April 30, 2006

Grouting nearly finished

Cbar Celtic were playing at 2.30pm in Junior Cup semi final so the aim was to go to that. I was over about 9am, goal was to get all remaining grouting done. Which I did!
Went out after the match with the lads, not used to it!

April 29, 2006

Should have stayed up!

Early rise 5.30am. wanted to get a got few hours working at the house because I was finishing @ 12pm as I wanted to watch United V Chelsea.
I managed to get the main bathroom upstairs walls grouted and then down to the wet room mosaic to grout and wash that,
Once I finished that I moved onto the Sun room and managed to get 3/4 of it done before I headed off to Castlebar to get some stuff and see if I could get the brushed stainless steel splashback for the island.
After the match I needed to get Siobhans car serviced and cleaned for the NCT. Also needed to change the plates on my own hearse and get the Focus tightened and service ready to be sold.

April 28, 2006

Hoodini disappears!

Fecker of a plumber not appeared after saying he would, what a pleb! I got up at 7.30 and went to Hursts to collect the sanitary ware, when we went looking it was not there!!
So a wasted journey. I decided to finish the tiling in the main bathroom upstairs, the 2 boxes were as slow as hell and the cuts on the slant of the ceiling.!! It was 11pm when I pulled out.

April 27, 2006

Plumber rings me!!! Shock horror!!

Plumber rang me today! Nearly crashed the car as this was first! To make it even more of a shock he wanted to send someone to the house to do some work!
So this changed my evening slightly, no training tonite. I had to get the floor in the bathroom upstairs tiled, a lot of pressure but it had to be done. What this meant was that the plumber would be able to install the sanitary ware in all bathrooms!
I had to get onto Wes in Hursts to make sure that they had the sanitary ware, so off to Cbar nice and early in the morning to make sure I get the stuff delivered to the house.

Match watching and tiling!

Aim was to get around the frame of the bath done and watch the Barca and Milan match!! Had to slant all the tiles outwards so that the water will run off. Again another task done.
The 2 boxes and the couple of slanted cuts to do and that is that.
Dad was over varnishing and he also gave the work top its first coat of stain.

April 25, 2006


Nothing done today, training

April 24, 2006

Another wall

to tile the shower head and feed wall was the goal tonight. Cuts around the pipe feed and shower controls.
MAnaged to get that done no bother. Taking shape nicely now.

April 23, 2006

Tiling towards the end!

Got up about 9, headed over and Vinny rang to say he was calling over, he was there about 1 hour and I eventually started to line out the walls.
With the 2 boxes on the walls it was a pain in the arse to end up with the right cuts.
I also had to removed the trims on the boxes as them walls were not plastered.
Managed to get 1 small wall and 3/4 of the big wall done as with the slants on the ceilings it takes a bit of trimming on the tiles.

April 22, 2006

Sun room tiling

Got up @ 8 but Dad called and as the papers were mad late he asked me to give him a hand. I was with him up about 10am, had to head out to Shanes to pick up some floor adhesive.
I managed to get to the house for 11am and got stuck into the sun rooms floor. It all went fairly handy and by the time herself and dad arrived over I had over 1/2 done.
I needed to get the metal trim to divide the timber and tile and house the timber flooring so Siobhan headed off to get it, came back with the wrong one and had to head over again!
They also reckoned that the underlay was the wrong one, so we may need to change it.
I checked all the tiles in the kitchen and took up the boost one. I then finished off the sun room and then started to put back down the tiles in the kitchen, a good days work.

April 21, 2006

Mosaic done

The tiles arrived for the Sun room and the bathroom upstairs, the intention was to start doing the sun room but I decided to tile the mosaic around the shower room which is now done and another job off the list!!
Plan tomorrow is to start the sun room and complete it over the 2 days.

April 20, 2006

killer training

Another very physical training session so I headed home.

April 19, 2006

Rising the floors

I was still unhappy with the floor around the wet room so I filled it with concrete, ready to tile now with the mosaics

April 18, 2006

Traing day off

Training was a dog so I headed home to see my sis and her kiddies who were down for a few days.

April 17, 2006

Stag day 3

Day to recover!!! Needed it.

April 16, 2006

Stag day 2

Out again on the stag

April 15, 2006

On a stag

Larry stag in Letterkenny, nout done!

April 14, 2006


We got off at 1pm, I had to get some stuff in Woodies. It was best to grout the walls before I started the floors, so I got them done first. I set out the floor of the bathroom and mixed up.
I decided to ensure each tile was level as it is the main bathroom and that the cuts on the edges and end would be even.
It toook me until near 12am but I got it all tiled. Now to grout that floor and put in the mosaic flooring around the wet area of the shower.

April 13, 2006


Training but went to house and grouted another wall, one left now.,

April 12, 2006

I Keano

We went to I Keano tonite so nothing done, excellent show.

April 11, 2006


Training was cancelled so I went to physio to get work done on my knee.

April 10, 2006

More tiling

Dad collected the tiles and I finished the final tiling on the walls downstairs!

April 09, 2006


recovering after training!!

April 08, 2006


Wedding today so now work.

April 07, 2006

college reunion

Rang Tubs and tiles, they said they would sort of the tiles and get me what I wanted.
10 year college soccer team reunion. We won the All-Ireland 10 years ago, so played a challenge and then out for the nite

April 06, 2006


I decided to try and finish the bathroom tiling, got two walls finished and then stepped back and realised that they had given me the incorrect shade of tiles!!
So I had to take down what I could!

April 05, 2006


Day off work, I had to go to Tubs and Tiles and collect the extra borders and tikes needed. I also had to get my eyes tested, getting a lot of migraines so need to see if I need glasses., I was told I did but only for driving.
We went to Right price tiles and have now picked out the tiles for the sun room and bathroom upstairs, so have to measure up
Also paid off Skye furniture for all that was delivered. I did no work as I had a busting headache.

April 04, 2006

And on

I got to the house @ about 7, Dad was there working away, had to fix the back and sunroom doors as they were not a1.
I continued with the tiling in the bathroom, brining all walls down to the ground and completing one wall fully. So down to 3 walls now left to do.

April 02, 2006

Continued with the big bathroom

Got up @ 7.30 and headed over. I decided that I would add the border all the way around and another tile on top. That would leave me with 2 tiles all the way around.
Very adward around the glass blocks and also the cuts around the windows. I had a match thrown in during the middle of the day.
We are looking at about 3/4 done but I am quickly running out of tiles.

April 01, 2006

Early rise

I got up @ 6am, have to try and tile as much of this as possible. Got stuck into it and slowly but surely I managed to get through walls, you then have split borders and vertical borders to worry about.
The the bath and windows need to be cut right. Cut outs in the middle of tiles for the shower feed and head.
I have just over 1/2 done now. I order another 6 yards of tiles. Siobhan and dad were over working away.
I headed off at about 10pm badly tired! Another busy day tomorrow and a match!