April 27, 2007

The task ahead

I decided to take a few pictures of the garden and what needs to be done!! It will be a big job but will have to be tackled in stages over the next 3 years or so!!!

But if anyone has any suggestions fire them on or any budding landscaper want to test their skills on a new site I am looking to get some layouts designed, will be doing the work myself but could do with the ideas!!

Final Pictures - Upstairs

These pictures are of the upstairs : Probably the most uncomplete part of the house!!

Guest Bed 2 - If you have a good back!!!

Spare Bed 3 - aka GYM!!!

Main Bedroom :

Landing :

Landing Again :

Bathroom Upstairs :

Nice Jacuzzi Bath!!

Final Pictures - Downstairs

Sorry about the delay but I only got around to taking these this week.

Sun Room :

Main Bath DownStairs :

Another of the Main Bathroom :

Guest Bedroom downstairs :

Stairs :

Sitting Room :

Fireplace :

Hall Entrance :


April 17, 2007

The break is over

Well as you can see it has been a while, my holiday is over!! ;)

Since I last posted we have moved in, the Friday before the All-Ireland to be precise, we have done little since, hanging pictures, mirrors etc/
Bought some furniture and I did a little cleaning up around the house but bar that not a lot has been done.

No issues as yet, geothermal has been a great success, I have to do another reading of the electric so that I can quantify the usage in the house, must get that done now soon.

We have started the process of planning the garden/lawn/site/dump what ever name you want to put on it!!!

We have also have had a gander at pricing for decking, so the decking and garden are the next projects.

The decking will have to be done first to allow the outside to be used as of yet we have no where to sit so that will be tackled in the next 2-3 months. Prices are ranging from 800-1400 for material only.

I must get some photos up now also as people have been wondering how we finished it.

Thanks to all for the comments, emails etc. Feel free to contact me, I will answer what I can.