March 31, 2006

Tiling the big one!!

Time to start tiling the main bathroom, we are using 600 * 300mm porcelain tiles on the walls, so they will have to be tight, and the brick effect makes it a bit akward.
We were initally tiling only 3 walls but made a decision to do all walls then, I was short on tiles and borders so will have to order more tomorrow.
I manged to get a nice part done, headed off home @ 12.30am with a busy weekend ahead.

March 30, 2006

Heavy Training

Training for 2 hours so headed home, really heavy going

March 29, 2006

Measure for tiling

I spent the nite measuring up the bathroom walls so that I can get the correct measurements on the tiles and leave the walls even.
Dad was over as usual filling and sanding the architraves.

March 28, 2006

No training

I did not train tonite, knee is playing up. I decided to finish the final coats on the ceilings in the dining room and kitchen.

March 27, 2006

Heatpump grants

Announced there are grants available for the heat pumps, 4300 euro for the horizontal HP.
Dad was over filling and finishing the window boards. I gave the ceiling in the SunRoom a final coat.
Plumbers finally arrived, plumbed up one bath in the main bathroom so that is done at least!

March 26, 2006

Off today again!

A match and mothers day so we decided to have today as the last day off!

March 23, 2006

Days off

Thurs I had training, Friday I was the big 30 so took it off and Sat i was up in NI buying a new motor.

March 22, 2006

Cutting in the ceilings

Decided I would try and get the ceilings in the kitchen and dining room cut in on their final coats, managed to get them done, now to final the coat and them finished with!

March 21, 2006

Muscle pain

Muscle still tore in my leg so left training. I managed to root out the original color for the sitting room and got enough to redo the pieces of the wrong color!!
I then went up to our bedroom to cut in the final color.

March 20, 2006

Grouting the blocks

I decided it was time to grout all the glass blocks, took me 2 hours to grout and clean them down, slow!! No plumber,
Today I found out that the government will be offering a 25% grant to alternative heat projects from March 27th!!! We are no eligible supposidly!!

March 19, 2006

The auld enemy

A match against westport United in the morning & I tore my hamstring again so nothin done!

March 18, 2006

The real party

I got up about 9am,. headed to the filling station and got a big dog of a breakfast sandwich, hit the spot!
Said I should clean up the kitchen as it was a mess so set to sweeping and moving stuff into the one store room.
Dad was over, Siobhan was over Sanding and Noreen and Paul were over with the kiddies, but in the end I managed to get the ceiling in the sitting room and main bathroom finished.
Then there was a bit of touching up to finish in the sitting room but for some unknown reason they did not give us the same mix!!

Had to go out to dinner for Siobhans sisters real party!!!

March 17, 2006


U know when there are some mornings and the alarm goes off and u say 10 more minutes and then get up, well the alarm was set for 6.15am to get up and have a couple of hours before heading out for dinner.
I think I must have turned it off about 5 times but in the end said feck it and stayed in the cot.
We headed for dinner into the Castlecourt and got a great suprise to see all my family and theirs waiting for us, it was a suprise 30th birthday party for me!
So I spent the day with them all, had a good drink and a laugh, great for the health and mighty to have a full day off.

March 16, 2006

Sealing the lights

Training tonite but went to the house after and decided we needed to start finishing rooms off. I sanded around all the sockets and lights and painted around these lights, also cut in ceiling in dining room
I pulled ship about 12am, going out tomorrow for Siobhans sisters birthday so will have to be over early in the morning.

March 15, 2006

God damn plumber

still no plumbers!! Dad was over working on the skirting upstairs. I headed home, run down again and not feeling great.

March 14, 2006


Nothing done training

March 13, 2006


Still no sign of the plumber so I rang him, reckons he was sick! Will be here tomorrow or Wed.
Dad was over and continued with the skirting
We had to clean up a room upstairs to allow us to bring the chop saw and table up.
I also started to fill in around the sockets which the lads replaced. Also a couple of recess lights leaking light so I wanted to fix these.

March 12, 2006

Succeful start to league

Back to the league today, with the B team, not sure if I will be regular or not, politics and bullS***. Off to Ballina to play Conn Rangers and my mate Doozer!
10am meet in Castlebar & off we went, after 90 minutes, much slogging, a couple of lucky saves and a something pulled behind my knee we came home with a 1-0 win. Great start.
Siobhan said to meet in the house about 1pm but with Celtic A playing in last 16 of FAI Junior cup final I said I would head and look @ some of it.
With my knee badly sore I decided to pull ship and not work on the house for one nite!!!! HEaded to Jonny Cash instead, excellent film

March 11, 2006

Getting the painting done

Had to get up early this morning to try and get the final coats on the walls around the landing, in case Brendan came to do the stairs, Up before 7 and got stuck into it.
I had to cut in again the final coat as I was not happy and then managed to give the walls 2 coats which I was delighted with.
I had to go to town to get some stuff for Brendan to do the stairs, got back and decided it was time to build the final 6 glass blocks.
Got them done, in the mean time a mate of mine Aidan Hughes who works for ScreenGuard arrived to look at the house for the alarm, he was over for an hour.

Dad arrived and herself and they both set to work. There was some niggly bits to sand around the windows, recess lights and that so I worked away at them.
Headed off home about 8, long day over!

March 10, 2006

Nearly got the stairs put in!

Brendan called to Dad and said he would go over and do the stairs today but Dad was not available to give him a hand, he said he might go tomorrow!
So then the pressure was on me to give the ceiling of the landing 2 coats of white, cut in the ceiling, give the walls 2 coats of the final color and cut that in too, put up the final recess light and paint 2 coats around the velux.
I had "scaffolding" to put up which consisted of putting up a H frame, put 2 scaffoling boards from it onto the stairs, screw that in, attach one of the trestle to the boards on the H frame, screw them onto the boards and run 2 boards ontot he landing, then put the 2 steps on top of that!!
As you can imagine it was hairy to say the least up on it!!
Siobhan was over and began to start sanding the doors. Dad had the skirting in the hall done which looks mighty
I got the 2 coats of white done, the area around the velux painted and the cut in done for the final coats, it was 1am when I finished to headed off home.

March 09, 2006

Grouting again

With the walls of the ensuite grouted, after training I headed to the house for 8.30. It took about 1 hour to grout it and give it 4 good cleans. Great to have that one down, 2 to do!!!!
No sign of plumber, a week later and still no word out of him!!
I rang Brendan and asked him if he coulod come to us to give us a hand with the stairs, he hoped to come on next Monday.
Dad was there again contining with the skirting and architrave, it is really taking shape on that account.

March 08, 2006


Tonite I started to grout the walls of the ensuite, as usual as slow as a snail, but with the fact that I had to also watch the Liverpool match and keep and grout it was hard to do!!!!
Managed to get home for 11,

March 07, 2006

Starting the floor

I decided not to go to training and tile the floor of the ensuite itself, slow process espeically around the rounded shower tray but it took me 3 hours and I was home for 11pm
I got the charger for the Dewalt drill I bought in the US so at least we have a decent screwdriver now!!

March 06, 2006

Great TV

Dad was over today to keep at the architrave, I had to go to Tuam to pick up a TV so did nothing on the house. Was talking to a mate of mine who works for Screen Guard and he will call to quote on the alarm.

March 05, 2006

Walls tiled

I havfe a match @ 12pm so went to house for 8.30 with the aim to get the walls finally done. I manged to get 99% of the wall completed, headed off & played the match, lost ! and then back to the house.
Brian was there showing a number of people the heating system and Siobhan was there sanding the door.
After spending time talking to both and with Gerry ?& Emmett out to show me his new A4 I fianlly got around to tiling around the box in the wall!!
Cleared out the floor, swept it up and left it ready to tile.

March 04, 2006

1 more wall done

Sat - Not as cold today but the aim was to get the ensuite walls completed. I had to go into town to pickup a new silicon gun as the "new" one I bought had broke after a week!
Also need a tenon saw for cutting the bottoms of the architraves, will save us have to take them down again. Also a punch for putting away the nails so that that we could varnish them
In the end it was almost 11am when I got there, Shane was there to collect some stuff, after he left I tried to start the tiling but the electrician came so I was a while talking to him!
Then he needed to put in a fan in the ensuite so I lost time there, Dad arrived then and Siobhan. Dad continued with the door and Siobhan did a bit more painting.
Brian the spark arrived and we wired up the oven and went through all that had to be done.
Eventually I managed to start and get one wall completed, moved onto another wall which had the cuts for the shower control, the shower head & the door,
I got that wall done, so one `1/2 wall left now to do tomorrow.

March 03, 2006

Getting there

Another freezing day., outside anyway, the geothermal is working away and at least the house is lovely and warm.
Dad and Siobhan were over when I got there, herself was there to repaint the utility.
Dad continue with fixcing up the door and architrave.
I did another wall of the ensuite, should have it finished tomorrow all going well.

March 02, 2006

Enroute for the ensuite

Training tonite,. I decided to head to continue the tiling in the ensuite, got another wall done. Dad was over and put timber trims in around the glass blocks in the wall in the ensuite.

March 01, 2006

Off for the soccer

Ireland on the TV against sweden so I headed home after work