November 05, 2009

Paving & Garden Wall

Currently looking at getting some work done at the back of the house as the front border is near finished. I am waiting for Michael and Sean to come back to me to put in a load of soil in the corner near the road and we will then finish off the panels to the railway line.

My next plan WAS to get the rest of the lawn done but with the amount of rain we have had over the last week there really is little hope of me getting that done now.

So what I have earmarked to look (and do if its not too mental dear) is to built a 3ft high and probably 40ft long, not sure on the lenght yet but again depending on price I will create a "flower box" wall all along the back. What I am look at is something like this in the pictures below. I am still trying to source where the stone/paving was got but no joy so far.

I suspect it COULD be either tobermore or Archeson so I have enquired about prices. But as I said this could be well shot down if it turns out mental pricey bt it would look well I think.
The paving is more a long term thing, until the shed is done I really can't do all 3 sides of the house but I could probably do along the railway side, along the deck and to the back of the house in line with the back door. Again this is pricing stage but would add a wee bit of character to the back of the house.
Looking at various sites there are loads of good ideas out there which might be of interest.
I will put up a post when I get more details and prices.

November 03, 2009

DIY Conservatories

I have been looking into self build conservatories lately. DIY conservatories are pretty much that - conservatories that you build yourself, or have your own professional builder put up. In this case like everything in the house we will probably do this ourselves.

The beauty in the self build conservatory is the money that you save by buying the product directly from the manufacturer, and not having to pay a middleman. After all, most of us already have either the skills, or for others will have a local builder that we go to.

These guys provide DIY conservatories in various designs, from the simple lean to (or sun lounger) conservatory, to the more elegant Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and Gabled ended. Or you can even combine the styles to create your own bespoke conservatory. The most popular material is uPVC, which has many benefits over timber and aluminium for home conservatories. There have been many advances in uPVC and you can now get it in a wide range of colours (not just white) and woodgrain to help it blend in with your existing home.

From my own research, I would recommend buying directly from a DIY conservatory specialist. They are geared up for these sort of projects and will provided me with a free conservatory quote. They also said they would provide support, both online and over the phone, during the build. There is also a finance option but you should not settle for a warranty less than 10 years.

May 10, 2009

Steam Train

Was out on the deck this morning reading the paper andI heard the "chooo" of the steam train that passed last evening. 

Never seen one bar last nite and was luck to get it this time!!!!

Video is only from my phone but is ok.