July 31, 2006

TV near ready

LCD is ready, picked up today so time will tell if it is ok!
Dad was over and did the skirting in the hall. Also replaced the architrave upstairs.
More coats given to the sitting room door and dining room doors.

July 30, 2006


Up at 7.15am, started to finish the final coats in the closet and ripped through that. Also wired up the aerial and boosters.Off to the match @ 10.30 and we beat the top team 5-2, there first defeat in 10,Back to the house and then started the touch up of paint in the dining room, slowly but surely it is getting there.Siobhan was over and she touched up the walls in the sun room while I varnished the doors in the dining room.Tasks down to 55!!!

July 29, 2006

Lots of jobs

Over at 7.30 to finish off the hood, the glass needed to be put on but the flutes who wrote the manual seemed to think that the actual extractor should be attached before the glass hood but no.So I had to take down the extractor and then put the glass up, took me 2 hours to change it all around!! I had to head to town and bought an aerial and booster set to see if can get any good pictures for the TV.

I also purchased some bulbs for the wall lights and put them in, poor design on the to be honest.Then it was onto varnishing the architraves, before I left I gave all the timber in the closet an undercoat ready to be finished in the morning.I had to head over to my mother in law to sand and varnish the front of bath for her, gave it 6 coats with a 20 minute drying interval, 2 coats at a time.Got home about 8.30 - also have match tomorrow for the C team, short on a keeper.

July 28, 2006

Dad was over and has made a great job in the closet, all the pipes, mainfold and pump are sheeted in and out of harms way.I have a list of about 70 odd jobs to do before the move in, varnishing dominates the list.

One job which had to be done was the Island hood/extractor fan.This was an unknown to me as I had thought I had bought this as a vented less extractor but soon discovered it was not.#I had to work out exactly how to put it up, then had to drill a hole for the vent hose, get into the active and feed it out to the soffit vents.
There is a need to fix a holder to the ceiling, fix the vent to it, then there are brackets which grip the hood and are screwed onto the holder. Once I had figured it out by 11.30pm I had it all up bar the glass hood which was at home.Busted tired, but great to get it out of the way.

July 27, 2006

No work

Match tonite and after complete domination we only drew, league is slipping away from us.Dad was over alright but I did not manage to see what he did.

July 26, 2006

Shelves again

I started the shelves in the closet, had to put in 2 shelves and a hanger for jackets. Siobhan was over and she has started cleaning the rooms. Bathroom cleaned nicely.

July 25, 2006


Training tonite but I wanted to get the skirting in the front bedroom steel wooled and varnished.

July 24, 2006


I started to finish off the landing, had to finish off the cut in and then start the final full coat. Had to cut in the 2nd coat but at least it is another job out of the way!I transfer the 1400 euro to Techsplosion for the 40" LCD, a cracking price considering my mate paid 2200 here for the same screen!!

July 23, 2006


Had anniversary mass for my gran today and out for a bit of lunch with the family so did not get near the house until 5pm.I decided to finish off shelving the hot press and put 2 sets of shelves in there, at least we can away the quilts!!

July 22, 2006

Time 2 say adios!

Up before 7am, over to the house and aim was to get any white grouting done. This was the splashback in the bathroom and also the tiles around the bath.The downstairs and grout the glass blocks for the last time, all of them had to be washed 3 times.Off into town to try and get some contact lenses but I found them very hard to insert and take out again, I have to go back to them again next week.

Got a few things in heiton buckleys then back to the house.I started to do the final cut in on the landing but Shane arrived and waited for over an hour so I then decided to start shelving the hot press.Headed off at 4pm as we were off to a Boceilli concert in Galway

July 21, 2006

Another room to finish paint

I was working late at work so only got to the house after 6. I decided to paint the ceiling and walls in the bedroom upstairs. This left only the skirting for doing in this room.Siobhan was over and she cleaned up our bedroom.We now have our bedroom, the sitting room, ensuite and bathroom upstairs fully finished. So ploughing along nicely.

July 20, 2006

Run rabbit run

fully hour of endurance training so puffed out!

July 19, 2006

More varnish

I decided to start on the varnishing, skirting, architrave, doors. I also put a coat on the beam in the sitting room,I finished the skirting in the bedroom, bathrooms, architraves in them 3 rooms, along with the wardrobe, ensuite and did the door in the mainbathroom. Slow work!

July 18, 2006


Had to go to Galway in the morning, we spotted a tv unit which was ideal, but it would not be here until Sept!, great but sure it looks the part.Back to the house and it was time to go finally finishing the sanding the skirting in the dining room, sitting room and bathroom downstairs.

July 17, 2006

Expensive glass

I had to go to Castlebar, have to get contacts for playing football, then into Hursts to pay the bills and pick up a few lids for the sewage manholes.

Off into get pin nails to put in the glass in the dining room doors. Had to pick up the 4 panes of glass from Lawless, 140 euro.Then back to the house but I had to leave again as it was hitting 28 degrees out the back and almost as much inside!! So back to help my da paint the school walls, time to top up Sunday "Tan"!!!

July 16, 2006

Up Mayo

Connacht final day so nothing done, Up Mayo!! ;)

July 15, 2006

Bog and LCD

Out in the bog again @ 8am, took me 2 hours to finish what was there, again the heat was up in the mid twenties. Have a christening this afternoon so did not get near the house.Got in contact with 2 couriers to see if they could collect the LCD panel, have to wait for prices.

July 14, 2006

Could not handle heat, so off to bog!

I decided to leave the house when I got there, the heat was unreal so I decided that it was time to head to the bog to start putting out the turf for my dad, with the wheelbarrow.Waited until 9pm with a nice bit put out.,

July 13, 2006

Hard to work in mad heat

I had training this evening, I had to give final coats to the access door in the main bedroom and also paint up around the sockets and lights. Killing warm in the house.

July 12, 2006

Basing it!

Dad was over, he cleaned up around the hall and started the shelving and cupboards in the closet. That will be a big job.I went over all the rooms and sanded all the filler.Then I needed to base coat the access doors and attic doors. Then varnish around the architrave surrounding them.Slowly but surely. Had to try and get access to the glove box of the car. After surfing the net I found out how exactly

July 11, 2006


Training 7pm to 9.20pm so did not go near the house.

July 10, 2006

Nearing the end of flooring

I had a go at timbering the wardrobe and managed to get it pulled tonite. So a good bit of large jobs done now.

July 09, 2006

Ceiling it

Over early as I have a match, decided to touch up the ceiling in the hall that I had splattered!! Then onto filling any remaining holes around the house. Had to head at 1pm for the match

July 08, 2006

No show

A sore head on me today, bit too much wine out for dinner last nite, throw in a few Guinness and Red bull and it was a disaster.Up at 8am, got a breakfast sandwich and it took another hour for me to wake up,The rain had started but I needed to get out to move all the stuff from around the house for the lads to put in the footpaths.

Dad came over but since Sean had not apppeared with the digger it was akward to move.Sean arrived over and he told us that the ground was not high enough and that we would have to move back all the stuff!!We called it a day as we had to go to a birthday party.

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July 07, 2006

Dinner time

Out for dinner tonite so did not get anything done. Sean was there and put in the sewage line so that is now done. Trying to get my hands on a 20ft container to use as a shed, found the best price to be from Tyrone for 1800 euro delivered.

July 06, 2006

nothing doing

Heavy trainin session so nothing done today.

July 05, 2006

Part time

Party for my sis so I did not get near the house

July 04, 2006

Working late

In work at 9am and did not get out until 8,30pm, again under major pressure so did not get near the house. Again the migraine was pinching at me.!!

July 03, 2006

Sick in the head!

Dad was over today and fair play to him got all the boards done on the back of the stairs and the skirting done.

He also bought in a load of timber to make shelves for the closet, hot press etc.I was at work until 8pm, mental busy and no time for anything, had a busting migraine also so had to head.

July 02, 2006

Matching it in the heat

I have a match today so have to split the day up. Went over at 7.30am. I wanted to get the skirting and timber for the back of the boards sanded and varnished.I managed that alright but it took the guts of 3 hours. I went back to trying the bath panel, pain in the arse trying to put on a rounded bath panel.

Headed off to the match and drew in what seemed to be serious temperatures, was with the C team so I am not as pushed at winning the league with them as the B team.Back to the house and I decided to test drive the power showers!!!

I said since they were all cleaned up and hot water was there, what the hell!! Reminded me of a hotel shower with the power of it!Back to the boards and skirting, final coats and they are ready for Dad to tackle tomorrow.I decided it was time to also sand and varnish the skirting in the 2 bathrooms. Headed off at 7.30pm

July 01, 2006

Splashing about

Over about 8am, I got stuck into the splash back, had to glue some it and screwed in the rest of it.