June 30, 2006

?Nothing done!!

Was working until 6pm then came home, intended to grout the tiles inside the door, get the splashback done and grouted around the fireplace but had 2 sets of visitors until 10pm!!

June 29, 2006


Was playing a match tonite in Achill so nothin done. We lost with a pox goal, my first conceeded from play in 6 matches.

June 28, 2006

Late @ work

I was working late again but went for an hour to get in the final piece of timber in the sitting room and bedroom so that is all the flooring done bar 2 more boards in the closet which is a five minute job

June 27, 2006

Lights up

Brian was there today, he hung the dining room light, put up the 4 wall lights in the rooms and then put the lights in the stairs.We had training so I left it tonite as it was a tough session.

June 26, 2006

Still floored

Dad was over again, moved all the spare slates and pallets from the side of the site to allow Sean to eventually move in.I worked on the flooring and have it down to 2 boards to be put down to complete fully the downstairs.

June 25, 2006

Dismantlers in the heat

I slept it in until 9am and headed over then. I wanted to try and get all the akward cuts done around the bull nose of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs.I managed that and then @ 2 I moved outside to finish off the final panel.

That took me 2 hours to do and pile up all the timber. All tanalised timbers so worth keeping.I moved into the hall again and worked away until 6pm. I have now left it with 3 lines to do.

June 24, 2006

Late nite, but no drink!

Did not get to the cot until 3am but was not drinking so easier to get up!!! I got up about 8am and wandered over. Time to start flooring the hall. Had to clean it up and then had to cut and angle the houseing for the timber around the tiles.

It took a good while to get the timber laid out and by then Brian had arrived to commission the Geothermal and sign off the system.Dad arrived over and we decided we would start and dismantle the timber panels at the side of the house, as they were in the way.

So with nail bar and hammers we got stuck into it and after 3 hours we had 2 of the panels done.Was 6 bells so Dad headed off and I moved inside to continue the timber. Also timbered into the closet so that was done also.There are 20 lines of timber to go down and I had 10 done by the time I left @ 10.30. A long day but the work is getting done.

June 23, 2006


Nothin done, Siobhans birthday so we had a suprise party tonite.

June 22, 2006

Match nite

Had a cup match this evening, let in a clanger, one to forget!!Dad was over alright and started putting down the saddles at the doors upstairs.

June 21, 2006

Painting come to an end!

Had to hang back late at work tonite until 7pm, we are totally up the walls.Got to the house and dad was finishing off the main bedrooms skirting. He has it all up and screw holes filled, matter of sanding it and touching up.I went and gave the hall its second and final coat, took me the whole evening to do and pulled out about 10.Picked up the splashback and glass tiles trim. So have to put them on at some stage.

June 20, 2006

Self leveing

Precision rang me the splashback and the trim for the glass blocks are ready, 250 euro, mad expensive but it has to be done!I went to Heiton buckleys for levellign compound, got another 2 bags should see me through.
Training at 7 so went to it and went back to house, took down the skirting and labelled it, swept and hoovered the floor and started mixing. I was very suprised that it took all 5 bags and just about had enough but it should do the job now.I also purchased 4 wall lights on the internet, got them for 40 euro a piece.

June 19, 2006

Flooring dining room

Headed to the house at 7. Dad was there and we moved the furniture back into the sitting room. Dad has all the skirting up in the sitting room which is excellent.I started at the dining room. I had 6 lines down with another 17 left. I put the pressure on and got 16 lines done which is twice what I was doing at the start.Eircom rang me, they were there to put in a pole for the line.Some mesing with stones later and the wanted to try a line of sight so they are bringing in someone to test this!

June 18, 2006


Over about 8am. Decided it was time to paint the hall. It took me the whole day with different cut ins around 5 doors etc. Siobhan was over and she gave the back room a 2nd coat.Dad continued with the boards on the back of the stairs.

Speaker Cable

Up again at 7am, wrecked tired but want to press on with the floors. The electricity was gone so no porrige so I will need to refill some time in the morning otherwise I will be wrecked for the match @ 12.I started with the area near the sun room so that we at least have a full board. I managed to get 7 lines of the 22 down before I headed off for the match @ 10.45.It was a tough game which we won 1-0, ended up with a badly swollen knee cap after a hefty challenge. Ref gave me no protection. It was cracking this evening badly so I am not sure of the full damage. I got back to the house at about 2 and decided to watch the soccer and sand a varnish the skirting. The skirting for the sitting room and dining room skirting are now completed.I had bought speaker cable for the 5 speaker system way back but forgot about it so I had to take a slip out of the bottom of the plasterboard and behind the skirting.I taped in the cable. It was 7.45 when we left. A decent weekends work. Hopefully by this time next week I will have the flooring finished.

June 17, 2006

Great Progress

Dad rang me last nite to say John wanted to give us a hand with the floors. I got up at 6.45 and was in house of 7.30.Had to go to town for more self levelling cement and screws and caps for the splashback. Aim before this wasa to get around the fireplace totally finished and I achieved this by 11am.
Using the stiff underlay as a template and cutting around the stone to get the exact shapes and angles.Pieces were taking me 20 minutes to cut around the hearth alone!So I got the 6 bags of leveller and was back in time for John. After the guided tour of progress we decided to work together and get the sitting room pulled and with one measuring installing and the other cutting and gluing we put in the final 11 lines in 2 hours.
Delighted to get it done so fast.

A bit ahead of myself now.Dad was over and he put up all the skirting in the back bedroom downstairs and filled the screws. The screws we were using and were useless were not threaded to the head and this meant that we had trouble driving the screw in.John had other screws with a full thread and they worked a treat.Myself and John decided to move the chop saw into this room and clean up the dining room. With the skirting off and numbered and the room hoovered I started with the leveller. It took 3.5 bags of leveller.

So I will start flooring that in the morning. I have a match at 12pm so that will break up the day.When I had that done I decided I would make a start on sanding and varnishing the skirting in the sitting and dining room. At least it will mean that we can put up the skirtingin these rooms.After a long day and my legs falling off I headed about 8.30

June 16, 2006

Selling the Motor

I had to meet a girl to see if she was interested in buying my old car. She had a look and we have struck a deal so she has to see if she can raise the cash. So that is great if she does as I need to give back the mortgage money!! ;)

Then back to the house, aim this weekend is to get the sitting room floored. It was going to be extremly difficult due to the corner fireplace with the semi circular hearth so as you can imagine the cut are on a jagged stone curve!The self levelling cement had dried but it was not a great finish, not sure if it was down to the cheaper brand levelling compound or not.
Also a tip if u are using this stuff, tape around the edges between the floor and insulation as there were some gaps betweens ours which the leveller flowed into!! So a bit of masking tape will stop this and keep the floor level.I started the floor about 7pm, I knew it was going to be slow but by the time I left @ 11.30 I had 7 lines completed and was 1/2 way around the hearth.

With the dormer window and its angles it made it even more difficult to close the gaps between the joints and get leverage but a nail bar aided in this.At least its a start and all going well tomorrow evening it will be finished.

June 15, 2006

Levelled the sitting room

Match this evening so it was going to be late before I go to the house, arrive after 9. We won 4-0.I was in Claremorris tiles and got 4 bags of 25kg levelling cement for 80 euro. The plan was to get the sitting room levelled tonite and after 1 hour it was wrapped up.If I can get that room sorted out in 3 days I will be happy out.

Levelled the sitting room

Match this evening so it was going to be late before I go to the house, arrive after 9. We won 4-0.I was in Claremorris tiles and got 4 bags of 25kg levelling cement for 80 euro. The plan was to get the sitting room levelled tonite and after 1 hour it was wrapped up.If I can get that room sorted out in 3 days I will be happy out.

June 14, 2006

Clearing the dining room

Dad came over this avo, his knee is at him badly so I was not to happy with him lifting but it was a job we needed to do.All the furniture in the sitting room had to come out into the hall so that I could level the floor.

Took down the skirting all around and hoovered out.He headed off again and I went into the back bedroom and steel wooled the skirting and gave it it's final coat of varnish. Took the TV with the German match on it upstairs to the main bedroom.Time to started finally putting in place the skirting. Slow job and with a stud finder(which cost 70 euro but is shi*TTTE!!!) and a drill with a small bit to find studs I on;y managed to get 5 pieces in place before my battery died a death!Off home about 11 again.

June 13, 2006

Tough training - hurts the bod!!!

A serious tough training session and I was almost going to head home but I headed in and sanded the skirting in the back bedroom downstairs and then applied a coat of varnish

June 12, 2006

Getting my block made!

Work is mad busy and I have a 2 week project to do. I rang Gerry and asked him to see if he could make me a steel knocking block. I collected it off him but realised it was not right!So off to the house and see how far I was going to get with a broken knocking block, it meant it was going to be hard to close the gap between the timbers.I managed to finish off that bedroom and move in the furniture which arrived. Off home at 10.30

June 11, 2006

Long night!

Hard to get up this morning but I made a decision I was not going to go drinking when we went home last nite. So when we got home at 3am I was happy. Alarm off at 8am so off over again.

Time to finish the landing flooring, this was a pain in the arse and took me near 4 hours to finish!! Siobhan came over with some food and I sat and watched the match and then steel wooled and varnished all the skirting again.At 5 I moved downstairs to the bedroom, worked out the cuts and withing 2 hours I had 10 lines done in the room which was excellent. The only problem was that I smashed the knocking block!!

June 10, 2006

Very good progress

Up early to try and get a big schedule done, not sure if it will happen!!Started with the bedroom downstairs as it needed to be cut in with 2 coats. The ceiling also needed to be touched up. Got this done and headed off into town.Had to pick up another roll of the special UFH underlay. 120 euro for the roll.Then off to Sam Hire to pick up a belt sander so I could sand the oak beam mantlepiece. It cost 35 euro.

Then off into Arrow to pick up some self levelling cement @ 20 euro per 25kg bag.Back to the house, Siobhan was over so we took down the skirting in the bedroom, labelled it and then she cleaned up the floor. I headed out and started sanding the beam. Took me an hour once I figured out how to put on the sandpaper!!I does look well thought. I then headed up stairs to have a bit of lunch and also the watch the soccer.

While I was up there I also decided to put up the frosted contact on the window Sean asked up to blank out as it was looking down on their sitting room. In order to watch the match I then decided to sand and varnish the skirting off our bedroom and hall.Off downstairs again and got stuck into levelling.
The mix is mixed very watery so that it can flow over the room and it is encouraged into corners and sides with a steel float. It took all the bags I had bought but it means I can start that room tomorrow.Off home about 7 as I had to go to Larrys mams anniversary mass.

June 09, 2006

Car viewing

I had to bring the Focus for a viewing today and then head to a funeral so I did not manage to get much done.

June 08, 2006


Training so nothing done.

June 07, 2006


We had visitors out for 1.5hours so It was late when I started but have it now down to the remaining 4 birds to be done.I rang about the fret and grate and Heitons should have it tomorrow; The splashback and trim for the glassblocks will be ready on Friday also.I got 3 bags of 6kg self levelling cement from Arrow Home Depot so I can level the back room anyway.

June 06, 2006

Timbering away

I had training until 9pm but I went to the house after that. It was extremly hot there, how I am going to work in it will be a challenge!I managed to get down another 4 lines to bring me near the end of the largest part of the floor.

June 01, 2006

Busy schedul!!

Match so had little time, we are off to a wedding tomorrow and the off to Kildare for a suprise party for Sat and Sunday. Then engagement party on Monday.This means nothing will be done for all them days!!!I called to the house anyway and I measured up all windows for blinds and curtains, took me over an hour!! slow as hell!!