November 26, 2005

Work For Dad

Was working for Dad this morning so up at 5.30am, papers were late so it meant I did not finish until 11am, so had a bit of breakfast and we agreed it was time to get the paint.
I went to the house, the electricians were there, wiring up the sockets and ceiling rose and bathroom lights.

November 13, 2005

Day Off

I got up about 9 and headed to the house to close up all the windows and to see the floor, sound a bit mad!!
I headed off home and I had to work with my car, there was a leak coming into the back seat for some reason. So I had to fix it, turned out to be 3 leaks, don't know how the hell these happend but I managed to seal 2, the 3rd I could not manage!

We took Man, Dad and Damien and Mar for food and took the evening off!

Couple of Pics of screeding now done and Geo area

November 12, 2005

Loads of work

On site for before eight, another wonderfully pissy day, up to our neck in shite!
Damien and Iano were with me and they wheeled their wheel barrows and filled the first room. Gerry arrived about 8.30 with some foddder and I contiued with the lads outside to get the percolation area marked out. We then tried to fit in the 280 sq meters, I can see where Sean was getting frustrated!!!
Eventually I managed to fit it, with almost an acre of a site how it was hard is hard to explain but with the biggest part to the front of the house it was a proper pain!!

The I had to get my mate John Grady to get 3" land drainage pipe for the percolation area.

About 11am and 3 hours after the screed arrived I started to screed. Damo and Iano had 1/2 the back room done which for lads who never did screeding they did very well.

Dad was late again and arrived by 11.30, at this stage we had the back room almost completed and Gerry had filled the sitting room, Ian & John were starting the sitting room and progress was rapid.

Dad and John continued with the sitting room and myself and damien pulled the backroom and back section of the hall.
We had a cuppa and decided to fire up as much as we could upstairs before it dried. The stairs was pulled out then and we started to wheel in the screed. In that time the pile had hardened so fair play to Sean he got the digger and moved it about the loosen it.
Then it was all hands on deck and we fired more screed upstairs so that Ian and Damien could continue to pull the rooms.

In the mess we managed to bury a platic float in the hall floor, a momento!

Sean, myself and Dad then managed to pull the hall floor and marry in the closet, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and sitting room.
All done downstairs, great relief, the decision was made to push to get upstairs done, so we got 5 buckets and 2 upstairs, one on the ladder and 3 outside. The push was amazing, and within an hour we had too much upstairs!! FOur of us pulled a bedroom, hotpress and landing in 30 minutes and then back downstairs to pull up the screed guides and fill it in.
Antoher 10 buckts and we had all screeds up and all floors floated. So that was it!!

An amazing days work which has pulled the who house so much.

I had rang Brian Feeney my spark to fo the 2nd fit as u need cert to get your ESB connected. Will be this day week before he can come.

November 11, 2005

Kitchens, layouts + drink

Ordered the screed for tomorrow, Gerry will be there also.
We ordered the kitchen today from Alpha Kitchens in Claremorris. Got a great deal, 3 weeks until delivery.
Sean rang me, he was trying to fit in the areas for the Geothermal. We need to get an area of 280 sq meters into the site, so it was 10*28, 8*35 or what ever, Sean just could not fit it in, so after spending 30 minutes on the phone we decided to give up and leave it for me to look after tomorrow.
Wonderful so on top of a days work at screeding, I now have a days work of laying out the geothermal and organising the percolation area!

My mate Larry was home from UK for weekend with Karen his fiancee. So we meet up in Peggys, there was about 20 of us, I stayed on the dry as that was the last thing I needed for screeding!!
We headed off about 1am, 6 hours of sleep.

November 10, 2005

Digging is back

Digger on site for the ducting for the ESB and phone. Great to get it done.
Dad was with him and they decided to have a look at the water piping, big issue potential here but I will ring P Joyce to see the setup first.

Sean rang me and wants to put in the tank tomorrow, "while we are here", great blue arse fly syndromw! Rang Westport Concrete and got the figure eight tank for €680.

The beam for the mantlepiece is nearly ready.

Skye rang and want a date for the furniture, I said leave it until 30th of Nov, me arse we will be ready but just to keep them quite.

November 09, 2005

Ducting + Service

Dad and Damien were over and ran the pipe through the ducting for the ESB.
Still no sign of the guttering or answering the phone.
I had to service Siobhans car, had to be done as over the limit well.

November 08, 2005

Door Part2

I called into DOnnellans again about the door, was talking to John, he seems to think that this design will work very well and to give him a buzz on Friday.
I decided to paint the hall kitchen and sitting room walls which were plastered crap, my mate Colins dad told me to as it will either hide of bring out the flaws.
It actually looks alright!

November 07, 2005

Busy out

Rang Ray in the flooring company to get the timber, not in stock, will ring him next week.
Rang Eamon in NorthWest Guttering to finish off the job, will do it Wednesday.

I got a hold of company in the UK to do the door, it is now a square design with a gothic inset, shipping is the issue here now.

Dad and Damo were over, the cleared up the whole of the outside, rubble gone and all scaffolding and timber, great job.
They also moved all the stuff from the rooms which need to be screeded and into the screeded rooms,

Weather is windy and wet, late when I got to the site and went home, these dark wet nights are not great!!

November 06, 2005

Sore legs, head, bones!!

Today is off, tired and sore, great to be off, myself and herself went to the Tavern for a feed.

November 05, 2005

Screeding Begins

I picked the lads up about 8am, we stopped at a filling station and got some breakfast, was inside and Roadstone rang me, they were onsite, 40 minutes early, wonderful, also the fact that dad was running almost 2 hours late meant we were on our todd on this one!
I ordered 6 cubic metres to cover the sunroom, dining room, kitchen, utility and bathroom. At 104 euro per cubic meter then this stuff had to go in!

We wheeled in barrows like Molly Malones on speed and filled the sunroom and dining room, myself and Damien 2 then got our 2"*1" screeds in. You have to level this off the sole plate and then diagonal level them also.
I have a 5ft level so this makes life easy.
Dad arrived over so we got on our knees and worked away. Also managed to get 15 buckets up stairs but lost about 3 barrows as we had to go to my mates anniversary mass.

We meet up with the lads afterwards and we headed into Westport for the night.

November 04, 2005

Door Disaster

Arrived in Claremorris to view the door at 8.30am, suprised suprise the door is not ready and no sign of Finbar who makes the door, due in a 9.30am, not impressed.
They now claim that since we only have a height of 82" in the door opening that we cannot have that shape of a gothic door and that a square on will have to go in, why in the fuk they could not have figured out this back in June is beyond me!

I went onto and posted the question if they are raving and onto another few places, placed a few calls and it seems these guys may not be raving. SO back to sq one!

Pain in my head again so went home to bed and get ready for tomorrow, Gerry has had to work also so we are one down, I asked Damien if he could get anyone so he managed to get his mate Damien 2 and that was great.

November 03, 2005

Friends @ home

Rang about the door, seems it is ready, the lads asked me to call up and pick the locks in the morning. Excellent.
Our friends Tom and Tracey are home from France with their 2 kids, great to see them and their lovely kids, Sammy and Gabrielle. Mattie and Bridie gave us great hospitality.
Headed off to the soccer at 10am in the pissing rain, need to get some sort of soccer under my belt!

November 02, 2005

Night Off

United V lille, night off!

November 01, 2005

Painting again

Arrived at about 9pm, did a bucket of painting.

Pic of landing