August 28, 2006

Flu's out

I could not get out of bed today, the flu has hit me like a wall!! The container has arrived, Dad was impressed with the room inside it.

Out of action for next 3 days.

August 27, 2006


DOing the papers again, I was finshed at 8am, then straight over to the house, I had to finish off wiring the double socket.
When I had that done I decided to put in another double socket upstairs in the attic for the 8 way TV distribution box so that I can install the aerial and distribute the tv signal to the other rooms.
Signal when taken upstairs is fine but not great downstairs.
Off home at about 12pm, feeling crap but ready to watch the Mayo match,

August 26, 2006

Wiring, painting etc

Stumbled into the house about 9, cleaned out the front bedroom so that the skirting can get its final coat of varnish. Also had to pain around the painter cawk on the landing to blend it in with the wall.
Aidan can again to finish and test the alarm. I had to wired in a double socket for Eircom to install the dish for the phone.
It needs a power supply beside the phone lines so I had to wire into the back of an exisitng double socket. I had to run upstairs then to run CAT5 cable from the power point to the gable where the dish will be.
I also had a match so dad came over and we set out 4" solids on each of the corners where the container will be. The container is 8ft by 20ft.
Off to the match, I was not feeling the best before it, lacking energy but played anyway.

August 25, 2006

A shed nearly there

Had to head out to Gerry in McHales to pay him the rest for the 20ft container. It will be delivered on Monday next.
Siobhan was here again, we wanted to hang the curtains in our room to see they looked good. I finished the flooring in the room upstairs.
We then decided to start cleaning up the saw room, must have been a bag of saw dust! Also a lot of waste timber, so I cut this up on the saw and we moved all boxes of firewood into the spare bedroom upstairs,
The dust was killing herself and we headed off at 10pm, I have work to do for Stevie on the system I am helping him develop.

August 24, 2006

Cleaning the floors

Dad was over, he cleaned up all floors of the room upstairs and took down the skirting. It is great that we are also getting this room cleared and floored.
Once all the flooring has been done the saw can be taken down from the "saw room" and Siobhan can have it back as a bedroom.
I started flooring the room and due to 2 V shaped angles in the room it was akward but managed to get 1/2 of the room done. Aidan was also here to put the alarm working but mainly to test all the PIRs.

August 23, 2006

Move them tools

The tools and that upstairs all needed to be moved down, very slow job but with Siobhans help they are all gone down, I put some of the sheets of ply up in the attic.

August 22, 2006

Paths done!

Sean and the lads have all the paths in now, he also flattened out a big part of the lawn. I could not get into the house because of the fresh concrete. Off Home!!

August 21, 2006

Sean does well

Sean was there today, he has now cased in all the paths and rose it up around the house.
I had to go to McHales and pick out a container, 1800 cash which is a good price for a container which is in good condition,
Back to the house, the lads had buried the gas pipe from the house under the paths, had to try and dig it out!!

August 20, 2006

Build them blocks

Papers in late, so I did not manage to finish up until 9.30am, home for a quick breakfast and over to the house, Gerry arrived out and we got stuck into moving the large pile of timber,
It tooks us a good 2 hours to move it all, the back to the othe gable to move all the scaffolding and boards, again another hour but that was that!!
There is just 2 piles of slates to move now with the straps and the digger.
We also built up some of the blocks into a neat pile,

August 19, 2006

DOn't fret!

Over about 8, Job is to final coat the pres and stain the worktop, again a load of small jobs to do. Sean called and is going to level some of the site so that I can order the container.
This meant panic stations as he wants to start the paths on Monday.
With a truck load of blocks, slates, timber, scaffolding up against the house it all needs to be moved. The table and chairs and the tumble dryer both arrived today.
Had to head into town to get the large 22" grate and fret, had to made in Dineens and ordered through Heiton Buckleys. But feck me the one they make is 26" Have to go back with it.
GOt back to the house and started to move stuff out of the bedroom/tool room up stair stairs so that it can be put int he container and I can floor that room also.
Liam started the leveling about 4pm, Dad came over to give me a hand, but with me having a match @6pm it was going to leave it tight.
Liam gave us a hand with the bucket to shift about 250 blocks in 20 minutes, but that is the main thing to move.
Dad stayed on and moved the timber and other stuff.
I am working @5am in the morning so will have to head over after that to move the rest of the stuff, will be slow but it has to be done. All going well there will be a big change outside next weeked.
It is really dragging on but I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

August 18, 2006

Nice unit

Dad had made a cupboard unit with the IROKO worktop for the utility so this means that it is all kitted out, looks really well.
I had to undercoat the unit and stain the worktop, headed off home about 9.

August 17, 2006


Match this evening so no work done.

August 16, 2006

Work holds progress

another late one at work, getting too much of the habit. Just had time to paint the unit in the utility. All done now!
Dad was over cleaning all the shee hit of the windows. So no sign of Sean, I will have to chase him up now.

August 15, 2006

Handle it nicely

Was off today and got to the house and put the handles on the units in the kitchen, I also filled the screw holes.
A bag loads of small jobs.

August 14, 2006

Utility taking shape

Was working late again but got to the house and dad was there, he assembled the unit for the washing and tumble dryer. I put on the shelving on the unit.
Then gave the unit a coat of undercoat.

August 13, 2006

Mayo cancel work!

Mayo playing today so I did the paper run for my dad @6am so decided to take the rest of the day off.

August 12, 2006

Bye bye rubbish

Left Damo off to work for 8am and then into the house. It was time for the final move for all the rubbish which has been gathered up around the build.
I needed to move all the bags to the gable, ended up there were 110 bags!! Could not belive it. I rang Burkes again and he said it would be more like 235 euro for the lot.
He then rang me back and said he could collect today.
I ran into town to get a mirror for the wardrobe, a 48" by 17" is 35 euro. Bit more expensive that I expected.
Back to the house and I gave an undercoat to the cupboards in the utility, slow job.
Burkes arrived and we loaded up 1.5 tons of rubbish, cost us 300 euro, more that I expected but it is gone now!
So back inside to watch the GAA, then back into give a first coat of the final color to the cupboards. AGain it took the guts of 2 hours.
Off at 8pm to give DAmien a life home.

August 11, 2006

Recylcing and cleaning

Arrived in the house about 6, Dad was there, working away on shelving the cupboards in the Utility room. We wanted to utilise all the space around the heatpump and cylinder but also to enclose it.
We decided that in order to allow us to recycle as much as we can we split up the shelves to hold 6 containers, for glass, paper, tins, etc etc.
This has now changed the whole utility room, now need to put in the rack for the washing machine and tumble dryer!!
Marie and Siobhan were there to clean up the bedroom and ensuite and try and get rid of the mounds of dust that has built up.
I finished the shelving in the cupboards and started to gather all cardboard together for the recylcing run.
I contacted Burkes bags to see if they would do a run to collect the bags of rubbish at the back of the house, about 40 bags. Said it would be about 150 euro.
I have to go and count them to see.

August 10, 2006

Road drilling

I got a hold of a crowd who will drill under the road for the telecoms, 300 euro. I am not overly impressed with having to use a line of sight for the telecoms connection so I prefer to use a straight connection.
I have to talk to Sean as he had to co-ordinate with them;
Dad was over again and he was doing some shelving in the utility.
I got another coat on 5 more doors. so down now to about 5 doors to finish, with 2 of them up on 3 coats.

August 09, 2006

Work holds me up

I was at work until 8.30. Dad was over to finish of some 2nd fixing and put skirting in the utility room.

August 08, 2006

Ward Robe on it's way

Another day another coat of varnish. Dad was over, he did great work in the walk-in wardrobe to add another shelve and clothes rail underneath.
He asked put up the skirting in the front room. Another great load of jobs done.
I continued on with my varnishing to 5 of the doors. I am of course giving the door 2 more coats than I intended but it leaves them clean, tough and like a mirror.
Was talking to Sean, he hopes to arrive next week to finish the ground work. Mick my engineer is due to arrive this week to sign off the house.

August 07, 2006

Dad & John working away

Monday - Match this morning but arrived over @ 8am. Opened all the windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in and then onto more varnishing! Had friends of the family over @10am to see he house
Then onto the match which we won 3-0.
Dad and John were over to do the door and frame for the utility room, then the walk-in wardrobe shelves. 2 great jobs done.
Myself and Siobhan assembled our bed and took all the wrappers off furniture.

August 06, 2006

Never ending

Over @ 9am. Again it was a day of varnishing, there was a match I went to and then back to more varnishing!! Have 7 doors given 4 coats and another 7 1 coat.
Back again tomorrow for more of the same!!

August 05, 2006

Varnishing to death!

Over about 8.30am, a day of varnishing ahead, doors, architraves and skirting, coat after coat after coat. Up to 4 coats on the doors downstairs.
Had to get the wardrobe railings, 4 4ft lenghts. Also I got paint to blend in the unit in the utility room, I gave Albany a piece of wood with the color of our kitchen,
the put in under a scanner and created the paint for me.
I had to go to a funeral so headed off early.

August 04, 2006


Had to take out the TV to see if it worked, sure enough no bother!! Started then to varnish the doors, coat 3 to the dining room doors, bathroom and closet.
Coat 4 to sitting room door and coat 1 to the kitchen.
Headed off about 10

August 03, 2006

TV ready to watch!

Match today, TV arrived but did not get chance to look at it. Dad and John are making the units for the walkin wardrobe, had to get a load of timber.

August 02, 2006

Late but something done

Working late but manged to get a coat on the doors in the dining room and closet. It take 30 minutes per door.

August 01, 2006

Nothing Done

Training tonite and headed off home