crap, my mate Colins dad told me to as it will either hide of bring out the flaws.
It actually looks alright!

November 07, 2005

Busy out

Rang Ray in the flooring company to get the timber, not in stock, will ring him next week.
Rang Eamon in NorthWest Guttering to finish off the job, will do it Wednesday.

I got a hold of company in the UK to do the door, it is now a square design with a gothic inset, shipping is the issue here now.

Dad and Damo were over, the cleared up the whole of the outside, rubble gone and all scaffolding and timber, great job.
They also moved all the stuff from the rooms which need to be screeded and into the screeded rooms,

Weather is windy and wet, late when I got to the site and went home, these dark wet nights are not great!!

November 06, 2005

Sore legs, head, bones!!

Today is off, tired and sore, great to be off, myself and herself went to the Tavern for a feed.

November 05, 2005

Screeding Begins

I picked the lads up about 8am, we stopped at a filling station and got some breakfast, was inside and Roadstone rang me, they were onsite, 40 minutes early, wonderful, also the fact that dad was running almost 2 hours late meant we were on our todd on this one!
I ordered 6 cubic metres to cover the sunroom, dining room, kitchen, utility and bathroom. At 104 euro per cubic meter then this stuff had to go in!

We wheeled in barrows like Molly Malones on speed and filled the sunroom and dining room, myself and Damien 2 then got our 2"*1" screeds in. You have to level this off the sole plate and then diagonal level them also.
I have a 5ft level so this makes life easy.
Dad arrived over so we got on our knees and worked away. Also managed to get 15 buckets up stairs but lost about 3 barrows as we had to go to my mates anniversary mass.

We meet up with the lads afterwards and we headed into Westport for the night.

November 04, 2005

Door Disaster

Arrived in Claremorris to view the door at 8.30am, suprised suprise the door is not ready and no sign of Finbar who makes the door, due in a 9.30am, not impressed.
They now claim that since we only have a height of 82" in the door opening that we cannot have that shape of a gothic door and that a square on will have to go in, why in the fuk they could not have figured out this back in June is beyond me!

I went onto and posted the question if they are raving and onto another few places, placed a few calls and it seems these guys may not be raving. SO back to sq one!

Pain in my head again so went home to bed and get ready for tomorrow, Gerry has had to work also so we are one down, I asked Damien if he could get anyone so he managed to get his mate Damien 2 and that was great.

November 03, 2005

Friends @ home

Rang about the door, seems it is ready, the lads asked me to call up and pick the locks in the morning. Excellent.
Our friends Tom and Tracey are home from France with their 2 kids, great to see them and their lovely kids, Sammy and Gabrielle. Mattie and Bridie gave us great hospitality.
Headed off to the soccer at 10am in the pissing rain, need to get some sort of soccer under my belt!

November 02, 2005

Night Off

United V lille, night off!

November 01, 2005

Painting again

Arrived at about 9pm, did a bucket of painting.

Pic of landing

October 31, 2005

Slow Day

We got home about 2am so not feeling the Fred west, we got over about 1pm with great intentions but -10% of motivation. Dad was over also, we put down the planks for the screeding next weekend. Keep the molly malones off the UFH.
We also took down the scaffolding from the front of the house, still a load of rubble out the front but will have to wait!

October 30, 2005

Scaffolding off

Arrived over at ten, got another 8 buckets of sand and got a screed mix together, I started the to finished the bathroom when I spotted movement outside, it was Vinny and his brother in law down for another load of scaffolding, gas men on a Sunday and no mass to go to!!

Off to Des Bishop tonite so once the screed was all gone I headed off home for dinner in Mam and Dads, only managed the wardrobe.
Out for a few pints with the brother in laws, good old night.

October 29, 2005

Hand Screeding + painting

I was working with Dad this morning, his first day back at work after been off for 3, so to take the pressure off and to try and repay the many hours of work he has done it was the least I could have done. So out of the cot for 5.30am!!
We got the papers out and then I had a cup of tea at home, Vinny rang me and said he was on his way down for a load of scaffolding, put a stop to my screeding and also the fact that it was pissing it down did not bode to well!
I got him with the 4 wheel drive to collect 12 bags of cement for me.
We put on the old wellies and glad rags and after 2 hours of rain and huffing and puffing and a bit of a laugh we got it filled. It is a great sight to see the scaffolding heading off!

Siobhan and Marie (her mam) arrived out to go painting, they set to and did get work.

I took a fit and decided to do a mix a load of screed. Great intentions and the minute I started the dry mix the arse feel out of the sky and I got drowned!
I mixed 8 buckets of sand and 3.5 buckets of cement to make it good and strong since there is only a 1" (25mm) of screed upstairs. The dry mix needed to be turned 3 times so as to get a good consistency.
It is a long time since I hand mixed concrete and it was a killer on the arms but with the hawling of it upstairs made it even more fun!!!
I managed to get about 3/4 of the main bathroom done upstairs, I expected 11 buckets of screed to chew up the floor space but far from it, this is going to be fun!!

October 28, 2005

UFH all done

I arrived on site after work, Dad and Damo were there and they had completed the UFH so it was great to get it finished! I headed off home, have a bit of a pain in my head the last few days, work in mental busy so wore out!
Still the door is not ready, what these guys are at god knows!!

October 27, 2005

Screeding Called Off

Brian was there when I arrived to the site about 8pm, he ran the piping outside, unusual as I have not seen a flexible copper piping before.
I then cut the insulation for the utility room, I rang Corcorans and Roadstone to get a delivery of screed but no dice, it seems that they do not work on the Saturday of a Bank Holiday, bit peed off with this but still loads to do anyway!!
Probably no harm as Dad is still unwell and Damien is off to Birmingham so there would have only been 2 of us.

October 26, 2005

More piping!

I rang Brian, he hopes to call down to put in the pipes, we hope to start screeding on Saturday so I need it down and UFH completed to do so.
I completed the zone in the kitchen and left the pipe loose to finish the utility room.

October 25, 2005

Down to one zone

Evenings are dark and not much motivation to work but it has to be done!! Got the UFH down in the hall, all that is left now is the final zone in the kitchen and Utility room

October 24, 2005

Another late arrival!

Arrived about 8pm, got down the insulation in the hall and the front and tried to cut out the bottom of the stairs to put down the insulation but a bit difficult on my own.

October 23, 2005

Zapping the Zones

Another day more pipe, getting to the end of it and the move towards screeding is pushed on. Dad was over and Siobhan was upstairs painting, getting used to it now at this stage!!

Myself and dad setout the sitting room, 2 separate zones with 2 different widths of separation between them so we had to make sure we got it right.

Next in line was the bathroom with the tight loops and missing sections for toilet and handbasin and that room was pulled in, another issue with the bathroom is that is shares a zone with the back of the hall.
So once we had that down it was a matter of measuring off the to-scale drawings and fitting the pipes in the hall, again different separation and back to the manifold.

Then onto the kitchen, there were gaps left for the island and kitchen units, another zone was to cover the top of the kitchen and looped into the utility room.
It has to be left until Brian Cooley from Climate Control arrives to install the feed and return pipes for the Geothermal collector bed.

October 22, 2005


Arrived ocver for eight, lovely day so I started to clear some of the rubble stone outside, a lot of stone scattered so to avoid someone breaking their necks so
an hour later there was a bit of a front to it!!

I started the UFH in the sun room , this is a different design compared to the rest of the house. The other rooms are similar to a kettle with the "U" loops
The sunroom is more circular, what you do is go around in loops and go to the middle, make a U bend then loop back around again back the same path again.
What this allows you to do is squeeze much more pipe into a smaller area, and seen that there are 3 external walls it needs this coverage.

I managed to loop in the sun room and dining room and headed off for the dinner!

October 21, 2005

Stone Masons Gone

Stone masons finsihed now, great to get it all done!

I started the UFH downstairs, started with the back bedroom and got it down, less zones to do now and definately getting quicker at this, great for the knees!!
Still it is all progress.
I also had to break out the sole plate and soap bars out between the dining room and kitchen to allow the UFH pipes through. Seems like a simple job but more of a pain
in the arse!

Pics of the stone now with the scaffolding gone. Door needs to be put in though

October 20, 2005

Nothing Done

Late at work did not manage to get any work done, only another 2 weeks of this ahead, systems will be out the door then!

October 19, 2005


I continued on with the painting upstairs, landing all undercoated now.

October 18, 2005

More Painting

Catherine arrived out with Siobhan to do some painting, I am sanding the walls in the big room and putting paper on the windows to avoid splashing!

Rang about door, give him a ring tomorrow to see if they have finished!

Plumber, we are not sure if he has finished or not, stuff is gone but he has a few things to do.

October 17, 2005

Plumber arrives, stone nearly finished

7pm when I arrived, plumber had pipe runs down, going to make laying the insulation harder,great!!
I started to give the bedroom, bathroom and landing a 2nd coat, got 2 buckets of cheapo emulsion in Albany in Claremorris for 39 euro.
Going to need a hell of a lot more that 2 buckets!!!
Rang Sean, he hopes to finish off the roof by end of week, stone masons hopefully finished Tuesday.

Getting Sean diggerman/neighbour to move in and dig the trench for the ESB piping is going to be another issue! Getting ESB into the house will be the stumbling block I forsee.
Again door is not ready, joiner also makes coffins and he keeps going on with this crap he will be making one for himself ;)

October 16, 2005

Out Of Paint

We both were on site today, Dad is still sick so he is going to take it easy. I had to measure each of the door opes so that a door schedule could be done up, a 3 week wait time of the doors, skirting, architrave.
I finished off the insulation on the dining room and moved into the sitting room, more angles again with the bay windown and semi circular hearth! Also had to chisel out four 4" solid blocks which were over hanging for the soleplate.

Herself ran out of paint about 5 but started to clean the windows in the sun room, great to get the cleaning done, pain in the arse job.

October 15, 2005

Downstair insulation & Painting

Siobhan came over today to get stuck into the painting, she got the front bedroom finished and started the toilet, we realised that she would not have a lot of paint left for tomorrow!
I started outside, cleared up the waste stone that the stone masons had left around, I then tidied up the scaffolding.
I had blocks to clear up also so that i could order sand.
I then moved inside and decided to put down the radon barrier on the dining room and sun room, each joint has to be taped and all this is very time consuming.
Rang Alpha kitchens and asked them to call so that we could measure up.
I got the radon down and then put down some of the 70mm sheets of XtraTherm insulation. 46 sheets to put down and tape, hours of fun especially around the bay windows!!
Pulled ship about 8, I got a couple of 40ft flexs to make up a few light in CT Electric, gas really that 100m of flex, 4 bulb holders, 4 bulbs and 4 plugs was 16 euro, cheap I thought!

October 14, 2005

De Vinci @ Work!

Peter the plumber called tonite about 10pm, just to go through what he had to do. I will be watching these guys like a hawk as the first fix they did was nothing
short of shabby and shite! We had to go back over it and lag the pipes and put in wedges to keep the wastes in place!
I started the painting, strange now to start this, way back I would have thought we would be nearly finished at this stage but there is still a hell of a lot needed to be done.

October 13, 2005

Sanding the walls!

I started to fix the issues with the plaster, got a hold of a smooth sand paper and sanded away, the upstairs to be fair is not to bad, donwstairs is brutal!
Dad and Damien were over all day and took down the scaffolding on the gable and back of house, another step forward!

October 12, 2005

Soccer Match

I did no work on the house today, Ireland were playing the Swiss, we drew and are out of World Cup!
The stone masons were there today, they are doing well, as long as the weather sticks!
Dad was over for a while to put the radon barrier down before the plumbers arrive.
Speaking of, they were due Monday, yesterday and today but hey no joy, shock horror!!

Door saga continues, rang them today, "it will be ready Friday", where have i heard this before!!

More pics of the UFH

October 11, 2005

Oh plumber where arth thou

Today was a day for trying to get hold of the plumber, must have made 10 calls, twat won't answer either! This guy is beginning to push me now but if you blow your top then they can fup up the work!
Dad was there today, he put down the radon barrier in the toilet downstairs and cleaned it out.
We went upstairs and finished off the main bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite with the piping, was late when I pulled out of the house but at least it is done now. The reel is a life saver!

Pics of UFH

October 10, 2005

Off To the city!

We headed off to Dublin to meet with Jonny and to get the voucher and to pick out our timber flooring.
Luckily I had measured it last nite, 145 sq yards, got the 12mm semi solid for 3300 all in, delighted to get it sorted!
Dad was on site with Damien and they started the main room and cleared it out.
No masons today, as the say "the rain in Spain fell mainly in Ireland" today!

October 09, 2005

Sore Work!!

Pulled onto site @ about 9,30am. Legs are busted with the bending down! Very windy and cold and does nothing to motivate me!
I managed to finish the bathroom, pain in the arse with all the small loops and trying to keep the spacing between 6".
Siobhan arrived with some fodder and she started to clean the windows, a big job that you don't really add into your schedule!!
I managed to get the back room also piped, I had a method and it started to work.
Dad arrived over and we completed the backroom, great days work.

When I got home I got the plans out and worked out the sq yardage for the floors.

October 08, 2005

UFH Begins

Was out last nite so with a trobbing head I did not make it until 3.30pm!! Dad, Damien and John were there!
The compelted the battens in the wardrobe and had insulated same and the ensuite, another job done!!
The lads pulled out and I worked on, well I watched the Ireland Cyprus match and then worked!!!
Brian from Climate control gave me a reel for the pipe and a gun for the clips, very handy, after much head scratching and after installing the manifold I began the landing.

I had a semi circular pipe bender head which was great for stopping the pipe from kinking. Worked away until 12am and my stomach started screaming at me!!

Pic Of final fireplace.

October 07, 2005

More Furniture!

We headed to the N17 to look at furniture, have a couple of beds which we liked,still no table or suite of furniture to beat Skye or Carrowkeel.
Dad was over doing the insulation on the floors.

October 06, 2005

Finished Battens

Rang again about the door, definately ready next week! Oh, Where I have heard this before!!
Dad was over doing the insulation of the floors, he manged to get the landing completed.
I started the battens and completed the bathroom and ensuite, have to avoid the toilets and shower areas.
I ordered another load of Lacken stone, 1100 euro more, stone is costings are rocketing!
Talked to Jonny, seems we are off to Dublin next Monday to seal the deal and pick out the floors.

Pics below:

October 05, 2005

Batten Landing

Late at the house, I only managed to batten the landing, Dad and Gerry gave me a hand.
Defiantely considering the flooring, all legit.

October 04, 2005

Insulation Of Floor

We insulated the main bedroomand battened the front bedroom. Fireplace is now finished, pics below, it looks well.
I took a spin to N17 to see if they had anything we might like, looks good. Will have to get Siobhan to visit.
Got an email from a lad on boards who is selling a voucher for wooden flooring he is selling. Worth 2500, looking for 1500. Sounds good but have to investigate.
His buyer feel through, so it is still open.

October 03, 2005

Plumber & Fireplace

Rang the plumber, he is due in next Monday.
Fireplace almost completed,keystone and mantle carriers in.
Dad was still cleaning the facia and soffit and windows, some pain in the ass!
Started the battens in the main room, had to work out exactly how they would fit to achieve a 6" gap between pipe runs, made our timber guides and set off. Of course this is a slow job and has to be done right.
We made the guide 270mm to get the gap, also have to leave a 75mm gap at the walls to get the loop and feed run around the room! Such fun!
Got the large room, Gerry stuck at it to give us a hand, many hands!

Anniversary today, 1 year married, flew by big time! Only seems like yesterday it happened!!

Pics of fireplace

October 02, 2005


We left Donegal at about 20 past 10, arrived in Galway after 12.30p, no traffic so it was grand. We looked in about 6 shops at furniture, beds, paint, curtins etc, got some paint and brushes, rollers etc. Cannot believe we are at this stage already!

October 01, 2005

Bon Anniversaire

In Donegal, no work!! Dad was over alright cleaning.

September 30, 2005

Off to Donegal

Headed to Donegal at about six, herself thought we were off to Carrick, good suprise when she realised we were not!
Dad continued the cleaning.

September 29, 2005

Battens Down

Battens upstairs started tonite, we have a batten that is 2" by 1.5 inches. I have 70mm screws to hold them in place on the OSB.
We then used the strips of insulation, 25mm thick to put between the battens.
Gerry gave me a few hours, appreciated.

September 28, 2005

No work done

I got back form Manchester about 1.30pm and returned to work. Was there until near 8pm, up the walls totally so forsee little time for the house!
Stone masons working away.

September 27, 2005

Goods gone awol!

Delivery from Heitons due yesterday still had not arrived by 1pm! I rang and they said it left at 8am! For the love of god what are they at!
I headed off to Old Trafford for the Benfica match, we won, made my debut on MUTV (the official

September 26, 2005

Stone Matters

Stone masons due to start today but the stone never arrived, I rang lacken but they said it would be Tuesday. I actually arrived in the afternoon!
Delivery from Heitons due today.
The mason arrived for 2 hours and started the hearth. Myself and dad cleared out the rooms upstairs.

September 25, 2005

Ready For Stone

I finished off outside, more rain!! I also cleaned up old slate and blocks from around the windows and scaffolding.

September 24, 2005

Miserable weather

Spent the day outside myself and dad, needed to clear the front of the house for the stone as it is arriving on Monday.
Got drown! Bags and bags of rubbish.
In the evening we went to Skye Furniture to look at some stuff.

September 23, 2005

Cills Near Finished

Dad was on site, he lift 2 of the cills into place, I was not happy as he could have hurt himself, will not listen.
Plastered in around them, took 5 buckets, a lot more than I expected!

September 22, 2005

Advice on

I talked to a few lads on and the assured me that the big lights will always show up the plastering, I agree with them but at the same time it is crap work.
I will have to have words and spend hours sanding

September 21, 2005

Plastering Nightmare

Got the 1000w spots on today to clean up and then began examing the plastering, all I can say is that I walked out in disgust, it is a fkn joke and words will have to be had with my "plasterer".

September 20, 2005

Picked The Stone Mason

We decided we are going to go with Barry and the lads with the stone, they are top notch so expecting a good job. They hope to start next Monday so off we go to organise materials. The stone for 25 ton is nearly 1k.

September 19, 2005

Plasterers Gone

The lads are gone now so the clean up begins. The power is gone from the lead sean gave us so have to fgure out why. Dad found the nick and taped it.
We did a bit of brushing up but we are still a bit wrecked after the slabbing!!

Few Pics Below of what it looks like now.

September 18, 2005

Weekend Away

Went up to my nieces baptism in Kildare and then onto the David Gray concert in the Olympia, excellent weekend.

September 16, 2005

Plastering Continues

We cannot really do a lot as the lads are still inside and we cannot clean up until they are gone, I paid John his money, think it will be grand.

September 15, 2005

Stone Mason Quotes

I met with Barry the stone mason and gave him our camera to take pics of the fireplace, we will make a decision on who gets the job this weekend.
The lads finished off the external of the house, just about 2 days to finish off the inside now.

September 14, 2005

Nite Off

United on the TV tonite, no work done. The front door is still an issue, due for next Tuesday. Wrecking my head this now, it better be right or I will not be a happy camper.
The lads have now plastered all the back of the house and they skimmed the kitchen and hall.

September 13, 2005

Scratch Coat Done

Arrived on site this evening, was very suprised to see the whole outside scratch coated, did not take them long and it changes the whole house!
We took off the casing on the cill on the gable and it looks spot on.

September 12, 2005

Dark Work!!

The gable cill had to be put in place, we managed this and then I decided that even though it was dark to use a torch and point the rest of the cills!! I think the neighbours believe i am mental at this stage!!
We also cased off the other gable cill and filled it with cement to shape it correctly.
At least we are in a situtation for the lads to head outside later on in the week

September 11, 2005


Match at 12pm against Swinford, we won 6-0, season over no silverware, sin é!
Got back to the site at 4pm and dad was there, we got the bedroom cill in place and then levelled it off.
We then got Emmet and Gerry to give us a lift with the kitchen cill, a lot of weight in these guys!!

One point to note, something we did not realise until we near finished, the bottom lip of these windows could have been clipped off and this would have saved us the need to cock up the cill to slide it in, time and effort!! Lesson learned!!!

We decided to start pointing the cills with a good strong mix of cement, mixed four buckets a stuffed it in around and under the cills, slow job but at least another job is getting done!

September 10, 2005


I had Damien with me today for the work with the cills. We started grand, proped the cills with slate so that they fitted nicely to the bottom of window.
There is a 3" lip is left either side to the window opening for the overhang.
We managed to get the sun room, 4 windows on the gable and the bathroom cills in, not as quick as we expected but the weight of the large cills, especially the 5ft and 6ft cills in big and it nearly bursted the 2 of us to lift them round the back of the house.
On the "railway" gable there was an issue with one of the cills where when the pitch of the roof had to be changed it meant the roof was going to encrouch on the window cill.
This meant we needed to shape the cill to take the plinth on the gable, we managed this with the angle grinder and hoofing and poofing to get the cill into place.

September 09, 2005

End Of Season

I had training today, the last one with our manager Briano who is leaving at the end of the season. Cannot say I am sorry that the season is over, or will be Sunday, house and football are taking its toll!
I went back to the house after training and finished off the clearout of downstairs.
Dad had built up all the areas where the cills would rest with either cement or brick to allow us to cover the back of the cill with mastic and then slip them in behind the window.
We made a timber guide to ensure we had the correct room left to lift them into place.
Tomorrow the cills outside have to be done, not looking forward to it at all.

September 08, 2005

Clean Up

I decided to do a final run through the downstairs screws and make sure that they are all in. Slow job but has to be done.
We then started to clear the downstairs, again more slabs and dirt, all this again takes time and is another necessary job so that the lads can setup their scaffolding correctly.

September 07, 2005

Ireland V France

Today was day relax!

I rang the lads about the front door, it will definately next Wednesday!! It better be!!

I also called into the stone mason who were working on a house on the West road in Westport, Duffy lad, said about 100e per sq metre. Good price.

I also got a call from Barry who came out and measured with his mate. Quote next week.

Dad did all the window boards, they look well.

headed off to see Ireland getting beat!!! First even off from doing anything in a long while!!

Howdi to my cousin and mates Peter and Mary who visit for the updates!

September 06, 2005

Facia + Soffit

I picked Damo and Adam for 8am, there job was to finish the sun room and check all screws are in corretly and clean up the house.

No sign of John today, his 2 mates were there but enjoyed sitting in the cars instead of working!!!

The guttering company arrived today, they have all the soffit on, the facia on 2 gables and on the back, they also completed the whole of the 2 dormers, looks well!!

When I arrived for 6.30 dad was finishing the hall and Adam was finishing the sun room, it seems the sun louge took much longer than expected, whats new!!!

We set at it and got all the slabbing pulled downstairs, there is a strip to go all along the top of the stairs, around the landing.

I started to wheel out the rubbish slabs into a bunch, I also took the tools upstairs and filled the wardrobe with them!

The 2 lads headed off at about 9pm, it took me another 30 minutes or so to complete the stairs and clean up again.

It is excellent that there will be no more slabbing or insulation, good ridince!!!!!

September 05, 2005

Nearly There

Today the facia and soffit was meant to be installed, but by 1pm there was no sign, I rang Eamon and they had forgot, he guranteed they would start tomorrow!
The lads were over and finished the sitting room and dining room. Only the sun room left to do, in here we decided to install the insulation and plastic it. At least all insulation and plasticing is now finished!!
The place looks so bright!

I stayed until 9.30 and went through each of the rooms to ensure all screws are put in correctly and that there are none lose.

The plasterers have the 2 bedrooms, the ensuite and bathroom skimmed. They are moving fast!!!

September 04, 2005

Struggling Now!

Today Mick said he would finish off putting the lath up for the soffit to be attached to, he was out last nite so is not feeling the fred west!
Took him maybe an hour or so to it, I was there for about 9am, motivation levels are at an all time low but I get stuck into the sitting room. I had a match today in Charlestown, if we win we gurantee 2nd place. I had to head off for one.
I arrived back from the match, we lost 2-1, fkn ref was a joke, if I did want to rip his head off the fool, he has cost us dearly in the league!!
Had a serious migraine and was tempted to head off but when dad arrived I said I would wait.

There were 2 blocks missing at the back of the house, one over the door and the other at the gable so we mixed a bit of cement and put them both in.

Then we set to doing the "TV" wall, this is where I have 7 double and one single box, for TV, phone, network and power, and two double for future proofing!!!
took a good while but we got them done, we headed off at about 9pm, with only around the bay window to slab.

September 03, 2005

Many hands Make light work

Today is going to be busy, a hell of a lot of work to do, so if today goes well I will be happy if it does, if not then we are in big bother.

Myself and damo had to go to Sam Hire for a hilti gun and Heitons for more staples, a stanley knife and measuring tape, the feckers don't last long!
Arrived at heitons for 8.20am and nearly dropped when they don't until 9am!! sitting around.
Eventually we got the hilti gun (90 euro) and all the other stuff, arrived out for 9.20am, Mick was there and was making the boxes.
It was a great relief for him to be there, a bit of know how would get them done fast.

John was there also plastering the landing.

Myself and damo started to do the closet, again it was slow but we got it done. John Grady arrived also out of the blue and he did the window surrounds.

Dad and John started out doing the sitting room and we then followed up with the hall.

Today seems to have flew, but at least there is excellent progress. Mick had done well outside, 6 boxes done and gables and back are also done.

September 02, 2005

Good Progress

I picked the 2 lads at 8am and they worked away to get the back bedroom and kitchen completed, they did 1/2 of the utility room

Dad was there when I arrived at 5.30 and he said they would head off after the utility room.

I had training to had to head off.

Siobhan and myself went to Alpha kitchens in Claremorris to get a better idea of the doors and style we are looking at and were happy with what we saw.

I headed to the house after training for about 9pm, Damo decided to bring all coffee and sandwiches with him so I was left with 2 bars of chocolate to eat,

I worked on the utility room and finished it, in between talking to my sister Noreen who is also building a timber frame in Kildare, except they are using a builder,

Headed off at about 12.30am.

Another long day tomorrow!!!

September 01, 2005

Plasteres Arrive

On cue and for what must be the 1st time on record a tradesman arrived on time to a site!!!

He moved in upstairs.

I can honestly say that my body was the sorest and stiffest I have ever been, luckily I could sit down at work, the lads don't have the oppurtunity!

We arranged that Dad would collect Adam about 3pm and they would complete the insulation in the bathroom and plastic the same, then "green" slab the toilet,

Dad also went to Heitons to get a 7" window board, red deal, look well.

When I arrived dad headed upstairs to install the boards but nearly hit the roof when he discovered that the 16ft * 7" boards he bought were in actual fact 15ft * 6.25" wide!! So he had to cut a strip and screw it together with a full window board to make it fit perfectly. Another pain in the arse!!

When we had finished dad headed off and myself and Adam plasticed the back bedroom and did 2 of the 4 walls, progress is definately much faster, thank god!!

We stayed until 1am, both were wrecked and enough was enough!!

August 31, 2005

Upstairs slabbed!

Today the pressure was on, John was due in tomorrow so we really had to choice but to have completed the upstairs and all tools, slabs, timber, insulation and other stuff all downstairs!!

We pulled into the site at 8am, myself Damo and Adam. Around the windows, the walls of the walk in wardrobe, the walls of the main bathroom, a piece of the ceiling and a wall on the landing and the dividing wall in the ensuite/wardrobe and main bedroom, also the 2 windows in this bedroom , the velux on the landing and velux in the bathroom, so as you can imagine the blue arsed fly was employed all day!!!!

Dad arrived over about 11am and we were honestly no where near as far on as I had hoped, he set to on the vertical timbers to hold the glass blocks and then onto the dividing walls which did all the windows and the veluxs.

The 2 lads completed the wardrobe and moved to the bathroom. As has been the complete trend in this house EVERYTHING has taken twice the time to complete, I don't know why, maybe because this is a dormer you have so many angle pieces to cut.

I was beginning to wonder if the price of 3k euro was a good price, maybe not!!!

At about 8.30pm with 2 walls and about 10 pieces to be put in I began to panic, we still had at least 90 minutes of tidiying to complete, there was also the small factor of doing all 4 boxes in the ensuite and bathroom, these took at least 20 minutes each,

We ploughed, slogged, huffed and puffed and wore it all down, Siobhan arrived at about 9pm, and even though she knew the dust would drive her allergies mental she gladly set to cleaning up the large bits of rubbish and bagging these.

At about 11.30 we completed all slabbing and Siobhan brought Damo and Adam home while myself and dad completed any cleaning up that needed to be done, it took us to near on 1am before all had been cleaned up and moved, we sat for 15 minutes to get our breath and headed off home, a long long day, it was alright for me I had 6.5 hours sleep ahead, dad only had maybe 4.5 before he started work, not a situation I envisaged him to be in and definately did not want him in again!

August 30, 2005

Slabbing Away - Pics Attached

Picked the lads up at 7.45, we started on the hall, again more recess lights (5), it took a while, then onto the sitting rooms, 9 recess and a bay window meant it took us 2.5 hours!!
We then moved to the bedroom, was a flier, rapped it in an hour, then onto the dining room, six recess and 1 main light and a bay window killed us, spent literally all day doing the ceilings!!
Lads headed off at 7, I waited and finished the ensuite, totally finished now, have to complete the upstairs tomorrow regardless. Left at 11pm,
My dad installed the noggings for the manifold, 21 inches above the FFL.

August 29, 2005

Have to earn the bread to make the house!!

Had to go to work today, the project has to be continued and I need to get the others enough of work to do while I am off.
I rang John G, my plasterer. He wants to arrive on Wed, he can if he wants but he may have to wait a day or two.
Left Adam and Damien there at 8 and went to Heitons to get more nails and a saw.

I rang the guttering lads in North west, Eamon said he will come next Monday and clear off the whole house.

I also rang a lad about doing stone, he said he was off for 2 weeks and would come back to me then.

I arrived on site at 7ish, the lads were still there, dad was with them, they had the bathroom, utility and kitchen done, with 10 recess lights and socket for the hood there was a lot of cutting!!
I went upstairs and started to finish around the doors and bathroom on the landing, battery went in the screw gun which was a pain and then the bulb blew!
Headed home at 12.15am, buckled tired!

August 28, 2005

TV in the house!!

this feels like pre season traing, all day every day, my legs barely fell out of the bed and my body told me to stay there!! I picked up Adam at about 8am, he too is
feeling the strain but does not complain. We started to finish off the main bedroom, it took much longer than we expected, John arrived at 9am, totally unexpected buy really appreciated, great to have mates like him, he
set to on the sitting room wall and got the ply finished off and it slabbed.
He headed off at one pm to watch Kerry and COrk.

Dad arrived about 10, he got stuck into putting in the extra piece of studding to facilitate the glass blocks in the ensuite/bedroom.

we set ourselves the goal of getting all upstairs ceilings and diagonals. the akward spots!!!
Dad trotted off about 5pm, he is putting in savage hours and with him starting his own job at 5.30am each morning the days are long!

We completed all ceilings upstairs, delighted with progress. We both decided at 7.30pm that we had enough, great to get home early.

August 27, 2005

Continue slabbing

Picked up Adam at 7.45am, we set to straight away on back bedroom to get the walls done, the angles in a dormer is some pain in the ass, drive you mad to be truthful, my dad and John were there and they completed the sheeting of ply onto the walls in the landing, now it was left to us to slab it, very difficult, so we set into it.
It took us up to 2 hours to get it done with setting up scaffoling and that, but now it is done, it makes the landing huge.
MYself and dad finished off the landing ceiling, great to get that done.

The lads headed off aboout six, I started again into the small cuts around the doors, at the top of walls, in other words the small bits one person can do!!

I got a nice bit done, place looks more like a house by the hour!

I rang around without any success for a carpenter to get the gable ends done.
I went across to my new neighbour, Mick to ask if there was someone he knew and he did alright, himself!!! So next Saturday he will do it all,, I will get him a Hilti gun to aid in putting up the lath for the beading.

I headed off at 11pm, about to keel over now!! Still have to get it done!!

August 26, 2005

God said let there be light and there was

have to get a lot done, with both the work in IT and the work in the house and training, feck the football, has to wait!!
I got my dad to head to CT Electrice to cable to make up and extension lead to get power from Sean next door.

I rang the lad who is making our door, it was due this week, but to be honest I am not ready for it yet!!, rang him, he did not remember me or the door!! another headache, said to ring him at the beginning of next week!!

I Got stuck into the first bedroom and managed to get the walls completed, at least it is one room down, 17 "rooms" to go!!!! Moved onto the next bedoom, it will be an early start in the morning and it was after 11pm when I turned off the light in the house, but it surely taking shape, a big echo now in the room!

August 25, 2005

1st day of slabbing

got Adam for the day, a great help and a savage worker.
We started at 7.30am and got stuck into the slabbing, doing the roofs while dad and John worked on the walls.
Talk about a slow and very tough job, but after a lot of huffing and puffing we managed to get the ceilings in the 3 bedrooms and landing completed, the landing is really the hardest as you are on temporary scaffolding.
The lads headed off at 6pm and I waited until 9.30 and filled in the easier work.

The underfloor heating gear arrived today, did not get a chance to look at it.

Near the end of the day I was finishing off a bit of slabbing when my plasterer John arrived. I thought grand we can sort out a date to start, but just not yet!!
Little did I know, he has 6 house lined up to do so unless I wanted to wait until the end of Oct, then i had to be ready for Thursday!! I near had a heart attack

We have 240 sheet of 8ft * 4ft (the are actually shorter) plasterboard to put up, have 11 windows cills to install, have 6 gable boxes to make and a lath to run the whole lenght of the house and 3 gables and then get the guttering guys to install the strip for the soffit, also the downstairs needs the vapour barrier installed.

On top of all that we are MENTAL busy at work!!

God where to next, will I get it done. I don't want to lose the plasterer but if I cannot get 3 days off next week it will not be done.

Have to organise some lights for here, long hours ahead.

Got a quote for the stone mason, 6.5k euro cash, nearly dropped dead!!

August 24, 2005

Upstairs is getting head wrecking

More plastic, another job that is taking more longer than expected!!!! The upstairs is a nightmare!!!

August 23, 2005

Plastic Walls

Dad got extra rolls of plastic, 500g but to be honest it seems very light, I should have got maybe a 750g. I manged to get the wardrobe and ensuite plasticed.
Another day of plastic!!

August 22, 2005

Loads of slabs

My dad and his mate John were on site today, the took in a total of 80 sheets of 8ft*4ft of plasterboard, some carry but it has to be done, 240 sheets of plasterboard delivered altogether.
Some of it got wet with little tears on the plastic but we lost about 3 sheets, not too bad!! the sheets are actually not 8*4, they are 240mm * 120mm, which does not suit the height of our ceilings!!

August 21, 2005

Bit of progress!

Started at 7am, Began to plastic the bathroom.

I also put up the insulation on the living room walls and I put fibre glass in the whole of the ceiling space. I had to plastic 2 meters in from the external walls.
In order to "future proof" the house I decided to put in extra empty conjude and sockets in the walls near the TV in the living room. At least I can then drop cables down the conjude in the future.
I had to add in extra noggings into the living room wall at the stairs to carry the plywood.
I put in the extra box in the bathroom upstairs.
The book case in the wall in the main bedroom also had to be secured and insulated at the back.

We also ran out of plastic today, not sure why the quantities were got so wrong but will have to get some tomorrow.

August 20, 2005

Don't drink and build!!

Totally hangover day, not used to the drink, killed me until 3pm, was some struggle to move, this was a totally waste of a day!!!
Siobhan said she would give me a hand to put up some plastic on the walls, we managed to get 2 of the bedrooms done upstairs.

Stone masons were also meant to call today, no sign, shock horror!!

August 19, 2005

Day off

Today was a day off for me, we had our annual soccer dinner so I went on the beer for the night, great to get the night off!
My dad was working alright, he insulated the internal walls of the dining room/
He also had to put up some strips of ply to strenghten the wall of the kitchen and also on the living room wall along the stairs to give it strenght. Still full sheets of ply to go on this wall at a later stage.

August 18, 2005

Insulation on Externals done

We completed the insulation of the external walls downstairs, at least there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Also there was a double socket, a network box and phone socket to be installed in the wall, the noggings for these site about 25mm back from the face of the studding. Nearly took the head off myself when the blade of the reciprocating saw snapped and went flying!
The walls between the kitchen and utility needed to be tied to the floor joists for the strenght, managed to get this done also.

August 17, 2005


Again we continued with the insulation, taking so long it is not funny!!

August 16, 2005

Insulate downstairs

I decided to be lazy and leave the small jobs up stairs and rip into the insulation downstairs.

Easy as in you can use up a full roll of 150mm rockwool on 3 lenghts of stud space. I manged to get the external walls on the bedroom, toilet, utility and 1/2 of the kitchen done.

I also completed the 100mm insulation in the dividing wall between the sitting room and bedroom.

Getting dark very fast these days. Sean offered my a lead for light so I must take him up on it.

Rang 2 lads to come out and quote us on the stone frontage and fireplace.

August 15, 2005

Hot house!

Arrived on site for 7.30am, and got stuck into putting the plastic in the hall roof.
I then installed the fibre glass for the hall and dining room and did the 100mm rockwool in the vertical walls.

My dad arrived over and once he had finished his bit of work we decided to tackle the ceiling space with the fibre glass.
We decided to cut all the fibre glass into the correct widths and lengths before I went up.

Cut up about 30 rolls altogether and up I headed.

The heat was a killer, slim fast plan my ar*e, get up into ceiling space for a hour!!! ;)

Took us most of the evening to complete this.

I headed off to Hursts heating and meet with Wes, I got the glass blocks for the dividing walls between the ensuite and bedroom. A fiver each.

Also got the quadrant 900mm shower tray and waste, 125 euro.

I also got the dry lining screws (35mm) for the Senco gun I got the loan of. They cost 22 euro per 1000. It is estimated to take up to 9000 screws to do ours.

I got the load of about 10k screws from my mate (32mm) which I will fill into catridges when I get time. But I want to use the 35mm on the ceiling slabs to give them extra strength.
Also picked up 2 good masks (3m brand) for 6 euro each as the ones we had were crap.

Decided to call it a day about about 7.30pm - Good progress

August 14, 2005

Split day

Arrived on site for 7.30, we have a match at 2.30 so I had to leave for a while.

The last place to rigid board was the landing but I had to setup a scaffold of sorts with planks to get up to it.
Again a very slow task and it took me up to 1pm before I go it finished.

We won the match 5-2 which was good, no goals for me today though!! shame!!

Got back on site a little worse for wear and my enthusism low but knew I still had to plod along.
At least no more rigid board to be done!

I put the plastic up in the dining room, I also had to drill down holes in the dividing walls for the cables.
The plastic was akward as there are bay windows which angle out, you also have to put fibre glass in the space in front of the dormers and roof space as you cannot get access to here from upstairs.

Left at 7.30, badly sore!

August 13, 2005

Good Progress

Today the pressure had to be stepped up and the intention was to try and get the upstairs completed! I wish!

I arrived on site for just after 7am, lovely day so easy to work in it, even though the temperature was not long rising!

I started to rip through the upstairs with the rigid board and completed the bedroom and landing before I got an SOS call from my da was running 2 hours late with his deliveries so I had to change my clothes and head off with him, was gone about 1.5 hrs.
Sean was there doing the bay windows when I arrived, it looks well now with the ridges on them.

The vapour barrier has to be also installed downstairs about 2m from the outside walls on the back and front.
I started this and got the back of the house done, a slow job again especially with recess light cables to be also cut out.
The barries is staples to the joists, I have a staple hammer and this makes life very easy.

Then you have to go upstairs and stuff 200mm fibre glass in the roof space behind the walls leaving room for air to get in at the eaves.
Again a cramped job! I managed to get the back completed.

My dad was there and he was tying up the loose ends of the rigid board and doing any strenghtening. His hip is still at him and I am not happy he is putting weight on it, only the landing to do with rigid board now.

When the fibre glass is installed you then have to install 100mm rockwoo the vertical wall space. Again this has to be stapled into position to avoid sagging in the future.

Headed off at 7pm after a long hot day, but things are going well now.

August 12, 2005

More Rigid board

This rigid board is getting to be a killer, taking much much long than expected. Have to keep going with it though.

Putting rockwool in the tight spots though as you would be all day trying to put rigid board in.

August 11, 2005

No Work - Match day

Had a match today so nothing done. Not a great result of 2-2 which killed any hopes of winning the league now.
But I scored from a kickout which was funny!

August 10, 2005

Rigid Board

The Rigid board arrived today, 12 sheets of 8*4.

To be honest this is taking way longer than I thought it would take, has to be cut correctly.

I was talking to my mate and he had a nice stone fireplace built with the same Lacken stone we are using on the front of ours.

Pic below

Also my roofer came back and tidied up the roof, just the ridge on the bay windows to do now.

August 09, 2005

Training day off, appliance, bills!

Training day today, did not go near the house as United were on the box also and the appliances arrived so I needed to check them out and move them out of the way into the shed.
Booked off next Monday, I have 2 matches this week so it will fragment the insulation and slabbing process so Monday will sort that out.
I think the Gothic front door must be near ready now, will not contact him until he rings me first! I don't want to see it yet.

Got the bills for the roof, slates, trim, ridges and lead, must be about 2k over what I expected, the price of ridge caps and lead are crazy high, but what you gain in some spots u lose in others!!

Have the guts of 15k euro to pay out now for the roof, plumbing and misc! The joy off!

August 08, 2005

Questions From SelfBuilders

I got a few emails from a couple of lads and ladies as regards what way I did or inteneded to setup different parts of the build.

I really should have this information up on the blogs but I sometimes forget to actually post up the questions I have to ask others myself!

So sin é!

1.The foundation , did you go with insulated slab or insulated over slab
Insulation is over the raft, will be put down when the final floor goes in expected to be min 50mm of kingspan.

2.I think you said you are putting down your UFH yourself, will this work ok with Climate control Heatpump which operates at 35 degrees c
Yes, I talked to Climate Control and to UnderfloorDirect and we have worked the pipes closer together so that the temp operates lower than "standard" UFH.

3.How are you heating up stairs , is it UFH or over sized rads
UFH - 50mm battens laid at 12 inches apart (might reconsider this), there is 25mm of insulation, the pipes laid on top of this, then screed in the hall and bathroom and ensuite, not screeding the rooms due to them be very warm and also this would turn the concrete into a slab and would leave heating and cooling responses very slow.

4.How much room have you left for the 500l thank and the heatpump in the utility room and is this going to be your hot press as well
2m footprint for the tank and geo, not going to be a hotpress but will be a possible storage area, will definately be closed in when all installed.

5.and finally the screed for the floor's , how are you putting this into each room . I'm thinking the UFH has not gone down yet ,so is it pumped in to each room or is it hard labor with a wheel barrow .
I will be doing the molly malone on this one!!

6.How are you regulating the temperature in each room
I have thermostats in the sitting room and bedrooms, the main living areas as far as I see it.

7.Trissa said...
Hi Aidan-
Great site. We're putting in radiant floor heating during our renovation- are you putting tubing in with concrete? Are you doing the entire system yourself? It would be great to see some pictures-

Trissa, thanks, we are putting the single under floor heating, we will be doing ourselves, I would say it will be at least 5-6 weeks before I start.

Sian, "what are soap,why do need to use then? how build getting on "

Sian, things are going well thanks, Soap , are soap bars, these I have used to attach the sole plate to using express nails so that the timber frame can be nailed down onto the sole plate.
Soap bars are like mini-blocks, where a 4" solid block is 9" wide and 4" deep, the soap bars can be got in 4" * 4" and 6" * 6"/.
Have a look at for a product guid.

if there are any questions please post a comment or email me on and I will do my best to answer and post up the q/a here

Lagging the house!

Appliances due tomorrow, on a side note almost sealed a deal on a lovely 01 Audi A4 TDI, a nice car but it was sold over the weekend, will probably wait until end of year and sell the Focus, petrol too dear now and with the 80 odd miles a day I am doing it is costing me!

Dad arrived over, still badly effected with his ankle and hip, it is definately ligaments he has done.
We completed the bathroom, landing, hotpress, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe but ran out of light at 10.15pm so had to pack it in, the heat upstairs is a killer even with the windows open, I think I will be sleeping in the garden!!
Bought surgical gloves so this will saves the prickly hands, killer with the rockwool even!!
Have to get an idea of the glass blocks for the single wall in the ensuite, I want to stream sun from the velux straight in front of the glass blocks into the bedroom using the blocks.

August 07, 2005

Early Mornings

Couple of GAA matches on today, including Mayo V Kerry so I decided to head to the site again for 7.30am. I was going to finish off putting in the boxes in the studding but decided against hammering at 7.30am!
I then said I would start the insulation, so off I set. Progress again is slower than I expected, 150mm rockwool on the external walls and 100mm on the internal walls, all insulation has then to be stapled onto the studding to stop it from sagging in the future.
All studs do not have all the same widths between them and the windows, noggings and sockets make it akward to insulate.
The heat was a killer and even with long sleeves I was still itching, forgot my face mask so that did not help but periodically stuck my head out the windows to breath air!
It makes the rooms more like rooms now with the insulation in, if that makes sense!!!
Progress was good, spent 5 hours at it and got 2 rooms completed and one wall of the bathroom done.
The roof space and ceiling has yet to be completed, waiting for the rigid board to arrive, all the areas have to be covered with plastic also.

August 06, 2005

Good Progress

Nice sunny morning so the trawl of getting out of the cot at 7am was not too bad, was on site for 7.30 and decided to finish the corner pieces over the landing. I then started work on the bookshelf in our bedroom.
Siobhan wanted a bookshelf built into the dormer roof space beside the bed, it will make good use of the free space.
There are also boxes to go into the walls in the bathroom (3) and one in the ensuite. These are just a backless box which will be slabbed and plastered and can be used to store maybe toothbrush holders or god knows what else, again uses the space.
You cannot put any of these boxes on external walls though as there will be no insulation behind them.

When hop along daddily arrived we decided to put up the 2 dividing walls between the hall and sitting room and hall and dining room. Thought it would take us about 2 hours, took us the guts of 3.5, one wall was too long so I had to get the circular saw out, set the dept, cut the extra plywood off the face of the stud and move back the upright so make the wall fit,
Then you have to plumb and screw/nail in each wall. Pain in the head!!

There was also a strip of timber to be put in over the landing so that the plasterboard on the ceiling and on the vertical wall would meet at a strong point, one of those hidden jobs!

My mate Vinny called out this evening to give me his staple hammer, he also noted that I should have been sent rigid board insulation for the roof space and was not delivered so he said he would deal with it on Monday.

Headed off at about 8pm, long day!

August 05, 2005


Today was a dead day, we had training so I called out to check out what the roofers had done before I went training, the capping is now completed, the house looks well with the roof done!

August 04, 2005

Stunt Man On Site

Our new neighbours have started a kitchen company in Claremorris so I decided that I would drop in my plans, we have a great quote from WoodStyle in Donegal and I could not see it been beat so I said it would only be fair to give them a chance to quote us.

Went up to Milltown to pick up the 32mm slabbing screws off my mate Gibbo, he had 10k to spare, should do a bit!
I was up there about 10 minutes when I got a call from my Dad, he had fell off a ladder inside the house, with the brutal weather and traffic it was going to be at least 50 minutes until I was at the house, so he decided to hobble in next door, so much for not doing anything risky, he was up on a ladder, about 15 foot, grabbed a piece of timber which he thought was screwed in, it was not so he came down on his back, catching the stairs on the way down and the piece of timber landing on his face.
He busted his ankle, his hip caught his back and busted his nose, to say he was lucky would be an understatement.

I sent him home when I got to the house, he reluctantly went!

Regina from Alpha Kitchens called over with the plans and a price, to be honest I was delighted with their design and price, both to be confirmed, we have to go to their showroom and view the doors and confirm the price but if all stays the same we will definately be going with them. An the IROKO worktop.

I also rang the plumber to tell him about the lack of lagging, how there was electrical cables running over the hot pipes and that some of the drilling in the joists left a lot to be desired. He came out again today to "relag!"

Appliances + Ebay

As you may not know I work in IT, programmer in a software house to be precise, so I know my way around the net,

I have been trying a lot of on-line appliances, some ship to Ireland, some do not. But to be honest they were all better than anything I could find here.

I stumbled across a shop on Ebay, SecondTec who sell "seconds" appliances, these seconds have scratches, when you are putting in integrated products this is not an issue,

As of today I have now won, all baumatic gear, the good stuff!!
Double Oven, Washing machine, dishwasher, under counter fridge and glass island hood. The hood alone, I got a price here for 799, on ebay I paid 490 odd. Some saving!!

I am getting 2 pallets of gear delivered, costing me 240 euro for shipping.

All in all we have saved for sure, especially with the brands we have!!

Off to find a larder frigde, 5 ring gas hob and dryer.

August 03, 2005

Another clean up!

This evening we inteneded to put the boxes into the walls but we looked at the mess in the rooms and reckoned we would sweep it up, clear up the bits of wood, slate, cardboard, piping etc!! Some bleeding messing goes on!!

The roofers will be finshed tomorrow, plumbers not sure, have to get back on them, too many wires touching the pipes and feck all laging, not very happy with the work.

Roofers are also messing a bit, there are some edge trims not meeting up, will have to get this sorted.

August 02, 2005

Roofers + plumbers

The roofers have returned, excellent, have the back and dormers totally finsihed, it looks well!

Plumbers were also in, to be honest looking at their pipes runs in the joists they are as rough as hell.

I also got a price for the Shower/Bath with 12 whirlpool jets, 1500 euro, may have to rethink ourselves!!

August 01, 2005

Bit of sore head

Think I enjoyed the pints too much last nite, only had about 5 and I still felt the effects this morn!

So I arrived on site for about 9am, started in to completed the strips along the walls for the platerboard and also the straps to hold down the roof on both gables.

The 3 access doors into the area between the rooms and the roof needed doors made, we did the frames for them, will finish them again
The list of things to do before we insulate is rapidly dying!

July 31, 2005

Day off!!

Today was my grans anniversary mass, it was on at 11:30am and afterwards we headed to my mams for a bite to eat, we sat and talked etc until about 2pm, I then decided that fek it, lets not go to the house!!

So I had my first day off since May 15th, just sitting there and not having to move to go to either football or house was a strange feeling, but hell did I enjoy it!!!

We even went into Westport on Sunday nite for few pints, and I also enjoyed these!!

Back to the house tomorrow!

July 30, 2005

Progressive day

Today tured out to be a very progressive day, was on the road for 8am, headed to Heiton Buckleys to get my screw bits, screws and new tape.

Then over to Hursts to get the shower valves, there were about 10 of them, actually spent more time checking all their show rooms than looking at showers!!

When I finally coped on I talked to Mr Hurst (yes thats his name ;) ) and he recommended a brand to me, in the end they cost me 270 euro a piece, steep but he swore to me that they would not fail or leak!
I trust him on this to be honest.

No roofer today!!

Bank holiday Monday so he will not be there until Tuesday at least!!

Today I put in timber ties into the chimney, then I had to strap the roof ladder to the timber frame, each screwed in at right angles, once again time consuming!!

I also added the edging along the ceilings and around the dormer!! every where I seem to look I can see edging needed!!!

July 29, 2005

Short day

Today seemed to fly, expected to get a lot done but the motiviation levels are low! Great fun now!!

I got a labeling machine from the lads at work for labeling the NW cables.

I managed to put the timber strips on the 2 bedrooms for the plasterboard, had a visitor so that took up some time!

Also was totally fked off, when I arrived my tape and screw driver bits were gone, plumbers must have swipped them, not a happy camper!

July 28, 2005

Aldi strikes again!

Aldi did an 18V cordless drill for 30 notes, not bad at all, will do the job for the plasterboard.!
Also 2 batteries, great since I seem to using 2 batteries a day at this stage ramming in them 80mm screws.

Ta da!! Plumber arrived today, well his lads arrived, not sure about them, time will tell!!

July 27, 2005

Back to the NW

Installed the boxes for the NW and also installed the noggings in the walls for these.

First 5 litres of petrol I got for the genie only ran out today, some going!

I got my price off Eamo my blocklayer, was very happy, 2200 euro for 2190 blocks/soapbars.

Today I also won an undercounter freezer on Ebay. Now we have the freezer, dishwasher, cordless phone, all on Ebay.

Finally got a hold of my roofer, he said he should be out on Thursday or Friday.

July 26, 2005

More timber work

Today all plumbing is now completed, something I have also noticed is that these little jobs seem to take a hell of a lot more time, when I leave work it is about 6:15 then get to the site for a quarter to 7, by the time I change my clothes and get my tool box and tools to the place I start working it is up on 7, this leaves you with 2-3 hours of work for the nite.
If someone arrives then another 1/2 hour is gone, by that stage tiredness and hunger has set in so you have to get your mind and enthusiasm back on track!!

The hotpress we had cut on and resized had to be completed, my dad took this on today and finished it nicely.

Again neither roofer or plumber answering the phones, to be totally honest I am not overly bothered as we have loads to do, but the minute we are been held up I will be flaming down the phone.!!!!

July 25, 2005

Continue the NW

I completed the runs for the CAT6 cabling to the 2nd bedroom and the bedroom downstairs.

I also continued with plumbing of the walls, screwing up into the ceiling joists.

NO sign of the tradesmen today so no plumbing (with pipes) and no slates.

The insulation arrived today also, rockwool and fibre glass, filled the sitting room, wall to wall and floor to roof, we will have some fun!!

Also a point to note for timber framers imparticular is that there seems to be a lot of noggings to put in, also what i was finding that I had to add timber strips or lathes along the tops of the studding so that when you put the plasterboarding up it had something to screw into, also the back of the studding needed the same strips.

Cabling and Plumbing (not the piping type!)

I finished off the CAT6 cabling, finishing the runs to the bedroom downstairs and the 2nd bedroom upstairs.

I then decided to plumb the studded walls upstairs, each had to be plumbed and lathes run between them and the rafters to strenghten them, then screwed together, slow bleeding job!!

Insulation arrived today, sitting room is now filled to the hilt with rolls of rockwool for the walls and fibreglass for the roofspace.

I decided to source a mantlepiece and I think I have found what I am looking for, now to get a price!

Found and this mantlepiece, and it sanded and waxed.

The also do a lovely gothic door, shame I did not spot these guys when we were looking!

July 24, 2005

Sunday Nogging

Another day another nogging! Well thats what it feels like, going to Mass on a Sunday is now a thing of the past, the house has taken over, taken over by material things and all that ;)

Continued with the noggings, also did the noggings in the utility room, closet (for the manifold) and lounge for the TV, wall units.

I then decided to run the CAT6 cable, I managed to complete 2 points in the sitting room, 2 in the main bedroom and 1 in the dining room.

No football today except for listen to Micháel O Mhuirahertic (spelling!) on the radio

July 23, 2005


Today I made a work bench, got sick of using temp stands, so made up a rough bench.

Today I also started the noggings in the house, I got onto the kitchen company and asked them for the height of the wall and floor units so that we could put in the correct positions.

This I thought would be a quick job. This quick job is a feature I am beginning to notice which is not associated with self build, every thing takes a hell of a lot more time that what I have budgeted!!

All in all there was a requirement for nearly 85 noggings to be cut and nailed in.

Did about 2/3 of them today, thank god for the old aldi generator!! (250 euro!)

July 22, 2005

BLocks finished

Blocks are completed, at least the place is closed in now!

The door had to be put into the attic also, got this done.

Had training tonite so night is gone!

July 21, 2005

I rang back the facia and soffit crowd to get them to finish the job, said it would be start of week.

Ordered the insulation for the house, will be beginning of next week.

Finished the clean up of the house, some amount of rubbish!! Must be 20 bags at this stage!

July 20, 2005

General tidy up

Decided to clean up the inside of the house today, also took plastice pieces off the dormer windows.

The gables are now finised and there is one line of blocks on the front.

No show from the plumber

July 19, 2005

Home Network

I decided that since the walls were open that I would run network cables and install the boxes.

CAT5E is the standard that is used but I went for the extra bandwidt with CAT6, 100mhz as opposed to 1000mhz. I know it maybe over kill but at least it is future proofing the house and if it ever comes to it we can stream video or tv over the house.

I purchased the box of 200m in CT electric for 69 euro EX VAT, not bad price. Got the steel boxes and punch down tool for the same.

I also got some conjude, the way I look at it is that IF we need to add more sat cables near the TV then if I put the conjude in place it will make it easier.

The dormers were plastered today, excellent to see them finished, look well now!

Gables are almost finished also.

July 18, 2005

Still going

BLocks arrived today as did the sand, got another 10 bags of cement for the lads so that will keep them busy.
Eamo back on site, he has help now so no more block lifting!

We did some patching up of the felt where they tears, also cleaned up around the house.

Did up a list of what we need to do before we start plasterboarding. Loads to do.

July 17, 2005

No site today!!!

Had to finish the turf for my dad today, was in the bog for 9am, got it all finished, house must be lonely without us!! ;)

July 16, 2005

Filling the chimney

Had to fill the chimney with sand and lime mix today, took 30 buckets, was expecting it to take 10!!!

No sign of Eamo for the blocks either, must be on holidays!!

Got bill for the raft and groundworks, loads of money!!

Had to go to the bog and put out turf with my dad, wheel our wheel barrows etc!

Had my nieces birthday also. good to have some time off!

July 15, 2005

Lack of Materials

I talked to John my plasterer and we agreed to plough ahead with a 20 ton of plastering sand.
I rang Roadstone and was told it would be god knows when I got sand as they had none!!!!

I rang Corcorans and they said that due to other commitments that they would not be able to deliver for 2 weeks!!

Then rang Harringtons and was quoted 390 for the sand, delivered, dear but I had no choice!

I also ordered a full load of 4" solids, I would use them for the walls and other uses so good to have them.

Strip was put on the dormers, ready for plastering now. I decided that I would wash them.... I know but them stickers they put on them are hard to take off!

Settled up 1st fix bill with Brian my spark

July 14, 2005

Guttering + Facia + Soffit

Initially we were going to do our own guttering and facia and soffit, I could source the gear locally for a great price.
Then we started to consider the amount of work we had on and that there was a few complicated parts to the house so I said that I would tender it out to see what sort of quotes,

The quote I got were all cash prices of 3000, 2100 and 1700 euro. Some differences again!

In the end I decided to go with NorthWest Guttering in Castlebar. They agreed to come tomorrow and to put on the strip on the dormer to allow them to be plastered.

Also decided to give Eamo a hand with the blocks, put 200 up on the 3rd level of the scaffolding and 150 on the 1st level, will keep him busy!!!

July 13, 2005

Plumber on site

We not quite on site but at least he knows what has to be done, told me he would not be about but his understudy would start on Wed week, great not!!

Had to get 2 lintels for Eamo, don't ask me how I forgot them!!!
Cheap too, 8 euro for two 850mm lintels

In the sun lounge I decided to put in a V bead, this was in the same shape as the apex of the roof but was about 8 inches lower down the wall than the rafters, it was covered in DPC and screwed onto the timber frame and it runs along the wall and hangs outside the timber frame into the cavity by about 10".
What it is for is that if a drop gets down from outside then if it flows down the wall at least it will hit the DPC on the bead and be directed down the bead and into the cavity outside.

Loaded up more blocks for Eamo, he is getting on well now, back is finished and he has started the gable

July 12, 2005

And on and on

Rang my plumber today to try and get him organised for start first fixing, he is slow at this stage and I would prefer to get him in and out.

He arranged to meet me on site tomorrow, don't know really why but sure why not!!!

Had soccer training, have to keep the fitness *cough cough* level up!!

I got back onto CLimate Control to get a quote for the UFH off them, 29 per m sq inclusive of 33mm of insulation, quote was excellent, to good to be true!

July 11, 2005

Organise The troops

Was on the road for 7.30am to get Eamon the extra flues for the chimeny so that he could take it through the roof and finish it off!

Got onto my plasterer to get him to plaster the dormers, said it would be done by the end of the week.

Rang Sean and told him to leave me until the weekend as dormers were not completed.

I also rang to tell them to redo the drawings so that the UFH would run at 35 deg C and to make sure that there would be less work on the HP.
Said they would come back to me by end of week.

Loaded blocks up for Eamon since he still has no helper.

Chimney now finished!

July 10, 2005

Day Off !!

Today we decided to head to Clane to my sister who just had a baby girl.

Really could not have picked a hotter day, head out the window job and the air was hot!!

Good old drive up and down in the one day but it was strange with the need not to go near the house!!

July 09, 2005

Cutting the Cills

We had to complete the DPC on 2 windows, this we did first, then I decided to make a start on cutting back the lip on the cills for the stone on the front.
I have eventually gone with the 18" standard cills and decided to get an angle grinder and cut the back lip to be the same size as that on timber frame cill,

With the intense heat and dust from the grinder it was not a plesant job at all.
It was mad slow but luckily Eamo had a con saw and when I used it I ripped through them, I then had to cut the horizontal section of the cill with the grinder which is not easy.

I managed to get 7 of the 9 cills completed and the two 5ft cills left to finish.

Eamo has the chimeny out the top of the roof, he will complete this on Monday and a chimney cap will go on it.

Had to head off to a match at 5,30pm, could have done without especially since we lost!

I wandered about the house today taking pics of the inside, hard to figure out some of them!

July 08, 2005


Eamon my blocklayer started today, he is to concentrate on the gable to get it up and ready for plastering and get the roofer in to slate it.

I also needed the chimney started as I needed to get it plastered.

I had training this evening so all I have was 1 hour to get him 100 blocks inside and upstairs so that he could bring the chimeny up.

July 07, 2005

Facia + Soffit

In order to finish the dormers they needed to have the facia and soffit fitted before the slating was started, also before the plastering was done we needed to fit the beading on the sides.

I rang around 4 companies and asked for quotes.

Today the electrician started, good to see a bit of work going on inside.

July 06, 2005

DPC - Part 2 & Appliances

Today my dad had started before me, he had done 5 windows when I arrived in the evening so that was a great help.
Brian the spark also was due as he is starting tomorrow, we went through all the rooms again and agreed on the points so that is good.
We finished off most of the windows bar 2 which are out of reach until we setup the scaffolding correctly.
I also decided to start pricing the appliances for the house on the net, I got a number of place who would deliver to Ireland and then I remembered Ebay and am I lucky I did!!
I found a site who do appliance which they rate as seconds, in other words they have a small dent or mark on them, 100% working order and almost new. For example a Baumatic Island hood, 799 euro here, on that site it was sold for 300 euro! Some difference!
I will give more details later on!