May 31, 2006

Getting the trim

I had a phyysio session first off so I did not get to the house until 8, I wanted to get the other 2 angles done and get 5 boards into the hall, the floor was a bit off so it made it harder to get the boards together.
I manged to get what I wanted to do done so that was great.In the morning I went to Precison Engineering and gave them the measurements for the splashback and the frame around the glass blocks.Eircom rang me and they have decided that they will now put a pole on our site, 500 euro saved!!

May 30, 2006

tough going

Had an hour & half of training and then back to the house, aim was to get that bedroom completed and get 2 of the four serious angles cut in. I used a template of underlay and cut it into place with a blade until it was perfect fit.
The jam of the door is one angle, the wall in the room is another angle and the wall in the hall was the opposite angle!!With me 2 boards into the halll I was happy out, packed it up at 11.30 again

May 29, 2006


Dad was over, he finshed the timber around the waste pipe in the bathroom and started the skirting.I got another 5 lines done

Working away

I got stuck into the other bedroom and I managed to get 3/4 of it done, great job, faster than I expected.Headed off at about 11.30pm

May 28, 2006

Day off

Tired after a late night and had to go to a match so nothin done!!

May 27, 2006


Nothing done today. Fishing tournament today for my mate.

May 26, 2006

Physio on the legs

Had to go to physio, have a repeatitive groin injury. I got back to the house and decided to finish that floor and start the other bedoom up stairs.Dad over the last 2 days had cleared up the 2 remaining rooms which was great, it took a lot of work.I got only 5 rows down but it is a good start.

May 25, 2006


Had trainign for 1 hour so I got to the house at 8pm. Managed to get 7 lines of the flooring done, these late nites are paying off!! So I am down to 1 board to finish the flooring in the room!!

May 23, 2006

CAncelled training

due to mental weather training was cancelled.So I got back to the flooring. Managed to get another 3 lines done.

May 22, 2006

Flooring our bedroom

Decision was made to start the flooring in the main bedroom upstairs. Took me 3/4 of a hour to set out the room to ensure the cuts would be ok.
With a dormer and chimney breast in the room it was going to be difficult.I managed to get only 3 lines done!! Had to take skirting down around the areas which I had to floor, then lay down the underlay.

May 21, 2006

Social schedule

Match and birthday party today so I on;y had a few hours in the morning. Plan was to get the tiles replaced on the front of the bath and also fill any holes around the stairs. wall etc.

May 19, 2006

Rip Of Ireland

Siobhan and myself got stuck into the painting of the back bedroom. Managed to get a coat on all walls.Problem with the pressure pump in the house, have to get the plumber back.Rang MayoCOCO, just for PERMISSION to dig the road we are charged 500 euro!! This bleeding country is a joke. We have already paid Government contribution and then have to repay!!

May 18, 2006

Cover the road!!

Dad was over to do all the trimmings around the stairs. looks well now.I gave the bathroom its 2nd coat.Rang MayoCOCO about getting a road crossing permit to cut the road for the eircom connection. Meant to ring me back.!


Over about 8am. Decided it was time to paint the hall. It took me the whole day with different cut ins around 5 doors etc. Siobhan was over and she gave the back room a 2nd coat.Dad continued with the boards on the back of the stairs.

May 17, 2006

Champions League

Champions league final so had to set up the TV in front of me. I decided it was time to give the main bathroom upstairs its first coat of final color. Took me the night to finish it.

May 16, 2006


Meant to be training but 2 days of wedding activity took its tollThe plumbers were there yesterday and today. Disaster when the water was turned on, a leak under the jet bath which was now enclosed in a timber frame and tiled!! So they had to smash out the tiles!! Not impressed, a nut was not tightended!!!

May 14, 2006

Days off

Larrys wedding so 2 days off!!

May 13, 2006

slow day

Had a bit of shopping to do, got the stainless steel from Murphy stainless, 1.4m long by 140 mm high, 50 euro will cover it.
Had to go to heiton buckleys to get some stuff, while there I spotted they had steel frets, but only in 18" and we need a 21" so I said I would get it to see if it would do the job! It didn't!
Then onto FloorWorld to get a roll of the Underfloor specific underlay. 120 euro a roll which is costly.
Then out to Hursts to change the taps and basin. Back into CT electric to see if I could get lights to recess into the stairs, a bit of a shock @ 40 euro each!!
Off back to the house and got stuck into the front door and frame to stain it. Bleeding slow job, took me 4 hours to give it all 2 good coats!!!!
Also measured up the stairs for ceiling boards and trims,
Off home, Larrys wedding tomorrow so have to get the nails done!! :)

May 12, 2006

Stairs, plumber = Progress

Meet Declan at 8.30am, paid him his money, he will be finished today. Great to get that job done, really makes it feel like a house now!No sign of plumbers still, meant to have arrived Tuesday so I rang to "encourage" him to come and shock horror they were out there!!Went and got more paint and stain for the front door in Albany.We need to get a frosted laminate for the window in our room so it is not staring down on our neighbours. Checked on line and it was 50 euro for a small bit!! Rip offGot to the house and the plumbers had a nice bit done, heat was killing them!! There was an issue with one handbasin and set of taps so they have to go back, job for the morning! I had a match so I headed early.

May 11, 2006

Stairs near done

Training cancelled tonite so no training. I headed to the house and Declan and Dad were there doing the stairs. I cleaned up a bit after them and did the first coat of the final coat in the back bedroom.3 walls of it done now,

May 10, 2006

Late planes and Stairs

As u can guess I am buckled! Plane was meant to head out at 9.30 but after waiting ages we eventually left at 12pm!!! So the pressure was on to get Larry home and then get back to the house.But Dad was over so that covered my back, so eventually and with less than 4 hours asleep I headed for the house in what was 22 degrees and warmer inside!We eventually got the base of the stairs and newel posts in. Great days work.Then back home to collect the Focus from the lad who valeted it. Busted tired!!!

May 09, 2006

Only one Keano

I am off to Roy Keane testamonials. I had to fly from Knock to London, then meet my mate Larry @ 2pm, drive to Manchester to meet my cousins at 6pm.
We watched the match waited for the traffic and then headed off down at 12am for London. Got into the cot @ 3am all ready for a 6.45am start to get the plane back!!
I managed to get a mate of my brother in law to do the stairs. He will be there tomorrow at 3pm to start.

May 08, 2006

No stairs

Warm day today so it was warm in the house. I intended to paint the ceiling in the bedroom upstairs and then move downstairs but I did not realise that I had little paint left!!So I ended up cutting in the ceiling and then I decided I was going to clean out the gap between the tills and hoover it.Fergal the chippie came to look at doing the stairs but in the end decided not to do it, fair enough but I had a major headache to try and get someone.

May 07, 2006

All-Ireland Winners

Over at about 9am, cleaned up after the tiling and back to the painting. A number of the ceilings needed to be repainted. Reason for this is that the water/paint mix I used was to weak.I really should have used a good quality paint, even for the undercoat instead of the pee that was 15 euro per 10 litre bucket!I managed to get the ceiling of the landing, main bathroom upstairs and ensuite done. Each one has a velux window so it was slow cutting these in.Match on at 2.30 so wanted to head off to see Mayo win their first senior All Ireland since 1985, even if it was only an U21 final!!! 12 final losses so 1 is great to win!!!

May 06, 2006

Back On The Beach

Decided to hit the beach at 8am first, for a nice run. Got drown wet but all for the gut, I mean good!!!!! I had to head into town, had to get rough sandpaper and steel wool to polish down the varnish on the doors and architrave. Also needed to get 4 hinges for the doors in the kitchens.I had to pick up the toilet from Hursts and then off to Murphy stainless steel to see if they could do the steel splashback.I decided it was time to buy the fire grate! 50 euro not bother, me arse. When we built the stone fireplace I did not really think of the grate size.We measured it and it was 21". So then I was told that 18" is the standard, but a 21" was going to cost me 180 euro to get made!!! Nearly dropped. So have to rethink this one.Picked up the tiles from Right Price Tiles for the hall entrance to stop the timber from getting wet inside the door.SO eventually got myself back to the house, a lot lined up to do but hey does it ever work out right!! Nope!We had put all the waste, bag of cardboard, plasterboard, plastic, wire etc etc in one pile at the front of the house. I have yet to get a skip but don't want it around the house.So it took me 2 hours to gather all the bags! Stinking job. The rain and hailstones nearly killed me!Eventually I got back into the house and dad was there, we decided to hang the 2 extra doors for the kitchen units. Then it was time to tile inside the door and also to replace the tiles in the kitchenI left about 8pm off home.

May 05, 2006

No Work Done

The final task list (well I am sure it will change!!) is ready. At least it gives us a goal to hit. We had visitors for 2 hours this evening so all I got done was to fill the holes where the plaster was popping!!

May 04, 2006

Public Car Park

Training tonite so did not get near the house. Dad was over.It seems that Mayo Co Co are doing a load of work along the road and down from the house, so they all decided to park their cars, vans and trucks on our site blocking the whole place up. Was not a happy camper at all.They blocked the whole way in so I rang Mayo Co Co and told them to move, if one of their cars was damaged then I would be liable.Also trying to source this "special" underlay, was onto Tubs and tiles to get it.

Some Updated Pics

A lot of rooms have to have the finishing touches but this is the updated pics

Our Ensuite Bathroom

Pics Of The Landing, half done!!

Downstairs Wetroom

Downstairs, glass blocks & corner bath

Downstairs - Border detail,
that fecking exposed side of the glass block!!

Sun Room floor

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom 2

May 03, 2006

wrapping it up

Time to start finishing the ceilings, so I had to repaint the hall ceiling, touch up the dining room ceiling and the main bathroom ceiling, then upstairs to start cutting in the ensuite and the landing.

May 02, 2006

back to painting

No training so I continued with the painting and this time cut in the final coats in the kitchen.

May 01, 2006

Sore head

did not manage to get to house until 12pm and I really did not want to be there, I decided it was time to clean up the tiles and sweep up as place was a pure mess.
After that the dining room needed to be cut in on the final coats, got that done too so the smaller jobs are getting done! On last count I think there were 70 or so tasks left to do!!!