February 28, 2006

Eircom Contact

Finally got the letter from Eircom for the installation. Training tonite so no work done.

February 27, 2006

Tiling at last

I decided to start tiling upstairs ensuite. I managed to get one wall tiled., slow as there were cuts around the sewage pipe and access door. Dad was over to continue with the architrave and finishing off the doors.

February 26, 2006

The glass wall continues!!

I went to the house about 10, I had a match @ 2 so I would only get a couple of hours work done. I had to take down six blocks and rebuild them, pain in the head.

February 25, 2006

Various task

Up nice and early and in the house for 8.30, sparks meant to be here today but no sign! I decided to try and clean up the hall and bring the tiles and all tools upstairs out of the way.
I had to go to Hursts to get the blocks and I also had to call out to Shane for some adhesive and a tile cutter, got back to the house for 12.30
The floor around the wetroom needed to be rose so I did that with 2 buckets of sand and cement mix.
Dad was over and we brought the bath upstairs, we did some checking it out and realised that with the spa motor etc that we would leave it to the plumber to do it.
Siobhan came and did the final coat in our bedroom, dad worked and did the architrave in the ensuite so that I could get tiling.
I measured up the ensuite to make sure that all cuts and borders would fit in correctly.

February 24, 2006

Blocking it

Dad was over today as the tiles were arriving, he also wanted to get the skirting done.
I was stuck at work until 8.30 with issues to fix, Siobhan was off today and decided to tackle the 2nd undercoat in the hall.
I got to the house, had a cup of coffee and worked away, I built another 3 rows of glass block, only another 2 rows to go now but I have to get some more blocks and spacers.
Headed off about 11.

February 23, 2006

Training again

Training again tonite, on the track and pitch, stamina work this time of year, the old Xmas dinner should be run off now!! No work on the house.

February 22, 2006

Glassing it

I decided that I should get stuck into the glass blocks,
I did 3 rows of five and semi pointed them as I am going to use a normal white grout to give a better finish.

February 21, 2006

Hard training

Training tonite @8 on omni grass, killer of a session but supposidly all worth it!!!

February 20, 2006

Painting and Sawing

Dad was over today, he was at the saw, reckon he has managed to get the saw line spot on now. He is off to Beaumont again for a check up tomorrow,
I decided to paint the kitchen around the units, this needed to be final coated. The ceiling needs another coat so will have to do that and finish the cutting ins.

February 19, 2006


Herself was out last nite so I had to bring her to her car in Westport, I arrived @ the house at 10, I decided I should add another layer of glass blocks on top to see if these would set. I will leave it at that for a few days to be sure to be sure!!
I then started work at the grouting of the kitchen tiles, Dad, John G & Siobhan arrived over and they were at the skirting and painting the landing.
It took me until 7pm to grout, clean, touch up, clean, re clean, then clean down the worktop, clean the tiles again!!! But at least they are done now!!!

February 18, 2006

Long day

Out of the cot @ 7am, thought I would get myself over early, intention was to get to see the United V Liverpool match @12.30 and I also have training @3pm for 2 hours so the day will be killed!
I started to finish off around the windows for the kitchen tiles, cutting trim and that until I realised I had run short, great not!!! I had to remeasure the bathroom downstairs and I headed off into town to Tubsntiles to get extra trim and finalise the order.
I also went to Castlebar toolhire to get a hand plane, chisels, sliding bevel and bits.
I called into a filling station for lunch and got 20 minutes of the game but had to head again. I got back to the house and then headed to training. Suffering badly with shin splints so the hard ground was killing me, but 1.5 hours of astro was a bit easier!!
I got back to the house @ and Dad was there with Siobhan, herself was painting the landing, not happy with the color, darker orange than what we expected. MYself and Dad got stuck into the glass panels in the door frame, at least it looks a hell of a lot better.
They headed off about six and I continued with the trims around the windows, had a bit to eat and set to the glass blocks, was not sure if I would face the same issues again.
The mix for these has to be right, then you have to make sure that the blocks are plumb and level each and every way, I put a metal strip screwed to the wall and through the blocks for extra support, I only did 5 blocks and pointed these in 4 hours!!!! Talk about been slow!!
I headed off home about 10,30pm, busted tired!!

February 17, 2006

Keeping the romance going!

We are off for valentine dinner, better late than never!! Off to the Tavern in Murrisk, a great feed. Dad was over to get the skirting done but there is issues with the chop saw.
We did go to TubnTiles to get our tiles picked out, got the ensuite and main bathroom done. I picked up the glass in the morning from Lawless, the 4 double glazed side panels were 140 notes, but the leading in them is identical to the door.

February 16, 2006

Training again

I am back to training, a killer, especially on my shin splints, can barely walk!!
I sweet FA on the tiling, wrecked!
I rang Lawless today, glass for front door frame is ready.
I also rang TileSavers and nearly lost it, it seems they still don't know when the tiles will be ready, 4 deadlines and no tiles so I pulled the plug on it all, cannot be fuking people about,
Soo off to tile picking again, splendid since I lost the yardage measurements of all the rooms!!!!

February 14, 2006

Glue It

Tueday - The glue for the timber finally arrived with the courier.
I was buckled in the evening after doing the papers so did not intend to hang around too long but I had to move the packs of timber to allow dad to get into the access door in the landing.
I then started at the tiling, down now to the 2 windows now to tile ~and then grout the lot.

February 13, 2006

ESB Again

Dad was over today, had to really as Hursts were arriving out with the corner bath and the replacement shower door, gave us a corner instead of a quadrant door!
So he then decided to continue with the access doors, managed to get the one in the main bedroom and ensuite done.
I arrived and continued with the tiling of the kitchen, down now to one side of the window and around the 2 windows. Heat is a killer in the house now!
Esb came out and replaced the metre with a dual day/night meter

February 12, 2006

Papers again

Doing the papers again this morning so up at 5.15am, got the papers delivered for 8:30 and headed off to bed again.
Headed to the house at 12 and went at the tiling in the kitchen again. Had Siobhans Dad, sister, brother in law and Nephew and Dad & John called in to look at the kitchen
Siobhan got stuck into painting the first coat on the wall where the new door was put on.

February 11, 2006

Demon Drink

Bit of a sore head today and with my motor in town Siobhan had to bring me in, did not get in until 11am.
Had to go to Tubs and tiles to pick up the kitchen tile. I got to the house about 12.30, hard to get motivated but the house is so warm it is great.
I decided to start tiling the kitchen walls, dad was over to setup the radial arm saw which I bought on Ebay. He also wanted to get the trapdoor in the attic and also get the roof space access doors closed up. He mad all of these out of a sheet of MDF with a bit of architrave for trim.
Siobhan was over also to get the kitchen first coat finished but we were working around each other which was not great.
I had a match at 6:15 against Westport United so had to head off early, we won 4-1 which was grand.

February 10, 2006

Noting done

Heading out tonite, Larry is over so going for a few pints so I did not manage to get anything done.

February 09, 2006

Lights and papers

Working the papers again this morning.
I was @ the recess lights again, all filled now and painted bar one. Have to go over the kitchen again as I am not overly happy with the amount of light which is escaping around the side.

February 08, 2006

Bath and shower

Bath and shower door arrived today but the door is wrong, have to get it returned. Still no sign of the tiles from TileSave, getting annoying at this stage.
I refilled the lights which I had pre filled, the filler is excellent and before it all dried I went back with a steel float and water and smoothed it off.

February 06, 2006

ESB Will Be Out Again

Peter called to the house and took out the mixer valve, he was meant to to put in an air release valve but he did not, should not be an issue.
I rang the ESB about the meter and they will send someone out during the week.
I decided to try and finish off as many of the lights as I could, also had to fill the large hole left when the lads moved the emergency light. It took me near 4 hours to fill the holes that needed filling and the others needed to be cut flat with a painters knife and then sanded.
The gypsum filler I got was much better than the polyfiller, finishes much better.

February 05, 2006

Papers For All

On the papers this morning, said I would get to Castlebar for quarter to six so got up at 4:50am but the papers were late and did not get in until 6.30am still I managed to get done and back into bed for 8:20am
Went to the house for 11am, the job I had done with the skimming the night before actually worked and it meant the 2 lights I had skimmed around looked spot on, I fired on a coat of paint and it did a great job.
I then decided to take this route with them all, there were 3 new holes to fill and 21 others to fill around. I spent the day at this.
Siobhan was over and painted the first coat of the kitchen, it looks well.
It took me until 5pm to get all the lights filled but they will need to be sanded and possibly a small skim put on some of them, at least it looks like an annoying task is coming to an end.

February 04, 2006

Great days work

I rang Peter the plumber first off, he said he would do the job on the mixer valve for me, Dad talked me out of doing it last night! Better off, I still decided to drain the system myself first.
I decided it was time to do some work on the front door, it had not been sealed so I got out my tin of sealer and gave it and the door frame a coat of sealer. There was also a gap at the bottom of the frame so I filled this with mastic.
The dehumidifier is working away full time, it is pulling out maybe 2 litres of water a day, once the heat goes on I am sure this will be a help.
I went to tubs and tile and got us our kitchen tiles, only 3 sq yards so it was relatively cheap. Main tiles are not in until Wednesday.
Siobhan and Dad came over, Dad had over with him the wet saw for the tiling, the radial arm saw and the double oven.
We got the oven in place for the lads to wire up.
I also started at the recess lights holes, still not happy with them so I decided to make up a light skim and plaster over it
Siobhan taped around the windows of the kitchen so that I could under coat them. We are aiming to begin painting the final coat tomorrow.
I also checked the main meter and sure enough there is only one, have to get onto them in the ESB to sort it out,