August 23, 2008

A little stone picking

Spent 2 hours picking stones. Weather is unreal bad at the moment. I manged to get out to cut the new (er) lawn last night, took a good 40 minutes and that was without collection of the lawn grass.
I am thinking that to get a full cut of 2 two lawns as they stand I will be looking at the guts of over an hour and that is still without almost the same amount of area to be stoned yet.

I managed to get another area, about 30ft sq stone gathered and the grass seed down. Still a good few hours to be done to close off that section, especially when you only have a wheel barrow and rake.

The lad John who did he deck with me is going to now do his daughters, she saw ours and loved it! So had to go a calling to Fergal again!!!!

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