November 28, 2007

Decking help

Got chatting to a lad who I emailed as regards decking and that.

Eoin is involed in landscaping, ground maintence and decking, with Eoins experience and guidance I was provided with details spec of the materials required, a few different ideas of designs and when I start into it will be available to me in case myself and my Dad get into bother.

I sent him off a few photos of the area to be decked and exact measurements and he gave me a bill of material and 2 designs. In fairness he did all this for 100 euro, saved me a packet.

Not to get the deck done!!!

Have a look at Eoins website

November 15, 2007

Garden finished, walls built, shed built

Wow, we have now everything completly finished and there is nothing to do :( NOT!!!!

Still no move, spent the last near 4 months chasing the neighbour to get the work done. So not a sausage done!!! I will continued with things once I get the man back!!

Appeared on RTE 1 on 9th December in a show Highly Recommended about all the goods I purchased online, it was great to be on the TV and I won the show pocketing me 2,000 euro!!