September 11, 2006

back to grouting

Grouting to be finished in the kitchen and the white grout in the bathroom to be redone. Slow job but that is the last large job done.

back to grouting

Grouting to be finished in the kitchen and the white grout in the bathroom to be redone. Slow job but that is the last large job done.

back to grouting

Grouting to be finished in the kitchen and the white grout in the bathroom to be redone. Slow job but that is the last large job done.

September 10, 2006

2 matches in 1 day

Today was a late one, I had my first match at 12pm for the C team but the ref was late and we did not start until 20 past. So after a mad busy match we won 2-1.
The that finished at 2pm, I got my packet of Jaffa cakes and had 10 minutes of rest before I went out for the warm up again.
The B team game kicked off at 2.30pm and near the end I got cramp, but again we won this 1-0. So I could be he first to get 6 points in one day!!!
Back to the house and the final coats of the stairs!

September 09, 2006

Drill it

Over about 8am, I gave the stairs another coat and then into town to get the Core bit and drill from Sam Hire for 30 euro to drill through the wall for the tumble drier vernt.
Took about 1hour to get through the block but then I hit one of the studs in the wall so had to cut around this also.
Eventually got a 4" sewage pipe in for the vent.
Then had to drill a section out for the vent from the machine, pain in the head all this.
Took me near the whole day to finish this job.
Got another coat on the stairs and one coat on the back bedroom door.
Off home about 8pm.

September 04, 2006

Days of varnish

Started varnishing the spindsles again, slow job only 10 done! Gave the stairs another coat

5th - No training so finished off the remaining 15 spindles and gave a coat to the steps
6th - Varnish varnish varnish!!! cat slow but it has to be done
7th - varnish stairs after training
8th - Varnish stairs and saddles, finally getting there now with this, pulled ship at about 12.30am. Varnishing near the end at the weekend.

September 03, 2006

Skin sanding

Over for 7.30, sanding again, lose the skin on my fingers at this stage!! all sanding of the steps done bar 2.
Gave the done steps a coat of varnish, off to a match then

September 02, 2006

Sand, sand more sand

A day of sanding and sanding and more sanding!! From 7am to 8pm. I had a "mouse" sander so that was excellent for the steps.

September 01, 2006


Started to sandt the spindles with over 50 and it taking 15 minutes each this is gone to be slow!!
Dad was over shelving

August 28, 2006

Flu's out

I could not get out of bed today, the flu has hit me like a wall!! The container has arrived, Dad was impressed with the room inside it.

Out of action for next 3 days.

August 27, 2006


DOing the papers again, I was finshed at 8am, then straight over to the house, I had to finish off wiring the double socket.
When I had that done I decided to put in another double socket upstairs in the attic for the 8 way TV distribution box so that I can install the aerial and distribute the tv signal to the other rooms.
Signal when taken upstairs is fine but not great downstairs.
Off home at about 12pm, feeling crap but ready to watch the Mayo match,

August 26, 2006

Wiring, painting etc

Stumbled into the house about 9, cleaned out the front bedroom so that the skirting can get its final coat of varnish. Also had to pain around the painter cawk on the landing to blend it in with the wall.
Aidan can again to finish and test the alarm. I had to wired in a double socket for Eircom to install the dish for the phone.
It needs a power supply beside the phone lines so I had to wire into the back of an exisitng double socket. I had to run upstairs then to run CAT5 cable from the power point to the gable where the dish will be.
I also had a match so dad came over and we set out 4" solids on each of the corners where the container will be. The container is 8ft by 20ft.
Off to the match, I was not feeling the best before it, lacking energy but played anyway.

August 25, 2006

A shed nearly there

Had to head out to Gerry in McHales to pay him the rest for the 20ft container. It will be delivered on Monday next.
Siobhan was here again, we wanted to hang the curtains in our room to see they looked good. I finished the flooring in the room upstairs.
We then decided to start cleaning up the saw room, must have been a bag of saw dust! Also a lot of waste timber, so I cut this up on the saw and we moved all boxes of firewood into the spare bedroom upstairs,
The dust was killing herself and we headed off at 10pm, I have work to do for Stevie on the system I am helping him develop.

August 24, 2006

Cleaning the floors

Dad was over, he cleaned up all floors of the room upstairs and took down the skirting. It is great that we are also getting this room cleared and floored.
Once all the flooring has been done the saw can be taken down from the "saw room" and Siobhan can have it back as a bedroom.
I started flooring the room and due to 2 V shaped angles in the room it was akward but managed to get 1/2 of the room done. Aidan was also here to put the alarm working but mainly to test all the PIRs.

August 23, 2006

Move them tools

The tools and that upstairs all needed to be moved down, very slow job but with Siobhans help they are all gone down, I put some of the sheets of ply up in the attic.

August 22, 2006

Paths done!

Sean and the lads have all the paths in now, he also flattened out a big part of the lawn. I could not get into the house because of the fresh concrete. Off Home!!

August 21, 2006

Sean does well

Sean was there today, he has now cased in all the paths and rose it up around the house.
I had to go to McHales and pick out a container, 1800 cash which is a good price for a container which is in good condition,
Back to the house, the lads had buried the gas pipe from the house under the paths, had to try and dig it out!!

August 20, 2006

Build them blocks

Papers in late, so I did not manage to finish up until 9.30am, home for a quick breakfast and over to the house, Gerry arrived out and we got stuck into moving the large pile of timber,
It tooks us a good 2 hours to move it all, the back to the othe gable to move all the scaffolding and boards, again another hour but that was that!!
There is just 2 piles of slates to move now with the straps and the digger.
We also built up some of the blocks into a neat pile,

August 19, 2006

DOn't fret!

Over about 8, Job is to final coat the pres and stain the worktop, again a load of small jobs to do. Sean called and is going to level some of the site so that I can order the container.
This meant panic stations as he wants to start the paths on Monday.
With a truck load of blocks, slates, timber, scaffolding up against the house it all needs to be moved. The table and chairs and the tumble dryer both arrived today.
Had to head into town to get the large 22" grate and fret, had to made in Dineens and ordered through Heiton Buckleys. But feck me the one they make is 26" Have to go back with it.
GOt back to the house and started to move stuff out of the bedroom/tool room up stair stairs so that it can be put int he container and I can floor that room also.
Liam started the leveling about 4pm, Dad came over to give me a hand, but with me having a match @6pm it was going to leave it tight.
Liam gave us a hand with the bucket to shift about 250 blocks in 20 minutes, but that is the main thing to move.
Dad stayed on and moved the timber and other stuff.
I am working @5am in the morning so will have to head over after that to move the rest of the stuff, will be slow but it has to be done. All going well there will be a big change outside next weeked.
It is really dragging on but I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

August 18, 2006

Nice unit

Dad had made a cupboard unit with the IROKO worktop for the utility so this means that it is all kitted out, looks really well.
I had to undercoat the unit and stain the worktop, headed off home about 9.

August 17, 2006


Match this evening so no work done.

August 16, 2006

Work holds progress

another late one at work, getting too much of the habit. Just had time to paint the unit in the utility. All done now!
Dad was over cleaning all the shee hit of the windows. So no sign of Sean, I will have to chase him up now.

August 15, 2006

Handle it nicely

Was off today and got to the house and put the handles on the units in the kitchen, I also filled the screw holes.
A bag loads of small jobs.

August 14, 2006

Utility taking shape

Was working late again but got to the house and dad was there, he assembled the unit for the washing and tumble dryer. I put on the shelving on the unit.
Then gave the unit a coat of undercoat.

August 13, 2006

Mayo cancel work!

Mayo playing today so I did the paper run for my dad @6am so decided to take the rest of the day off.

August 12, 2006

Bye bye rubbish

Left Damo off to work for 8am and then into the house. It was time for the final move for all the rubbish which has been gathered up around the build.
I needed to move all the bags to the gable, ended up there were 110 bags!! Could not belive it. I rang Burkes again and he said it would be more like 235 euro for the lot.
He then rang me back and said he could collect today.
I ran into town to get a mirror for the wardrobe, a 48" by 17" is 35 euro. Bit more expensive that I expected.
Back to the house and I gave an undercoat to the cupboards in the utility, slow job.
Burkes arrived and we loaded up 1.5 tons of rubbish, cost us 300 euro, more that I expected but it is gone now!
So back inside to watch the GAA, then back into give a first coat of the final color to the cupboards. AGain it took the guts of 2 hours.
Off at 8pm to give DAmien a life home.

August 11, 2006

Recylcing and cleaning

Arrived in the house about 6, Dad was there, working away on shelving the cupboards in the Utility room. We wanted to utilise all the space around the heatpump and cylinder but also to enclose it.
We decided that in order to allow us to recycle as much as we can we split up the shelves to hold 6 containers, for glass, paper, tins, etc etc.
This has now changed the whole utility room, now need to put in the rack for the washing machine and tumble dryer!!
Marie and Siobhan were there to clean up the bedroom and ensuite and try and get rid of the mounds of dust that has built up.
I finished the shelving in the cupboards and started to gather all cardboard together for the recylcing run.
I contacted Burkes bags to see if they would do a run to collect the bags of rubbish at the back of the house, about 40 bags. Said it would be about 150 euro.
I have to go and count them to see.

August 10, 2006

Road drilling

I got a hold of a crowd who will drill under the road for the telecoms, 300 euro. I am not overly impressed with having to use a line of sight for the telecoms connection so I prefer to use a straight connection.
I have to talk to Sean as he had to co-ordinate with them;
Dad was over again and he was doing some shelving in the utility.
I got another coat on 5 more doors. so down now to about 5 doors to finish, with 2 of them up on 3 coats.

August 09, 2006

Work holds me up

I was at work until 8.30. Dad was over to finish of some 2nd fixing and put skirting in the utility room.

August 08, 2006

Ward Robe on it's way

Another day another coat of varnish. Dad was over, he did great work in the walk-in wardrobe to add another shelve and clothes rail underneath.
He asked put up the skirting in the front room. Another great load of jobs done.
I continued on with my varnishing to 5 of the doors. I am of course giving the door 2 more coats than I intended but it leaves them clean, tough and like a mirror.
Was talking to Sean, he hopes to arrive next week to finish the ground work. Mick my engineer is due to arrive this week to sign off the house.

August 07, 2006

Dad & John working away

Monday - Match this morning but arrived over @ 8am. Opened all the windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in and then onto more varnishing! Had friends of the family over @10am to see he house
Then onto the match which we won 3-0.
Dad and John were over to do the door and frame for the utility room, then the walk-in wardrobe shelves. 2 great jobs done.
Myself and Siobhan assembled our bed and took all the wrappers off furniture.

August 06, 2006

Never ending

Over @ 9am. Again it was a day of varnishing, there was a match I went to and then back to more varnishing!! Have 7 doors given 4 coats and another 7 1 coat.
Back again tomorrow for more of the same!!

August 05, 2006

Varnishing to death!

Over about 8.30am, a day of varnishing ahead, doors, architraves and skirting, coat after coat after coat. Up to 4 coats on the doors downstairs.
Had to get the wardrobe railings, 4 4ft lenghts. Also I got paint to blend in the unit in the utility room, I gave Albany a piece of wood with the color of our kitchen,
the put in under a scanner and created the paint for me.
I had to go to a funeral so headed off early.

August 04, 2006


Had to take out the TV to see if it worked, sure enough no bother!! Started then to varnish the doors, coat 3 to the dining room doors, bathroom and closet.
Coat 4 to sitting room door and coat 1 to the kitchen.
Headed off about 10

August 03, 2006

TV ready to watch!

Match today, TV arrived but did not get chance to look at it. Dad and John are making the units for the walkin wardrobe, had to get a load of timber.

August 02, 2006

Late but something done

Working late but manged to get a coat on the doors in the dining room and closet. It take 30 minutes per door.

August 01, 2006

Nothing Done

Training tonite and headed off home

July 31, 2006

TV near ready

LCD is ready, picked up today so time will tell if it is ok!
Dad was over and did the skirting in the hall. Also replaced the architrave upstairs.
More coats given to the sitting room door and dining room doors.

July 30, 2006


Up at 7.15am, started to finish the final coats in the closet and ripped through that. Also wired up the aerial and boosters.Off to the match @ 10.30 and we beat the top team 5-2, there first defeat in 10,Back to the house and then started the touch up of paint in the dining room, slowly but surely it is getting there.Siobhan was over and she touched up the walls in the sun room while I varnished the doors in the dining room.Tasks down to 55!!!

July 29, 2006

Lots of jobs

Over at 7.30 to finish off the hood, the glass needed to be put on but the flutes who wrote the manual seemed to think that the actual extractor should be attached before the glass hood but no.So I had to take down the extractor and then put the glass up, took me 2 hours to change it all around!! I had to head to town and bought an aerial and booster set to see if can get any good pictures for the TV.

I also purchased some bulbs for the wall lights and put them in, poor design on the to be honest.Then it was onto varnishing the architraves, before I left I gave all the timber in the closet an undercoat ready to be finished in the morning.I had to head over to my mother in law to sand and varnish the front of bath for her, gave it 6 coats with a 20 minute drying interval, 2 coats at a time.Got home about 8.30 - also have match tomorrow for the C team, short on a keeper.

July 28, 2006

Dad was over and has made a great job in the closet, all the pipes, mainfold and pump are sheeted in and out of harms way.I have a list of about 70 odd jobs to do before the move in, varnishing dominates the list.

One job which had to be done was the Island hood/extractor fan.This was an unknown to me as I had thought I had bought this as a vented less extractor but soon discovered it was not.#I had to work out exactly how to put it up, then had to drill a hole for the vent hose, get into the active and feed it out to the soffit vents.
There is a need to fix a holder to the ceiling, fix the vent to it, then there are brackets which grip the hood and are screwed onto the holder. Once I had figured it out by 11.30pm I had it all up bar the glass hood which was at home.Busted tired, but great to get it out of the way.

July 27, 2006

No work

Match tonite and after complete domination we only drew, league is slipping away from us.Dad was over alright but I did not manage to see what he did.

July 26, 2006

Shelves again

I started the shelves in the closet, had to put in 2 shelves and a hanger for jackets. Siobhan was over and she has started cleaning the rooms. Bathroom cleaned nicely.

July 25, 2006


Training tonite but I wanted to get the skirting in the front bedroom steel wooled and varnished.

July 24, 2006


I started to finish off the landing, had to finish off the cut in and then start the final full coat. Had to cut in the 2nd coat but at least it is another job out of the way!I transfer the 1400 euro to Techsplosion for the 40" LCD, a cracking price considering my mate paid 2200 here for the same screen!!

July 23, 2006


Had anniversary mass for my gran today and out for a bit of lunch with the family so did not get near the house until 5pm.I decided to finish off shelving the hot press and put 2 sets of shelves in there, at least we can away the quilts!!

July 22, 2006

Time 2 say adios!

Up before 7am, over to the house and aim was to get any white grouting done. This was the splashback in the bathroom and also the tiles around the bath.The downstairs and grout the glass blocks for the last time, all of them had to be washed 3 times.Off into town to try and get some contact lenses but I found them very hard to insert and take out again, I have to go back to them again next week.

Got a few things in heiton buckleys then back to the house.I started to do the final cut in on the landing but Shane arrived and waited for over an hour so I then decided to start shelving the hot press.Headed off at 4pm as we were off to a Boceilli concert in Galway

July 21, 2006

Another room to finish paint

I was working late at work so only got to the house after 6. I decided to paint the ceiling and walls in the bedroom upstairs. This left only the skirting for doing in this room.Siobhan was over and she cleaned up our bedroom.We now have our bedroom, the sitting room, ensuite and bathroom upstairs fully finished. So ploughing along nicely.

July 20, 2006

Run rabbit run

fully hour of endurance training so puffed out!

July 19, 2006

More varnish

I decided to start on the varnishing, skirting, architrave, doors. I also put a coat on the beam in the sitting room,I finished the skirting in the bedroom, bathrooms, architraves in them 3 rooms, along with the wardrobe, ensuite and did the door in the mainbathroom. Slow work!

July 18, 2006


Had to go to Galway in the morning, we spotted a tv unit which was ideal, but it would not be here until Sept!, great but sure it looks the part.Back to the house and it was time to go finally finishing the sanding the skirting in the dining room, sitting room and bathroom downstairs.

July 17, 2006

Expensive glass

I had to go to Castlebar, have to get contacts for playing football, then into Hursts to pay the bills and pick up a few lids for the sewage manholes.

Off into get pin nails to put in the glass in the dining room doors. Had to pick up the 4 panes of glass from Lawless, 140 euro.Then back to the house but I had to leave again as it was hitting 28 degrees out the back and almost as much inside!! So back to help my da paint the school walls, time to top up Sunday "Tan"!!!

July 16, 2006

Up Mayo

Connacht final day so nothing done, Up Mayo!! ;)

July 15, 2006

Bog and LCD

Out in the bog again @ 8am, took me 2 hours to finish what was there, again the heat was up in the mid twenties. Have a christening this afternoon so did not get near the house.Got in contact with 2 couriers to see if they could collect the LCD panel, have to wait for prices.

July 14, 2006

Could not handle heat, so off to bog!

I decided to leave the house when I got there, the heat was unreal so I decided that it was time to head to the bog to start putting out the turf for my dad, with the wheelbarrow.Waited until 9pm with a nice bit put out.,

July 13, 2006

Hard to work in mad heat

I had training this evening, I had to give final coats to the access door in the main bedroom and also paint up around the sockets and lights. Killing warm in the house.

July 12, 2006

Basing it!

Dad was over, he cleaned up around the hall and started the shelving and cupboards in the closet. That will be a big job.I went over all the rooms and sanded all the filler.Then I needed to base coat the access doors and attic doors. Then varnish around the architrave surrounding them.Slowly but surely. Had to try and get access to the glove box of the car. After surfing the net I found out how exactly

July 11, 2006


Training 7pm to 9.20pm so did not go near the house.

July 10, 2006

Nearing the end of flooring

I had a go at timbering the wardrobe and managed to get it pulled tonite. So a good bit of large jobs done now.

July 09, 2006

Ceiling it

Over early as I have a match, decided to touch up the ceiling in the hall that I had splattered!! Then onto filling any remaining holes around the house. Had to head at 1pm for the match

July 08, 2006

No show

A sore head on me today, bit too much wine out for dinner last nite, throw in a few Guinness and Red bull and it was a disaster.Up at 8am, got a breakfast sandwich and it took another hour for me to wake up,The rain had started but I needed to get out to move all the stuff from around the house for the lads to put in the footpaths.

Dad came over but since Sean had not apppeared with the digger it was akward to move.Sean arrived over and he told us that the ground was not high enough and that we would have to move back all the stuff!!We called it a day as we had to go to a birthday party.

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July 07, 2006

Dinner time

Out for dinner tonite so did not get anything done. Sean was there and put in the sewage line so that is now done. Trying to get my hands on a 20ft container to use as a shed, found the best price to be from Tyrone for 1800 euro delivered.

July 06, 2006

nothing doing

Heavy trainin session so nothing done today.

July 05, 2006

Part time

Party for my sis so I did not get near the house

July 04, 2006

Working late

In work at 9am and did not get out until 8,30pm, again under major pressure so did not get near the house. Again the migraine was pinching at me.!!

July 03, 2006

Sick in the head!

Dad was over today and fair play to him got all the boards done on the back of the stairs and the skirting done.

He also bought in a load of timber to make shelves for the closet, hot press etc.I was at work until 8pm, mental busy and no time for anything, had a busting migraine also so had to head.

July 02, 2006

Matching it in the heat

I have a match today so have to split the day up. Went over at 7.30am. I wanted to get the skirting and timber for the back of the boards sanded and varnished.I managed that alright but it took the guts of 3 hours. I went back to trying the bath panel, pain in the arse trying to put on a rounded bath panel.

Headed off to the match and drew in what seemed to be serious temperatures, was with the C team so I am not as pushed at winning the league with them as the B team.Back to the house and I decided to test drive the power showers!!!

I said since they were all cleaned up and hot water was there, what the hell!! Reminded me of a hotel shower with the power of it!Back to the boards and skirting, final coats and they are ready for Dad to tackle tomorrow.I decided it was time to also sand and varnish the skirting in the 2 bathrooms. Headed off at 7.30pm

July 01, 2006

Splashing about

Over about 8am, I got stuck into the splash back, had to glue some it and screwed in the rest of it.

June 30, 2006

?Nothing done!!

Was working until 6pm then came home, intended to grout the tiles inside the door, get the splashback done and grouted around the fireplace but had 2 sets of visitors until 10pm!!

June 29, 2006


Was playing a match tonite in Achill so nothin done. We lost with a pox goal, my first conceeded from play in 6 matches.

June 28, 2006

Late @ work

I was working late again but went for an hour to get in the final piece of timber in the sitting room and bedroom so that is all the flooring done bar 2 more boards in the closet which is a five minute job

June 27, 2006

Lights up

Brian was there today, he hung the dining room light, put up the 4 wall lights in the rooms and then put the lights in the stairs.We had training so I left it tonite as it was a tough session.

June 26, 2006

Still floored

Dad was over again, moved all the spare slates and pallets from the side of the site to allow Sean to eventually move in.I worked on the flooring and have it down to 2 boards to be put down to complete fully the downstairs.

June 25, 2006

Dismantlers in the heat

I slept it in until 9am and headed over then. I wanted to try and get all the akward cuts done around the bull nose of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs.I managed that and then @ 2 I moved outside to finish off the final panel.

That took me 2 hours to do and pile up all the timber. All tanalised timbers so worth keeping.I moved into the hall again and worked away until 6pm. I have now left it with 3 lines to do.

June 24, 2006

Late nite, but no drink!

Did not get to the cot until 3am but was not drinking so easier to get up!!! I got up about 8am and wandered over. Time to start flooring the hall. Had to clean it up and then had to cut and angle the houseing for the timber around the tiles.

It took a good while to get the timber laid out and by then Brian had arrived to commission the Geothermal and sign off the system.Dad arrived over and we decided we would start and dismantle the timber panels at the side of the house, as they were in the way.

So with nail bar and hammers we got stuck into it and after 3 hours we had 2 of the panels done.Was 6 bells so Dad headed off and I moved inside to continue the timber. Also timbered into the closet so that was done also.There are 20 lines of timber to go down and I had 10 done by the time I left @ 10.30. A long day but the work is getting done.

June 23, 2006


Nothin done, Siobhans birthday so we had a suprise party tonite.

June 22, 2006

Match nite

Had a cup match this evening, let in a clanger, one to forget!!Dad was over alright and started putting down the saddles at the doors upstairs.

June 21, 2006

Painting come to an end!

Had to hang back late at work tonite until 7pm, we are totally up the walls.Got to the house and dad was finishing off the main bedrooms skirting. He has it all up and screw holes filled, matter of sanding it and touching up.I went and gave the hall its second and final coat, took me the whole evening to do and pulled out about 10.Picked up the splashback and glass tiles trim. So have to put them on at some stage.

June 20, 2006

Self leveing

Precision rang me the splashback and the trim for the glass blocks are ready, 250 euro, mad expensive but it has to be done!I went to Heiton buckleys for levellign compound, got another 2 bags should see me through.
Training at 7 so went to it and went back to house, took down the skirting and labelled it, swept and hoovered the floor and started mixing. I was very suprised that it took all 5 bags and just about had enough but it should do the job now.I also purchased 4 wall lights on the internet, got them for 40 euro a piece.

June 19, 2006

Flooring dining room

Headed to the house at 7. Dad was there and we moved the furniture back into the sitting room. Dad has all the skirting up in the sitting room which is excellent.I started at the dining room. I had 6 lines down with another 17 left. I put the pressure on and got 16 lines done which is twice what I was doing at the start.Eircom rang me, they were there to put in a pole for the line.Some mesing with stones later and the wanted to try a line of sight so they are bringing in someone to test this!

June 18, 2006


Over about 8am. Decided it was time to paint the hall. It took me the whole day with different cut ins around 5 doors etc. Siobhan was over and she gave the back room a 2nd coat.Dad continued with the boards on the back of the stairs.

Speaker Cable

Up again at 7am, wrecked tired but want to press on with the floors. The electricity was gone so no porrige so I will need to refill some time in the morning otherwise I will be wrecked for the match @ 12.I started with the area near the sun room so that we at least have a full board. I managed to get 7 lines of the 22 down before I headed off for the match @ 10.45.It was a tough game which we won 1-0, ended up with a badly swollen knee cap after a hefty challenge. Ref gave me no protection. It was cracking this evening badly so I am not sure of the full damage. I got back to the house at about 2 and decided to watch the soccer and sand a varnish the skirting. The skirting for the sitting room and dining room skirting are now completed.I had bought speaker cable for the 5 speaker system way back but forgot about it so I had to take a slip out of the bottom of the plasterboard and behind the skirting.I taped in the cable. It was 7.45 when we left. A decent weekends work. Hopefully by this time next week I will have the flooring finished.

June 17, 2006

Great Progress

Dad rang me last nite to say John wanted to give us a hand with the floors. I got up at 6.45 and was in house of 7.30.Had to go to town for more self levelling cement and screws and caps for the splashback. Aim before this wasa to get around the fireplace totally finished and I achieved this by 11am.
Using the stiff underlay as a template and cutting around the stone to get the exact shapes and angles.Pieces were taking me 20 minutes to cut around the hearth alone!So I got the 6 bags of leveller and was back in time for John. After the guided tour of progress we decided to work together and get the sitting room pulled and with one measuring installing and the other cutting and gluing we put in the final 11 lines in 2 hours.
Delighted to get it done so fast.

A bit ahead of myself now.Dad was over and he put up all the skirting in the back bedroom downstairs and filled the screws. The screws we were using and were useless were not threaded to the head and this meant that we had trouble driving the screw in.John had other screws with a full thread and they worked a treat.Myself and John decided to move the chop saw into this room and clean up the dining room. With the skirting off and numbered and the room hoovered I started with the leveller. It took 3.5 bags of leveller.

So I will start flooring that in the morning. I have a match at 12pm so that will break up the day.When I had that done I decided I would make a start on sanding and varnishing the skirting in the sitting and dining room. At least it will mean that we can put up the skirtingin these rooms.After a long day and my legs falling off I headed about 8.30

June 16, 2006

Selling the Motor

I had to meet a girl to see if she was interested in buying my old car. She had a look and we have struck a deal so she has to see if she can raise the cash. So that is great if she does as I need to give back the mortgage money!! ;)

Then back to the house, aim this weekend is to get the sitting room floored. It was going to be extremly difficult due to the corner fireplace with the semi circular hearth so as you can imagine the cut are on a jagged stone curve!The self levelling cement had dried but it was not a great finish, not sure if it was down to the cheaper brand levelling compound or not.
Also a tip if u are using this stuff, tape around the edges between the floor and insulation as there were some gaps betweens ours which the leveller flowed into!! So a bit of masking tape will stop this and keep the floor level.I started the floor about 7pm, I knew it was going to be slow but by the time I left @ 11.30 I had 7 lines completed and was 1/2 way around the hearth.

With the dormer window and its angles it made it even more difficult to close the gaps between the joints and get leverage but a nail bar aided in this.At least its a start and all going well tomorrow evening it will be finished.

June 15, 2006

Levelled the sitting room

Match this evening so it was going to be late before I go to the house, arrive after 9. We won 4-0.I was in Claremorris tiles and got 4 bags of 25kg levelling cement for 80 euro. The plan was to get the sitting room levelled tonite and after 1 hour it was wrapped up.If I can get that room sorted out in 3 days I will be happy out.

Levelled the sitting room

Match this evening so it was going to be late before I go to the house, arrive after 9. We won 4-0.I was in Claremorris tiles and got 4 bags of 25kg levelling cement for 80 euro. The plan was to get the sitting room levelled tonite and after 1 hour it was wrapped up.If I can get that room sorted out in 3 days I will be happy out.

June 14, 2006

Clearing the dining room

Dad came over this avo, his knee is at him badly so I was not to happy with him lifting but it was a job we needed to do.All the furniture in the sitting room had to come out into the hall so that I could level the floor.

Took down the skirting all around and hoovered out.He headed off again and I went into the back bedroom and steel wooled the skirting and gave it it's final coat of varnish. Took the TV with the German match on it upstairs to the main bedroom.Time to started finally putting in place the skirting. Slow job and with a stud finder(which cost 70 euro but is shi*TTTE!!!) and a drill with a small bit to find studs I on;y managed to get 5 pieces in place before my battery died a death!Off home about 11 again.

June 13, 2006

Tough training - hurts the bod!!!

A serious tough training session and I was almost going to head home but I headed in and sanded the skirting in the back bedroom downstairs and then applied a coat of varnish

June 12, 2006

Getting my block made!

Work is mad busy and I have a 2 week project to do. I rang Gerry and asked him to see if he could make me a steel knocking block. I collected it off him but realised it was not right!So off to the house and see how far I was going to get with a broken knocking block, it meant it was going to be hard to close the gap between the timbers.I managed to finish off that bedroom and move in the furniture which arrived. Off home at 10.30

June 11, 2006

Long night!

Hard to get up this morning but I made a decision I was not going to go drinking when we went home last nite. So when we got home at 3am I was happy. Alarm off at 8am so off over again.

Time to finish the landing flooring, this was a pain in the arse and took me near 4 hours to finish!! Siobhan came over with some food and I sat and watched the match and then steel wooled and varnished all the skirting again.At 5 I moved downstairs to the bedroom, worked out the cuts and withing 2 hours I had 10 lines done in the room which was excellent. The only problem was that I smashed the knocking block!!

June 10, 2006

Very good progress

Up early to try and get a big schedule done, not sure if it will happen!!Started with the bedroom downstairs as it needed to be cut in with 2 coats. The ceiling also needed to be touched up. Got this done and headed off into town.Had to pick up another roll of the special UFH underlay. 120 euro for the roll.Then off to Sam Hire to pick up a belt sander so I could sand the oak beam mantlepiece. It cost 35 euro.

Then off into Arrow to pick up some self levelling cement @ 20 euro per 25kg bag.Back to the house, Siobhan was over so we took down the skirting in the bedroom, labelled it and then she cleaned up the floor. I headed out and started sanding the beam. Took me an hour once I figured out how to put on the sandpaper!!I does look well thought. I then headed up stairs to have a bit of lunch and also the watch the soccer.

While I was up there I also decided to put up the frosted contact on the window Sean asked up to blank out as it was looking down on their sitting room. In order to watch the match I then decided to sand and varnish the skirting off our bedroom and hall.Off downstairs again and got stuck into levelling.
The mix is mixed very watery so that it can flow over the room and it is encouraged into corners and sides with a steel float. It took all the bags I had bought but it means I can start that room tomorrow.Off home about 7 as I had to go to Larrys mams anniversary mass.

June 09, 2006

Car viewing

I had to bring the Focus for a viewing today and then head to a funeral so I did not manage to get much done.

June 08, 2006


Training so nothing done.

June 07, 2006


We had visitors out for 1.5hours so It was late when I started but have it now down to the remaining 4 birds to be done.I rang about the fret and grate and Heitons should have it tomorrow; The splashback and trim for the glassblocks will be ready on Friday also.I got 3 bags of 6kg self levelling cement from Arrow Home Depot so I can level the back room anyway.

June 06, 2006

Timbering away

I had training until 9pm but I went to the house after that. It was extremly hot there, how I am going to work in it will be a challenge!I managed to get down another 4 lines to bring me near the end of the largest part of the floor.

June 01, 2006

Busy schedul!!

Match so had little time, we are off to a wedding tomorrow and the off to Kildare for a suprise party for Sat and Sunday. Then engagement party on Monday.This means nothing will be done for all them days!!!I called to the house anyway and I measured up all windows for blinds and curtains, took me over an hour!! slow as hell!!

May 31, 2006

Getting the trim

I had a phyysio session first off so I did not get to the house until 8, I wanted to get the other 2 angles done and get 5 boards into the hall, the floor was a bit off so it made it harder to get the boards together.
I manged to get what I wanted to do done so that was great.In the morning I went to Precison Engineering and gave them the measurements for the splashback and the frame around the glass blocks.Eircom rang me and they have decided that they will now put a pole on our site, 500 euro saved!!

May 30, 2006

tough going

Had an hour & half of training and then back to the house, aim was to get that bedroom completed and get 2 of the four serious angles cut in. I used a template of underlay and cut it into place with a blade until it was perfect fit.
The jam of the door is one angle, the wall in the room is another angle and the wall in the hall was the opposite angle!!With me 2 boards into the halll I was happy out, packed it up at 11.30 again

May 29, 2006


Dad was over, he finshed the timber around the waste pipe in the bathroom and started the skirting.I got another 5 lines done

Working away

I got stuck into the other bedroom and I managed to get 3/4 of it done, great job, faster than I expected.Headed off at about 11.30pm

May 28, 2006

Day off

Tired after a late night and had to go to a match so nothin done!!

May 27, 2006


Nothing done today. Fishing tournament today for my mate.

May 26, 2006

Physio on the legs

Had to go to physio, have a repeatitive groin injury. I got back to the house and decided to finish that floor and start the other bedoom up stairs.Dad over the last 2 days had cleared up the 2 remaining rooms which was great, it took a lot of work.I got only 5 rows down but it is a good start.

May 25, 2006


Had trainign for 1 hour so I got to the house at 8pm. Managed to get 7 lines of the flooring done, these late nites are paying off!! So I am down to 1 board to finish the flooring in the room!!

May 23, 2006

CAncelled training

due to mental weather training was cancelled.So I got back to the flooring. Managed to get another 3 lines done.

May 22, 2006

Flooring our bedroom

Decision was made to start the flooring in the main bedroom upstairs. Took me 3/4 of a hour to set out the room to ensure the cuts would be ok.
With a dormer and chimney breast in the room it was going to be difficult.I managed to get only 3 lines done!! Had to take skirting down around the areas which I had to floor, then lay down the underlay.

May 21, 2006

Social schedule

Match and birthday party today so I on;y had a few hours in the morning. Plan was to get the tiles replaced on the front of the bath and also fill any holes around the stairs. wall etc.

May 19, 2006

Rip Of Ireland

Siobhan and myself got stuck into the painting of the back bedroom. Managed to get a coat on all walls.Problem with the pressure pump in the house, have to get the plumber back.Rang MayoCOCO, just for PERMISSION to dig the road we are charged 500 euro!! This bleeding country is a joke. We have already paid Government contribution and then have to repay!!

May 18, 2006

Cover the road!!

Dad was over to do all the trimmings around the stairs. looks well now.I gave the bathroom its 2nd coat.Rang MayoCOCO about getting a road crossing permit to cut the road for the eircom connection. Meant to ring me back.!


Over about 8am. Decided it was time to paint the hall. It took me the whole day with different cut ins around 5 doors etc. Siobhan was over and she gave the back room a 2nd coat.Dad continued with the boards on the back of the stairs.

May 17, 2006

Champions League

Champions league final so had to set up the TV in front of me. I decided it was time to give the main bathroom upstairs its first coat of final color. Took me the night to finish it.

May 16, 2006


Meant to be training but 2 days of wedding activity took its tollThe plumbers were there yesterday and today. Disaster when the water was turned on, a leak under the jet bath which was now enclosed in a timber frame and tiled!! So they had to smash out the tiles!! Not impressed, a nut was not tightended!!!

May 14, 2006

Days off

Larrys wedding so 2 days off!!

May 13, 2006

slow day

Had a bit of shopping to do, got the stainless steel from Murphy stainless, 1.4m long by 140 mm high, 50 euro will cover it.
Had to go to heiton buckleys to get some stuff, while there I spotted they had steel frets, but only in 18" and we need a 21" so I said I would get it to see if it would do the job! It didn't!
Then onto FloorWorld to get a roll of the Underfloor specific underlay. 120 euro a roll which is costly.
Then out to Hursts to change the taps and basin. Back into CT electric to see if I could get lights to recess into the stairs, a bit of a shock @ 40 euro each!!
Off back to the house and got stuck into the front door and frame to stain it. Bleeding slow job, took me 4 hours to give it all 2 good coats!!!!
Also measured up the stairs for ceiling boards and trims,
Off home, Larrys wedding tomorrow so have to get the nails done!! :)

May 12, 2006

Stairs, plumber = Progress

Meet Declan at 8.30am, paid him his money, he will be finished today. Great to get that job done, really makes it feel like a house now!No sign of plumbers still, meant to have arrived Tuesday so I rang to "encourage" him to come and shock horror they were out there!!Went and got more paint and stain for the front door in Albany.We need to get a frosted laminate for the window in our room so it is not staring down on our neighbours. Checked on line and it was 50 euro for a small bit!! Rip offGot to the house and the plumbers had a nice bit done, heat was killing them!! There was an issue with one handbasin and set of taps so they have to go back, job for the morning! I had a match so I headed early.

May 11, 2006

Stairs near done

Training cancelled tonite so no training. I headed to the house and Declan and Dad were there doing the stairs. I cleaned up a bit after them and did the first coat of the final coat in the back bedroom.3 walls of it done now,

May 10, 2006

Late planes and Stairs

As u can guess I am buckled! Plane was meant to head out at 9.30 but after waiting ages we eventually left at 12pm!!! So the pressure was on to get Larry home and then get back to the house.But Dad was over so that covered my back, so eventually and with less than 4 hours asleep I headed for the house in what was 22 degrees and warmer inside!We eventually got the base of the stairs and newel posts in. Great days work.Then back home to collect the Focus from the lad who valeted it. Busted tired!!!

May 09, 2006

Only one Keano

I am off to Roy Keane testamonials. I had to fly from Knock to London, then meet my mate Larry @ 2pm, drive to Manchester to meet my cousins at 6pm.
We watched the match waited for the traffic and then headed off down at 12am for London. Got into the cot @ 3am all ready for a 6.45am start to get the plane back!!
I managed to get a mate of my brother in law to do the stairs. He will be there tomorrow at 3pm to start.

May 08, 2006

No stairs

Warm day today so it was warm in the house. I intended to paint the ceiling in the bedroom upstairs and then move downstairs but I did not realise that I had little paint left!!So I ended up cutting in the ceiling and then I decided I was going to clean out the gap between the tills and hoover it.Fergal the chippie came to look at doing the stairs but in the end decided not to do it, fair enough but I had a major headache to try and get someone.

May 07, 2006

All-Ireland Winners

Over at about 9am, cleaned up after the tiling and back to the painting. A number of the ceilings needed to be repainted. Reason for this is that the water/paint mix I used was to weak.I really should have used a good quality paint, even for the undercoat instead of the pee that was 15 euro per 10 litre bucket!I managed to get the ceiling of the landing, main bathroom upstairs and ensuite done. Each one has a velux window so it was slow cutting these in.Match on at 2.30 so wanted to head off to see Mayo win their first senior All Ireland since 1985, even if it was only an U21 final!!! 12 final losses so 1 is great to win!!!

May 06, 2006

Back On The Beach

Decided to hit the beach at 8am first, for a nice run. Got drown wet but all for the gut, I mean good!!!!! I had to head into town, had to get rough sandpaper and steel wool to polish down the varnish on the doors and architrave. Also needed to get 4 hinges for the doors in the kitchens.I had to pick up the toilet from Hursts and then off to Murphy stainless steel to see if they could do the steel splashback.I decided it was time to buy the fire grate! 50 euro not bother, me arse. When we built the stone fireplace I did not really think of the grate size.We measured it and it was 21". So then I was told that 18" is the standard, but a 21" was going to cost me 180 euro to get made!!! Nearly dropped. So have to rethink this one.Picked up the tiles from Right Price Tiles for the hall entrance to stop the timber from getting wet inside the door.SO eventually got myself back to the house, a lot lined up to do but hey does it ever work out right!! Nope!We had put all the waste, bag of cardboard, plasterboard, plastic, wire etc etc in one pile at the front of the house. I have yet to get a skip but don't want it around the house.So it took me 2 hours to gather all the bags! Stinking job. The rain and hailstones nearly killed me!Eventually I got back into the house and dad was there, we decided to hang the 2 extra doors for the kitchen units. Then it was time to tile inside the door and also to replace the tiles in the kitchenI left about 8pm off home.

May 05, 2006

No Work Done

The final task list (well I am sure it will change!!) is ready. At least it gives us a goal to hit. We had visitors for 2 hours this evening so all I got done was to fill the holes where the plaster was popping!!

May 04, 2006

Public Car Park

Training tonite so did not get near the house. Dad was over.It seems that Mayo Co Co are doing a load of work along the road and down from the house, so they all decided to park their cars, vans and trucks on our site blocking the whole place up. Was not a happy camper at all.They blocked the whole way in so I rang Mayo Co Co and told them to move, if one of their cars was damaged then I would be liable.Also trying to source this "special" underlay, was onto Tubs and tiles to get it.

Some Updated Pics

A lot of rooms have to have the finishing touches but this is the updated pics

Our Ensuite Bathroom

Pics Of The Landing, half done!!

Downstairs Wetroom

Downstairs, glass blocks & corner bath

Downstairs - Border detail,
that fecking exposed side of the glass block!!

Sun Room floor

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom 2

May 03, 2006

wrapping it up

Time to start finishing the ceilings, so I had to repaint the hall ceiling, touch up the dining room ceiling and the main bathroom ceiling, then upstairs to start cutting in the ensuite and the landing.

May 02, 2006

back to painting

No training so I continued with the painting and this time cut in the final coats in the kitchen.

May 01, 2006

Sore head

did not manage to get to house until 12pm and I really did not want to be there, I decided it was time to clean up the tiles and sweep up as place was a pure mess.
After that the dining room needed to be cut in on the final coats, got that done too so the smaller jobs are getting done! On last count I think there were 70 or so tasks left to do!!!

April 30, 2006

Grouting nearly finished

Cbar Celtic were playing at 2.30pm in Junior Cup semi final so the aim was to go to that. I was over about 9am, goal was to get all remaining grouting done. Which I did!
Went out after the match with the lads, not used to it!

April 29, 2006

Should have stayed up!

Early rise 5.30am. wanted to get a got few hours working at the house because I was finishing @ 12pm as I wanted to watch United V Chelsea.
I managed to get the main bathroom upstairs walls grouted and then down to the wet room mosaic to grout and wash that,
Once I finished that I moved onto the Sun room and managed to get 3/4 of it done before I headed off to Castlebar to get some stuff and see if I could get the brushed stainless steel splashback for the island.
After the match I needed to get Siobhans car serviced and cleaned for the NCT. Also needed to change the plates on my own hearse and get the Focus tightened and service ready to be sold.

April 28, 2006

Hoodini disappears!

Fecker of a plumber not appeared after saying he would, what a pleb! I got up at 7.30 and went to Hursts to collect the sanitary ware, when we went looking it was not there!!
So a wasted journey. I decided to finish the tiling in the main bathroom upstairs, the 2 boxes were as slow as hell and the cuts on the slant of the ceiling.!! It was 11pm when I pulled out.

April 27, 2006

Plumber rings me!!! Shock horror!!

Plumber rang me today! Nearly crashed the car as this was first! To make it even more of a shock he wanted to send someone to the house to do some work!
So this changed my evening slightly, no training tonite. I had to get the floor in the bathroom upstairs tiled, a lot of pressure but it had to be done. What this meant was that the plumber would be able to install the sanitary ware in all bathrooms!
I had to get onto Wes in Hursts to make sure that they had the sanitary ware, so off to Cbar nice and early in the morning to make sure I get the stuff delivered to the house.

Match watching and tiling!

Aim was to get around the frame of the bath done and watch the Barca and Milan match!! Had to slant all the tiles outwards so that the water will run off. Again another task done.
The 2 boxes and the couple of slanted cuts to do and that is that.
Dad was over varnishing and he also gave the work top its first coat of stain.

April 25, 2006


Nothing done today, training

April 24, 2006

Another wall

to tile the shower head and feed wall was the goal tonight. Cuts around the pipe feed and shower controls.
MAnaged to get that done no bother. Taking shape nicely now.

April 23, 2006

Tiling towards the end!

Got up about 9, headed over and Vinny rang to say he was calling over, he was there about 1 hour and I eventually started to line out the walls.
With the 2 boxes on the walls it was a pain in the arse to end up with the right cuts.
I also had to removed the trims on the boxes as them walls were not plastered.
Managed to get 1 small wall and 3/4 of the big wall done as with the slants on the ceilings it takes a bit of trimming on the tiles.

April 22, 2006

Sun room tiling

Got up @ 8 but Dad called and as the papers were mad late he asked me to give him a hand. I was with him up about 10am, had to head out to Shanes to pick up some floor adhesive.
I managed to get to the house for 11am and got stuck into the sun rooms floor. It all went fairly handy and by the time herself and dad arrived over I had over 1/2 done.
I needed to get the metal trim to divide the timber and tile and house the timber flooring so Siobhan headed off to get it, came back with the wrong one and had to head over again!
They also reckoned that the underlay was the wrong one, so we may need to change it.
I checked all the tiles in the kitchen and took up the boost one. I then finished off the sun room and then started to put back down the tiles in the kitchen, a good days work.

April 21, 2006

Mosaic done

The tiles arrived for the Sun room and the bathroom upstairs, the intention was to start doing the sun room but I decided to tile the mosaic around the shower room which is now done and another job off the list!!
Plan tomorrow is to start the sun room and complete it over the 2 days.

April 20, 2006

killer training

Another very physical training session so I headed home.

April 19, 2006

Rising the floors

I was still unhappy with the floor around the wet room so I filled it with concrete, ready to tile now with the mosaics

April 18, 2006

Traing day off

Training was a dog so I headed home to see my sis and her kiddies who were down for a few days.

April 17, 2006

Stag day 3

Day to recover!!! Needed it.

April 16, 2006

Stag day 2

Out again on the stag

April 15, 2006

On a stag

Larry stag in Letterkenny, nout done!

April 14, 2006


We got off at 1pm, I had to get some stuff in Woodies. It was best to grout the walls before I started the floors, so I got them done first. I set out the floor of the bathroom and mixed up.
I decided to ensure each tile was level as it is the main bathroom and that the cuts on the edges and end would be even.
It toook me until near 12am but I got it all tiled. Now to grout that floor and put in the mosaic flooring around the wet area of the shower.

April 13, 2006


Training but went to house and grouted another wall, one left now.,

April 12, 2006

I Keano

We went to I Keano tonite so nothing done, excellent show.

April 11, 2006


Training was cancelled so I went to physio to get work done on my knee.

April 10, 2006

More tiling

Dad collected the tiles and I finished the final tiling on the walls downstairs!

April 09, 2006


recovering after training!!

April 08, 2006


Wedding today so now work.

April 07, 2006

college reunion

Rang Tubs and tiles, they said they would sort of the tiles and get me what I wanted.
10 year college soccer team reunion. We won the All-Ireland 10 years ago, so played a challenge and then out for the nite

April 06, 2006


I decided to try and finish the bathroom tiling, got two walls finished and then stepped back and realised that they had given me the incorrect shade of tiles!!
So I had to take down what I could!

April 05, 2006


Day off work, I had to go to Tubs and Tiles and collect the extra borders and tikes needed. I also had to get my eyes tested, getting a lot of migraines so need to see if I need glasses., I was told I did but only for driving.
We went to Right price tiles and have now picked out the tiles for the sun room and bathroom upstairs, so have to measure up
Also paid off Skye furniture for all that was delivered. I did no work as I had a busting headache.

April 04, 2006

And on

I got to the house @ about 7, Dad was there working away, had to fix the back and sunroom doors as they were not a1.
I continued with the tiling in the bathroom, brining all walls down to the ground and completing one wall fully. So down to 3 walls now left to do.

April 02, 2006

Continued with the big bathroom

Got up @ 7.30 and headed over. I decided that I would add the border all the way around and another tile on top. That would leave me with 2 tiles all the way around.
Very adward around the glass blocks and also the cuts around the windows. I had a match thrown in during the middle of the day.
We are looking at about 3/4 done but I am quickly running out of tiles.

April 01, 2006

Early rise

I got up @ 6am, have to try and tile as much of this as possible. Got stuck into it and slowly but surely I managed to get through walls, you then have split borders and vertical borders to worry about.
The the bath and windows need to be cut right. Cut outs in the middle of tiles for the shower feed and head.
I have just over 1/2 done now. I order another 6 yards of tiles. Siobhan and dad were over working away.
I headed off at about 10pm badly tired! Another busy day tomorrow and a match!

March 31, 2006

Tiling the big one!!

Time to start tiling the main bathroom, we are using 600 * 300mm porcelain tiles on the walls, so they will have to be tight, and the brick effect makes it a bit akward.
We were initally tiling only 3 walls but made a decision to do all walls then, I was short on tiles and borders so will have to order more tomorrow.
I manged to get a nice part done, headed off home @ 12.30am with a busy weekend ahead.

March 30, 2006

Heavy Training

Training for 2 hours so headed home, really heavy going

March 29, 2006

Measure for tiling

I spent the nite measuring up the bathroom walls so that I can get the correct measurements on the tiles and leave the walls even.
Dad was over as usual filling and sanding the architraves.

March 28, 2006

No training

I did not train tonite, knee is playing up. I decided to finish the final coats on the ceilings in the dining room and kitchen.

March 27, 2006

Heatpump grants

Announced there are grants available for the heat pumps, 4300 euro for the horizontal HP.
Dad was over filling and finishing the window boards. I gave the ceiling in the SunRoom a final coat.
Plumbers finally arrived, plumbed up one bath in the main bathroom so that is done at least!

March 26, 2006

Off today again!

A match and mothers day so we decided to have today as the last day off!

March 23, 2006

Days off

Thurs I had training, Friday I was the big 30 so took it off and Sat i was up in NI buying a new motor.

March 22, 2006

Cutting in the ceilings

Decided I would try and get the ceilings in the kitchen and dining room cut in on their final coats, managed to get them done, now to final the coat and them finished with!

March 21, 2006

Muscle pain

Muscle still tore in my leg so left training. I managed to root out the original color for the sitting room and got enough to redo the pieces of the wrong color!!
I then went up to our bedroom to cut in the final color.

March 20, 2006

Grouting the blocks

I decided it was time to grout all the glass blocks, took me 2 hours to grout and clean them down, slow!! No plumber,
Today I found out that the government will be offering a 25% grant to alternative heat projects from March 27th!!! We are no eligible supposidly!!

March 19, 2006

The auld enemy

A match against westport United in the morning & I tore my hamstring again so nothin done!

March 18, 2006

The real party

I got up about 9am,. headed to the filling station and got a big dog of a breakfast sandwich, hit the spot!
Said I should clean up the kitchen as it was a mess so set to sweeping and moving stuff into the one store room.
Dad was over, Siobhan was over Sanding and Noreen and Paul were over with the kiddies, but in the end I managed to get the ceiling in the sitting room and main bathroom finished.
Then there was a bit of touching up to finish in the sitting room but for some unknown reason they did not give us the same mix!!

Had to go out to dinner for Siobhans sisters real party!!!

March 17, 2006


U know when there are some mornings and the alarm goes off and u say 10 more minutes and then get up, well the alarm was set for 6.15am to get up and have a couple of hours before heading out for dinner.
I think I must have turned it off about 5 times but in the end said feck it and stayed in the cot.
We headed for dinner into the Castlecourt and got a great suprise to see all my family and theirs waiting for us, it was a suprise 30th birthday party for me!
So I spent the day with them all, had a good drink and a laugh, great for the health and mighty to have a full day off.

March 16, 2006

Sealing the lights

Training tonite but went to the house after and decided we needed to start finishing rooms off. I sanded around all the sockets and lights and painted around these lights, also cut in ceiling in dining room
I pulled ship about 12am, going out tomorrow for Siobhans sisters birthday so will have to be over early in the morning.

March 15, 2006

God damn plumber

still no plumbers!! Dad was over working on the skirting upstairs. I headed home, run down again and not feeling great.

March 14, 2006


Nothing done training

March 13, 2006


Still no sign of the plumber so I rang him, reckons he was sick! Will be here tomorrow or Wed.
Dad was over and continued with the skirting
We had to clean up a room upstairs to allow us to bring the chop saw and table up.
I also started to fill in around the sockets which the lads replaced. Also a couple of recess lights leaking light so I wanted to fix these.

March 12, 2006

Succeful start to league

Back to the league today, with the B team, not sure if I will be regular or not, politics and bullS***. Off to Ballina to play Conn Rangers and my mate Doozer!
10am meet in Castlebar & off we went, after 90 minutes, much slogging, a couple of lucky saves and a something pulled behind my knee we came home with a 1-0 win. Great start.
Siobhan said to meet in the house about 1pm but with Celtic A playing in last 16 of FAI Junior cup final I said I would head and look @ some of it.
With my knee badly sore I decided to pull ship and not work on the house for one nite!!!! HEaded to Jonny Cash instead, excellent film

March 11, 2006

Getting the painting done

Had to get up early this morning to try and get the final coats on the walls around the landing, in case Brendan came to do the stairs, Up before 7 and got stuck into it.
I had to cut in again the final coat as I was not happy and then managed to give the walls 2 coats which I was delighted with.
I had to go to town to get some stuff for Brendan to do the stairs, got back and decided it was time to build the final 6 glass blocks.
Got them done, in the mean time a mate of mine Aidan Hughes who works for ScreenGuard arrived to look at the house for the alarm, he was over for an hour.

Dad arrived and herself and they both set to work. There was some niggly bits to sand around the windows, recess lights and that so I worked away at them.
Headed off home about 8, long day over!

March 10, 2006

Nearly got the stairs put in!

Brendan called to Dad and said he would go over and do the stairs today but Dad was not available to give him a hand, he said he might go tomorrow!
So then the pressure was on me to give the ceiling of the landing 2 coats of white, cut in the ceiling, give the walls 2 coats of the final color and cut that in too, put up the final recess light and paint 2 coats around the velux.
I had "scaffolding" to put up which consisted of putting up a H frame, put 2 scaffoling boards from it onto the stairs, screw that in, attach one of the trestle to the boards on the H frame, screw them onto the boards and run 2 boards ontot he landing, then put the 2 steps on top of that!!
As you can imagine it was hairy to say the least up on it!!
Siobhan was over and began to start sanding the doors. Dad had the skirting in the hall done which looks mighty
I got the 2 coats of white done, the area around the velux painted and the cut in done for the final coats, it was 1am when I finished to headed off home.

March 09, 2006

Grouting again

With the walls of the ensuite grouted, after training I headed to the house for 8.30. It took about 1 hour to grout it and give it 4 good cleans. Great to have that one down, 2 to do!!!!
No sign of plumber, a week later and still no word out of him!!
I rang Brendan and asked him if he coulod come to us to give us a hand with the stairs, he hoped to come on next Monday.
Dad was there again contining with the skirting and architrave, it is really taking shape on that account.

March 08, 2006


Tonite I started to grout the walls of the ensuite, as usual as slow as a snail, but with the fact that I had to also watch the Liverpool match and keep and grout it was hard to do!!!!
Managed to get home for 11,

March 07, 2006

Starting the floor

I decided not to go to training and tile the floor of the ensuite itself, slow process espeically around the rounded shower tray but it took me 3 hours and I was home for 11pm
I got the charger for the Dewalt drill I bought in the US so at least we have a decent screwdriver now!!

March 06, 2006

Great TV

Dad was over today to keep at the architrave, I had to go to Tuam to pick up a TV so did nothing on the house. Was talking to a mate of mine who works for Screen Guard and he will call to quote on the alarm.

March 05, 2006

Walls tiled

I havfe a match @ 12pm so went to house for 8.30 with the aim to get the walls finally done. I manged to get 99% of the wall completed, headed off & played the match, lost ! and then back to the house.
Brian was there showing a number of people the heating system and Siobhan was there sanding the door.
After spending time talking to both and with Gerry ?& Emmett out to show me his new A4 I fianlly got around to tiling around the box in the wall!!
Cleared out the floor, swept it up and left it ready to tile.

March 04, 2006

1 more wall done

Sat - Not as cold today but the aim was to get the ensuite walls completed. I had to go into town to pickup a new silicon gun as the "new" one I bought had broke after a week!
Also need a tenon saw for cutting the bottoms of the architraves, will save us have to take them down again. Also a punch for putting away the nails so that that we could varnish them
In the end it was almost 11am when I got there, Shane was there to collect some stuff, after he left I tried to start the tiling but the electrician came so I was a while talking to him!
Then he needed to put in a fan in the ensuite so I lost time there, Dad arrived then and Siobhan. Dad continued with the door and Siobhan did a bit more painting.
Brian the spark arrived and we wired up the oven and went through all that had to be done.
Eventually I managed to start and get one wall completed, moved onto another wall which had the cuts for the shower control, the shower head & the door,
I got that wall done, so one `1/2 wall left now to do tomorrow.

March 03, 2006

Getting there

Another freezing day., outside anyway, the geothermal is working away and at least the house is lovely and warm.
Dad and Siobhan were over when I got there, herself was there to repaint the utility.
Dad continue with fixcing up the door and architrave.
I did another wall of the ensuite, should have it finished tomorrow all going well.

March 02, 2006

Enroute for the ensuite

Training tonite,. I decided to head to continue the tiling in the ensuite, got another wall done. Dad was over and put timber trims in around the glass blocks in the wall in the ensuite.

March 01, 2006

Off for the soccer

Ireland on the TV against sweden so I headed home after work

February 28, 2006

Eircom Contact

Finally got the letter from Eircom for the installation. Training tonite so no work done.

February 27, 2006

Tiling at last

I decided to start tiling upstairs ensuite. I managed to get one wall tiled., slow as there were cuts around the sewage pipe and access door. Dad was over to continue with the architrave and finishing off the doors.

February 26, 2006

The glass wall continues!!

I went to the house about 10, I had a match @ 2 so I would only get a couple of hours work done. I had to take down six blocks and rebuild them, pain in the head.

February 25, 2006

Various task

Up nice and early and in the house for 8.30, sparks meant to be here today but no sign! I decided to try and clean up the hall and bring the tiles and all tools upstairs out of the way.
I had to go to Hursts to get the blocks and I also had to call out to Shane for some adhesive and a tile cutter, got back to the house for 12.30
The floor around the wetroom needed to be rose so I did that with 2 buckets of sand and cement mix.
Dad was over and we brought the bath upstairs, we did some checking it out and realised that with the spa motor etc that we would leave it to the plumber to do it.
Siobhan came and did the final coat in our bedroom, dad worked and did the architrave in the ensuite so that I could get tiling.
I measured up the ensuite to make sure that all cuts and borders would fit in correctly.

February 24, 2006

Blocking it

Dad was over today as the tiles were arriving, he also wanted to get the skirting done.
I was stuck at work until 8.30 with issues to fix, Siobhan was off today and decided to tackle the 2nd undercoat in the hall.
I got to the house, had a cup of coffee and worked away, I built another 3 rows of glass block, only another 2 rows to go now but I have to get some more blocks and spacers.
Headed off about 11.

February 23, 2006

Training again

Training again tonite, on the track and pitch, stamina work this time of year, the old Xmas dinner should be run off now!! No work on the house.

February 22, 2006

Glassing it

I decided that I should get stuck into the glass blocks,
I did 3 rows of five and semi pointed them as I am going to use a normal white grout to give a better finish.

February 21, 2006

Hard training

Training tonite @8 on omni grass, killer of a session but supposidly all worth it!!!

February 20, 2006

Painting and Sawing

Dad was over today, he was at the saw, reckon he has managed to get the saw line spot on now. He is off to Beaumont again for a check up tomorrow,
I decided to paint the kitchen around the units, this needed to be final coated. The ceiling needs another coat so will have to do that and finish the cutting ins.

February 19, 2006


Herself was out last nite so I had to bring her to her car in Westport, I arrived @ the house at 10, I decided I should add another layer of glass blocks on top to see if these would set. I will leave it at that for a few days to be sure to be sure!!
I then started work at the grouting of the kitchen tiles, Dad, John G & Siobhan arrived over and they were at the skirting and painting the landing.
It took me until 7pm to grout, clean, touch up, clean, re clean, then clean down the worktop, clean the tiles again!!! But at least they are done now!!!

February 18, 2006

Long day

Out of the cot @ 7am, thought I would get myself over early, intention was to get to see the United V Liverpool match @12.30 and I also have training @3pm for 2 hours so the day will be killed!
I started to finish off around the windows for the kitchen tiles, cutting trim and that until I realised I had run short, great not!!! I had to remeasure the bathroom downstairs and I headed off into town to Tubsntiles to get extra trim and finalise the order.
I also went to Castlebar toolhire to get a hand plane, chisels, sliding bevel and bits.
I called into a filling station for lunch and got 20 minutes of the game but had to head again. I got back to the house and then headed to training. Suffering badly with shin splints so the hard ground was killing me, but 1.5 hours of astro was a bit easier!!
I got back to the house @ and Dad was there with Siobhan, herself was painting the landing, not happy with the color, darker orange than what we expected. MYself and Dad got stuck into the glass panels in the door frame, at least it looks a hell of a lot better.
They headed off about six and I continued with the trims around the windows, had a bit to eat and set to the glass blocks, was not sure if I would face the same issues again.
The mix for these has to be right, then you have to make sure that the blocks are plumb and level each and every way, I put a metal strip screwed to the wall and through the blocks for extra support, I only did 5 blocks and pointed these in 4 hours!!!! Talk about been slow!!
I headed off home about 10,30pm, busted tired!!

February 17, 2006

Keeping the romance going!

We are off for valentine dinner, better late than never!! Off to the Tavern in Murrisk, a great feed. Dad was over to get the skirting done but there is issues with the chop saw.
We did go to TubnTiles to get our tiles picked out, got the ensuite and main bathroom done. I picked up the glass in the morning from Lawless, the 4 double glazed side panels were 140 notes, but the leading in them is identical to the door.

February 16, 2006

Training again

I am back to training, a killer, especially on my shin splints, can barely walk!!
I sweet FA on the tiling, wrecked!
I rang Lawless today, glass for front door frame is ready.
I also rang TileSavers and nearly lost it, it seems they still don't know when the tiles will be ready, 4 deadlines and no tiles so I pulled the plug on it all, cannot be fuking people about,
Soo off to tile picking again, splendid since I lost the yardage measurements of all the rooms!!!!

February 14, 2006

Glue It

Tueday - The glue for the timber finally arrived with the courier.
I was buckled in the evening after doing the papers so did not intend to hang around too long but I had to move the packs of timber to allow dad to get into the access door in the landing.
I then started at the tiling, down now to the 2 windows now to tile ~and then grout the lot.

February 13, 2006

ESB Again

Dad was over today, had to really as Hursts were arriving out with the corner bath and the replacement shower door, gave us a corner instead of a quadrant door!
So he then decided to continue with the access doors, managed to get the one in the main bedroom and ensuite done.
I arrived and continued with the tiling of the kitchen, down now to one side of the window and around the 2 windows. Heat is a killer in the house now!
Esb came out and replaced the metre with a dual day/night meter

February 12, 2006

Papers again

Doing the papers again this morning so up at 5.15am, got the papers delivered for 8:30 and headed off to bed again.
Headed to the house at 12 and went at the tiling in the kitchen again. Had Siobhans Dad, sister, brother in law and Nephew and Dad & John called in to look at the kitchen
Siobhan got stuck into painting the first coat on the wall where the new door was put on.

February 11, 2006

Demon Drink

Bit of a sore head today and with my motor in town Siobhan had to bring me in, did not get in until 11am.
Had to go to Tubs and tiles to pick up the kitchen tile. I got to the house about 12.30, hard to get motivated but the house is so warm it is great.
I decided to start tiling the kitchen walls, dad was over to setup the radial arm saw which I bought on Ebay. He also wanted to get the trapdoor in the attic and also get the roof space access doors closed up. He mad all of these out of a sheet of MDF with a bit of architrave for trim.
Siobhan was over also to get the kitchen first coat finished but we were working around each other which was not great.
I had a match at 6:15 against Westport United so had to head off early, we won 4-1 which was grand.

February 10, 2006

Noting done

Heading out tonite, Larry is over so going for a few pints so I did not manage to get anything done.

February 09, 2006

Lights and papers

Working the papers again this morning.
I was @ the recess lights again, all filled now and painted bar one. Have to go over the kitchen again as I am not overly happy with the amount of light which is escaping around the side.

February 08, 2006

Bath and shower

Bath and shower door arrived today but the door is wrong, have to get it returned. Still no sign of the tiles from TileSave, getting annoying at this stage.
I refilled the lights which I had pre filled, the filler is excellent and before it all dried I went back with a steel float and water and smoothed it off.

February 06, 2006

ESB Will Be Out Again

Peter called to the house and took out the mixer valve, he was meant to to put in an air release valve but he did not, should not be an issue.
I rang the ESB about the meter and they will send someone out during the week.
I decided to try and finish off as many of the lights as I could, also had to fill the large hole left when the lads moved the emergency light. It took me near 4 hours to fill the holes that needed filling and the others needed to be cut flat with a painters knife and then sanded.
The gypsum filler I got was much better than the polyfiller, finishes much better.

February 05, 2006

Papers For All

On the papers this morning, said I would get to Castlebar for quarter to six so got up at 4:50am but the papers were late and did not get in until 6.30am still I managed to get done and back into bed for 8:20am
Went to the house for 11am, the job I had done with the skimming the night before actually worked and it meant the 2 lights I had skimmed around looked spot on, I fired on a coat of paint and it did a great job.
I then decided to take this route with them all, there were 3 new holes to fill and 21 others to fill around. I spent the day at this.
Siobhan was over and painted the first coat of the kitchen, it looks well.
It took me until 5pm to get all the lights filled but they will need to be sanded and possibly a small skim put on some of them, at least it looks like an annoying task is coming to an end.

February 04, 2006

Great days work

I rang Peter the plumber first off, he said he would do the job on the mixer valve for me, Dad talked me out of doing it last night! Better off, I still decided to drain the system myself first.
I decided it was time to do some work on the front door, it had not been sealed so I got out my tin of sealer and gave it and the door frame a coat of sealer. There was also a gap at the bottom of the frame so I filled this with mastic.
The dehumidifier is working away full time, it is pulling out maybe 2 litres of water a day, once the heat goes on I am sure this will be a help.
I went to tubs and tile and got us our kitchen tiles, only 3 sq yards so it was relatively cheap. Main tiles are not in until Wednesday.
Siobhan and Dad came over, Dad had over with him the wet saw for the tiling, the radial arm saw and the double oven.
We got the oven in place for the lads to wire up.
I also started at the recess lights holes, still not happy with them so I decided to make up a light skim and plaster over it
Siobhan taped around the windows of the kitchen so that I could under coat them. We are aiming to begin painting the final coat tomorrow.
I also checked the main meter and sure enough there is only one, have to get onto them in the ESB to sort it out,

January 31, 2006

Doctors Visit

Off to the doc, throat and cough is no better and with training starting I need to get back to health

January 30, 2006

Water in the house

I rang Peter to get his lads to plum up the mains water. He did it so that meant we had water in the sinks, another mile stone!
I did not wait long, I took measurements off all the windows and went online for the prices.
I decided to take down all the glass blocks and get some advice.

January 29, 2006

Shaking Off The Flu

I got up this morning and headed off about 10am, it was badly cold. I inteneded to finish the glass blocks but when I discovered that the mortar had not dried and did not look like it would I decided against it.
So I then decided to starting sanding around window, doors, ceilings etc etc, pain of a job but it has to be done.
Siobhan was over and did a bit of painting, her mam & 2 sisters came for a guided tour so 3pm was not coming along too long.

January 28, 2006

Busy Day

Feeling a bit tired today, was home for 4am from Galway Dog races, great nite.
We went to Skye furniture first to get the bed and chest of drawers in the sale, 15% off.
Got to the house for 12, great sunny day. Intend to get the glass blocks built today, but I had 3 visitors which between them all took up near 2.5 hours!
Mick was over for a look at the house but as he said himself the details are on the blog so that is handy. That site for the LCD tv is

I had another Mick from across the road over and then Vinny and young Adam came over for a look. Siobhan got some tiles and testers for the kitchen. we had a few sarnies before we tried some tiles, it is hard to match up the kitchen, worktop, walls and black windows, still a great headache!

Actually for Marks sake I who said I put up the wrong name, meet him at the wedding last weekend and then again last nite in Galway, his name is Mark Jackson and he did or timber frame kit erecting!! Sorry Mark!!

I managed to get started on the glass blocks but it is a pain in the arse, had to leave each block lenght ways and width ways and then point between them, only managed 12 blocks, I know useless!!

So tomorrow I might get more done.!!

Plumber has all the house plumbed up for the water but has not connected it outside!!
Spark will be back Monday to finish off.
Geo Brian rang me and said that there was an issue with the pump but he will be back Tuesday.

It is funny now with the lights on in the house, you forget, so long used to having a lead and bulb that I forgot I had lights outside and in!!
Also the door bell works! It is a great buzz when you get to this stage.

January 27, 2006

Just Gone To The Dogs!!

Off to the dogs in Galway with the lads of Celtic B team, excellent nite, there was no house as you can imagine!
Brian was there alright and has a good bit done now. Plumber was there also

January 25, 2006

United On Box

Plumber turned up today, thank fup, not going to be ready for tomorrow, but they will be ready soon enought.
Brian was there working
Nick called over for a look at the house, changed a bit since he was last here!
United on the old TV so off to look at it!!

January 24, 2006

Paper Boy

I was doing papers this morning with Dad. I then went to Hursts to get the 40 glass blocks and 2 bags of adhesive, one burst in the boot!
Dad rang me, he was talking to Sean and he asked if we could move the 3 bales of blocks away from the front to allow him get in with the machine.
I got to the house and took in the glass blocks. Siobhan arrived for a while to do some cleaning up and to admire the kitchen ;)
I managed to get the 132 blocks moved out of the way.
Did sweet feck all after that.

January 23, 2006

Filling The Site

Sean rang me today, he has got his hands on a few loads of fill for our site. Great job, will help to rise the site.
I got tot he house to clean up the kitchen, Brian and John were there 2nd fixing the electric, manged to get our first lights on, great buzz.

January 22, 2006

Sore Head

Called in to see the lights but nothing turned on, not sure why.

January 21, 2006

Wedding Day Off

At a wedding today, sparks meant to be there in house today to wire up and switch on the power.

January 20, 2006

Kitchen nears completion

Paul was there today to finish the kitchen but due to his motor breaking down he did not arrive until late and did not manage to finish it.,
I eventually got Siobhan out to the house and suprised her with the new kitchen.

A few pics of the kitchen, needs to be cleaned up and 2 doors are missing either side of the window.

January 19, 2006

kitchen goes in

Got up this morning early to get the Gas hob over for Paul, I suspected John had been there plastering as I smelt smoke, but biggest give away was the key in the back door!!!
I rang Peter about getting the water hooked up so that Brian could setup the heat pump. I then rang Brian2 to see if we were ready for kick off next Thursday. seems we still are.

Rang Paul to see if he got to the house ok, he did so I let him away with it. He told me he needed the dishwasher on site so that meant a 32 mile round trip home to get the dishwasher, then back over again with it,.
I arrived back at 8pm, Paul was still there and I was very suprised with the work he had done, had all the floor and wall units done, pelmit done, work top finished, doors hung, all in 10 hours! Unreal but hey he is the pro!!
I must say it is money well spent.

Spent a while talkin to a fellow boards and self builder Steven. Learned a bit more about air vents in our house, or lack of them!! My fault!

Brian the spark was still sick but intends to set us up on Saturday.

The next 2 weeks are vital, it could mean we have water, electric and heat in the house. Time will tell!
John had the wall plastered too so we wait 2 weeks, paint it and then put up the stairs, even though i think it maybe longer as I want to totally tile all upstairs first.

January 18, 2006

Getting kitchen to be installed

I contacted Regina In Alpha kitchens for a few numbers I managed to get a hold of Paul, rang him and he was free tomorrow, no price mentioned but I know it will cost us about 600 euro for the 3 days work.
So I have to get the plans to him for 9am.
I did not go near the house today as United were on the box and my dad is out and home so headed for the heat!

January 17, 2006

Paint - Plaster, Flu, kitchen!

Thomas rang me today, kitchen doors are ready and he reckons it will cost me 700 euro to get the kitchen installed. Now anticipated but I think I need to get it done.
Got a hold of John, he will be over this evening to check what has to be done.
Heat pump not due now until Thursday week.
Regina and Tommy arrived about 7 with the doors, one was damaged so they took it back. Doors look nice.
John called over about 8, was in the middle of painting, went through what had to be done, he hopes to tackle it before weekend.
I painted the 2nd coat of the main bedroom upstairs, a bit of touching up to do around edges, ceiling and sockets.
Headed off about 10, totally fupped now with this flu, might have to pay a visit to the doc.

January 16, 2006

Slowly Moving!

Arrived in at about 7, decided that I would seal the porcelain flooring, this is a tin of sealer which is applied with a cloth.
I am now seriously considering getting Thomas to install the kitchen, without dads help I will not be able to do it on my own.
Tried ringing John to get him to plaster inside the door but no dice.
Moved up to the front bedroom upstairs and painted the 2nd coat of the final coat. Want to start ticking off each room as regards painting now.

January 15, 2006

Short and sweet

Still freezing but sin e! , I was working at 5am this mornin, doing the papers for my dad, got absolutely drown wet but managed to wrap it up fairly rapid and got back into bed at 8am.
Did not raise my head until 12! Headed over and put up the plasterboard around the door. Said I would try and sand down the recess light holes. Then it was time for a clean up in the hall, brutal after all the sanding, planing etc.
I headed off again at 4.30, a big indian feed to look forward too!!

January 14, 2006

Door goes in!

I headed over about 9.30am, bleeding cold again today, Brendan will be over about 12. I decided to cut in the front bedroom upstairs, had to sand around the sockets also.
I got the door area ready and cleared up for Brendan and we set at it when he came. We had to make sure the hinges were ok, which they were.
The door needed planing on the top of and side but it closed a dream. We then had to take some off the bottom so that it would close ok.
We then put down the draft excluder and the lock and keeper, all in all it took us 3 hours, way more work to it than I expected but when you are a carpenter he made it look much easier!
There is 4 glass panels in the timber door frame, I do not yet have the double glazed glass so I had to cut out 4 panels of timber to pin them.

I have to cut out the plaseter board for it and put it up around the door and it will be ready for skimming, excellent, have to get onto John now.

January 13, 2006

Glass Walls

Not much done today with the house, I arrived on site about 6pm, the door issue is still bugging me, wheather or not to hang it myself or not, with Dad out for what now could be up to 5 weeks this really has messed things up, but I as long as he is ok and today op went well that is all that matters.
I had one glass block to put in, the reason I left one was to see how strong and solid the other were with this FIXIT adhesive. It was spot on.
I decided to pain the final coat in the back bedroom upstairs, Siobhan had the walls done but not the ceiling so I scooted around it with the roller and painted the ceiling and gave the walls their second coat.
During my work I had an idea about the door, a neighbour of ours had offered to do some work when I had fixed their PC one nite, so I rang him and he said he would be over in the morning.

Headed off about 9.30

January 12, 2006

Back to the soccer

Meet shane at TileSavers at 9am, there was no one there but we waited and they arrived about 5 past.
I had all the measurements worked out for the new order, decided to go with a different tile for the ensuite now and use the London Marfil in the two bathrooms when they come in.
So i left in the order and Shane rang me later on, the order was going to be 300 euro more now as the border tiles were dearer so we left it. Have to wait for the other tiles

Decided to go back training tonite, soccer at 10pm on the Astro so I decided to head home and get some dinner into me.

January 11, 2006

Tiling Mess

I did not do much today, had to go out to Shane with the cheque for the tiles. When i arrived out Shane said that the order on that tile only would not be in for 3 weeks, great not!
Have to rethink what we will do.
Home to work out measurements and ideas again!

January 10, 2006

Light - Well almost!

God said let there be light and there was, sort of! The ESB rang me this morning
I arrived at the site about 7pm, still have this flu but will hammer ahead anyway. I decided to complete the glass blocks in the ensuite wall and then paint around the edges of our bedroom.
Took me 2 hours to rap it up!

January 09, 2006

Nothing done again

Dad in for his op today, should be off home today but they discovered someit when they were at him and said they needed him for more tests, it is not serious but he will be operated on Friday and will be out of action for up to 3 weeks.
He is not happy at all!! BUt what can be done
I had a busting migraine so did not get near the house, I rang ESB, still no cert, I got back onto the spark to send it in AGAIN!

Nothing done again

Dad in for his op today, should be off home today but they discovered someit when they were at him and said they needed him for more tests, it is not serious but he will be operated on Friday and will be out of action for up to 3 weeks.
He is not happy at all!! BUt what can be done
I had a busting migraine so did not get near the house, I rang ESB, still no cert, I got back onto the spark to send it in AGAIN!

January 08, 2006

Filling to hoooles

Still cannot brush off this cold, was over about 10am, freezing cold and fog so not very nice, had to call into see Dad, he is off to Dublin for his procedure.
I finished off putting on the trim on the timber ceiling.
I then moved into the sitting room and attempted to try and get the holes from the recess lights to look ok but this is harder than I expected!
Too me about 1hour to do the work, then I decided to move into the main bedroom and start installing the glass blocks in the wall, said I would do 6 blocks today and 6 again as they were been built one on top of the other.
Again took maybe an hour, have a rapid set glue which I used to set them, have to add a timber trim later on.
It was time to measure the 2 bathrooms and sun room for tiles and trim, have it all measured up so hopefully it will be spot on.
Went home about 2om as it was killing cold and my throat was at me,

January 07, 2006

Timber, painting etc

Woke about 9am, cold seems to be gettting worse but have to plod on or we will never get in!! Had to go to Dunnes Stores to get some hospital gear for dad. then into Heiton buckleys to get screws for the jams.
I also picked up the trims for the ceiling in the sun room.
HAd to head to Castlebar tool hire and got 3mm drill bit to drill the screws for the hinges.

I manged to get to the house about 12am, got my hands on a bottle of special mix for the cough...

With motivation levels at an all time low I started to sand the ceiling in the sun room, got the "mouse" sander, it looks better now. It was as well to paint around the edges before I starting putting on the edging,
Herself came over, also got the cold so it was not a great idea, She decided to start to undercoat the final room in the house. In fairness the house it moving along nicely, but it is a lot of small steps.

I moved into the sitting room and go my angle grinder to sand the recess light holes, this is really tunrining into a nightmare but hopefully it will be sorted.
Had Marie and Emmet out for a look and once they had gone I decided to start and put on the trim, herself headed off home to get the dinner.
Trim was easy enough to do, had a mitre box so that helped with the angles, I left about 3 small sections to do, each lenght is 8ft long (costs about 8 euro per lenght).
Headed about 6 thirty or so.

January 06, 2006

Door Frame goes in

Manged to make it to work but was not in great form, Dad and Damien decided to take on the door frame and door. First off we noticed that the door is Mahognay, not teak as I asked for but it is too late now, seems we may have to paint it!!
They had a real issue that it seemed the frame was off! ~So that was there biggest issue, when I got to the house they had the frame in, Dad was not in the fred west of humour, Beaumont rang and told him that there might be a bed for him on Sunday, but to ring at 1pm!! What sort of
health service have we got, they expect someone to drive for 4 hours, then to be told there is no bed!! Give us a break

We got the hinges cut out and the door up but then the 2 battery screw drivers we had ran out, then two of the screws in the hinges we cut not get out and they broke!!
Soo in the end the door was just put up and pinned in place. This is going to delay us again but what can be done. Dad hopes to be able to get back to it in a week.

January 05, 2006

Back to the IT

Back to work whipee! Not, talk about not wanting to be there, not that I really want to be there even when I am in full health!! I chased up the spark about the ESB, he said the cert is gone in! We will see,
I decided I would finish off the little bit of tiling inside the door in the utility room, the cracked tile inside the door also had to be replaced, I would have gone lu la if I left it!
I then also put down some of the tiles at the back of the utility room, area will never be seen but the heatpump and cylinder still need a levelish area!
Off home now to cough and splutter!!

January 04, 2006

Sick as parrot - Part 2

Off again today, still got the flu

January 03, 2006

Sick as Parrot

spent the day in bed sick, think I should have taken it handier than I did over the last few days!

January 02, 2006

On to the tiling

No feeling too good at all, really should be in my bed but the pressure is on (self inflicted some may say!!) but I want to get the tiling done in the utility room and the kitchen.
Damien was with me so we headed off about 10am. After the first 2 lines I soon realised that I was going to run out of rapid set so I went to TileSavers and got 4 bags, costs a bomb, 50 quid a bag!!
It took us near on 4 hours to do 4 lines, don't really know why but it was a killer to do!!
Moved onto the utility room and it too was a dog to tile, ended up using every single tile, also I cracked one tile inside the door with the diamond blade on the angle grinder so not impressed!!
Gerry and Emma were out and Larry and his dad called so that spent some time.

But it was great to get that done, at least we can now progress to installing the kitchen.

One thing that i was thinking of last nite was how much the self build completly consumes your thoughts and life, I even forgot to go to a funneral of a local man, something usuallly I would have done.
99% of things are put aside as you set targets on the house, it is gas really, something that self builder will understand.

January 01, 2006

Happy New Year To All

Happy new year folks, hope it is a happy and healthy one for you all.

Dying again today with the flu, but I had to pull more of the floor, we were due for dinner in Siobhans parents house at 2pm so I had 4 hours to do as much as I could
I managed to get 4 more lines done so 13 down, 4 to do!!! The floor is relatively level, but there are a few areas which need more adhesive but at least the back is broke on it!!